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Chapter 1241 – [Bonus ]separated From The Group

Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin resumed their journey, when they flew to the front, they found that the pa.s.sage had turned into a bush.

“What’s with this place?” Xing Mei immediately found something odd when the walls were replaced by very thick bushes, She feeling a little strange when she saw this scene.

“We are entering the labyrinth” Ye Chen told Xing Mei that they were currently entering the labyrinth.

Ye Chen has already discovered this, this part is indeed the most troublesome, it will be a little difficult to get out of this place.

“Wait a minute, how can this be a labyrinth?” Why do you have this place if there is a labyrinth?” Xing Mei asked Ye Chen.


“Every door you take is a labyrinth, so don’t blame me,” Ye Chen said to Xing Mei.

It can be said that of the five existing doors, there is only one way out of the same.

Of the five entrances, they are all a labyrinth, this labyrinth connects all the existing doors, so in this place, they will meet every existing group.

“I see, that means we have to find a way out in this place.” Feng Xuanyin finally realized what Ye Chen meant, she understood that everyone had to go through this labyrinth to reach the exit.

“That’s right, it’s not easy, you guys have to be careful” Ye Chen told everyone to be careful.

“What’s so hard about this, we just need to burn the bushes, then we’ll know where the exit is.” Feng Xuanyin came up with an idea, herself using fire to burn the bushes that surrounded them.

Feng Xuanyin snapped her fingers, Feng Xuanyin prepared to destroy the bushes around this place.

“Don’t do that” Ye Chen tried to stop Feng Xuanyin, he wanted Feng Xuanyin not to do such a thing.

Too bad Ye Chen was a little late, he was already late and Feng Xuanyin had already started burning the bushes.

As Feng Xuanyin burned the bushes, suddenly, several long and large roots began to shoot out from within the bushes, these roots instantly grasping Feng Xuanyin’s body.

“d.a.m.n how dare you” Feng Xuanyin used her power to burn the roots that caught her body.

The roots that caught Feng Xuanyin’s body instantly burned into a puff of smoke.

After Feng Xuanyin destroyed the roots on her body, more roots headed towards Feng Xuanyin, all these roots went to attack Feng Xuanyin, Ye Chen and Xing Mei.

Ye Chen, Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei tried to fight back, they attacked the roots trying to catch them.

The roots of the bushes were easily crushed and cut by Ye Chen.

Even though it was cut by Ye Chen, these roots still kept coming.

“d.a.m.n this is endless” Ye Chen felt that the roots that attacked them were endless.

The number of roots attacking more and more, this overwhelmed Ye Chen.

“Let’s run away” Ye Chen had no choice but to run away, if it continued like this, they would very quickly be suppressed by the roots that grew more and more as time went on.

Xing Mei and Feng Xue completely agreed with what Ye Chen had said, they had to leave this place as soon as possible.

Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin flew, the three of them tried to escape from the roots that were in this place.

Ye Chen used his full speed to catch up with Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin, even though he was at full speed, Ye Chen still couldn’t catch up.

“d.a.m.n, I’m too slow” Ye Chen felt that if he was too slow, if he continued like this, he would hinder the two of them.

The speed of the roots in this place is quite fast, they very quickly catch up with Ye Chen.

“They are getting closer, it seems that I have to put up a fight” Seeing the roots getting closer, Ye Chen had no choice but to put up a fight.

Unbeknownst to Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei, Ye Chen stopped, he decided to fight the roots that were in this place.

Ye Chen raised the Black Dragon Sword, himself using the Black Dragon Sword against all the roots.

“Feel this” Ye Chen attacked all the roots that were heading towards him.

Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin continued to advance forward, neither of them were aware that Ye Chen had stopped suddenly.

“Uh, where did he go?” After a while Xing Mei realized that Ye Chen was gone.

“Yes, where did Mr. Mask Hero go?” Feng Xuanyin also realized that she was no longer behind them.

“In this place, I can’t use spirit sense.” Feng Xuanyin finally realized that she couldn’t use her spirit sense.

So it wasn’t strange that the two of them were unconscious when Ye Chen disappeared.

“We should go back and look for him” Xing Mei suggested to Feng Xuanyin to go back and look for Ye Chen.

“Fine, I agree, after all without him it would be very difficult to get out of this place.” Feng Xuanyin totally agreed with what Xing Mei said, without Ye Chen it would be very difficult to leave this confusing labyrinth.

The two decided to turn around and look for Ye Chen.

Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin walked down the dark alley full of bushes for a long time, but the two of them did not find any whereabouts from Ye Chen.

“We’ve gone far enough, why don’t we meet him?” Xing Mei felt strange, even though they had walked quite a distance, but they found no whereabouts or signs of Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

“This is indeed strange, it seems that the path we are taking is different from before.” Feng Xuanyin discovered that the path they were on was different from before.

“Don’t tell me this place is moving.” Xing Mei finally concluded that the labyrinth pa.s.sages could move.

“That’s likely the case.” Feng Xuanyin also thought the same thing, most likely the pa.s.sage in this place moved and changed the route they had previously walked.

“So now all we can do is advance forward.” Xing Mei said to Feng Xuanyin, it seemed that they could only advance forward.

“We can only go forward, otherwise we will be trapped in this place.” Feng Xuanyin ordered to continue forward, otherwise they would still be stuck in this place.

Retreating was impossible for them to do, so right now all they could do was advance forward.

Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin could only step forward, Xing Mei was actually uncomfortable when she had to be with Feng Xuanyin, but she had no choice but to work together to get out of this matter.



Meanwhile where Ye Chen was, Ye Chen continued to battle against the roots that kept coming like there was no end.

Ye Chen can only keep swinging his sword, while Ye Chen can practice the strength he has.

After time pa.s.sed, suddenly the roots retreated and returned to the bushes.

“Uh, why did they back off?” Ye Chen started to wonder why the roots retreated all of a sudden.

“It seems that they have completed the task , it seems that Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei are far away from you.” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen that Root just now tried to separate Ye Chen from Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin.


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