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Chapter 1213 – [Bonus ]accidentally Met An Acquaintance

“where am I right now?” Ye Chen started to wonder where he was right now.

The teleportation stone had taken him to a random place, so Ye Chen didn’t know where he was.

Ye Chen took out the map given by Yan Fei, he started to look at the map and memorized all the areas in the map that had been given by Yan Fei.

Ye Chen could easily memorize the map in his hand.

“Alright, my current location is here, so all I need to do is fly towards the east.” After confirming his location, Ye Chen only needed to go east, the location of the mysterious land discovery was in the east.

Ye Chen immediately flew towards the east, himself immediately flew to the place that Yan Fei had marked.

The map and information provided by Yan Fei was very useful, Ye Chen could easily find the place where the mysterious land was.


Ye Chen flew at a relatively slow speed, this was because he was carrying a heavy weight on his body, this made Ye Chen unable to fly at his original speed.

Ye Chen himself was very calm, he was very sure that he would get to that place.

Ye Chen observe each area there, he did not find any signs of human life in this place, which can be found by Ye Chen is only Magical Beast and also some plants that can survive in extreme weather.

With conditions like this, not strange that in this place it was quite rare for humans to be found, if Ye Chen was a resident of this place, Ye Chen might also not want to live in a gloomy place filled with thunder that continued to rumble non-stop.

Because there are no signs of life around this place, Ye Chen’s journey has been very smooth, Ye Chen has not met any obstacles on this journey.

If it continued like this, Ye Chen would definitely be able to get to that place quickly.

The Thunder Rain Star Realm wasn’t a very large star like the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, so the journey to the destination would be extremely fast.

Ye Chen continued to advance towards the horizon, himself flying relying on the navigation on the map in his hand, Ye Chen had nothing else to do but follow the directions on the map.

Around this place there was only vast land and mountains that stretched far away, so there was nothing special that Ye Chen could see.

In the map in Ye Chen’s hand, there were only a few cities that Ye Chen could see, it just so happened that there was a city not far from the place where the secret land left behind by the ancient Sect was located.

Most likely in this place will be a stopover for people who partic.i.p.ate in the event.

“Okay, I’ll go to this city to find information” Ye Chen had already decided, he would go to the city to look for information.

Ye Chen was very sure that in this city there would be useful information, Ye Chen could stay in this city for a while.

Ye Chen tried to hurry, himself tried to go to that place, if it was too late, Ye Chen would most likely not get an inn.

From the information Ye Chen had obtained, there would be a lot of people partic.i.p.ating, so it was likely that the inn would be full of groups from various places in the G.o.d Realm.

Even though Ye Chen had used his full speed, Ye Chen was still flying very slowly, he couldn’t fly fast because of the heavy weight pressing on him.



Ye Chen flew for several hours, after flying for several hours, Ye Chen finally arrived at his destination.

In front of his eyes, Ye Chen saw that there was a city that was quite large in size, it was estimated that this city could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people or more.

In this city there is a fairly large barrier, this barrier is made to protect the city from being struck by lightning that does not stop.

“It looks like this town looks normal” from a distance Ye Chen could see that this city looked very normal, there were a lot of people roaming the streets and there were many merchants selling around this place.

This situation could almost be found in normal cities that Ye Chen saw often.

The items they were selling were quite strange, maybe this was due to the limited items they could find in a place where every day was filled with black clouds and no sun.

Ye Chen approached this city, himself directly entered the city, after entering the city, Ye Chen started to tour this place to get a little information.

He went around this place to seek information from merchants and people he met.

People here are quite greedy with resources, they try to get some resources for an information.

Ye Chen didn’t really like this, Ye Chen ended up using a bit of his strength to get information.

It could be said that Ye Chen was doing an intimidation to get information, Ye Chen was doing this because he needed information, plus these people were not friendly towards him at all.

It’s a shame that Ye Chen’s information was so scant, the information that Yan Fei gave was even better than what these people gave.

“Hey Ye Chen, is that you?” While Ye Chen was wandering around this place, he heard a quite pleasant female voice.

from a distance Ye Chen could tell who this woman was, Ye Chen didn’t expect that he would meet acquaintances in a strange place like this.

A young woman came over to Ye Chen, this young woman was wearing a bamboo hat with a cloth used to hide her appearance.

Although this woman’s appearance was very secretive, Ye Chen could tell the ident.i.ty of this woman, this woman was Xing Mei, the annoying girl who ran away from her home.

“What is this strange girl doing in a place like this?” Ye Chen started to wonder what Xing Mei was doing in a place like this.

Xing Mei came to Ye Chen, now she was right in front of Ye Chen.

Xing Mei started to sniff the smell on Ye Chen’s body, she tried to recognize the smell that was on Ye Chen’s body.

“You must be Ye Chen” After trying to confirm by smell, Xing Mei finally believed that this man with the mask was Ye Chen.

“d.a.m.n, are you a dog?” Ye Chen couldn’t believe that Xing Mei could find her whereabouts just by using something like this, this was something that Ye Chen had a hard time believing.

“Sorry, maybe you have the wrong person” Ye Chen tried to avoid Xing Mei, he didn’t want to get into trouble from Xing Mei, to be honest this woman was very troublesome, that’s why Ye Chen was lazy to serve her.

“You’re lying, you must be Ye Chen, I can’t misrecognize people.” Xing Mei couldn’t believe that if it wasn’t Ye Chen, she couldn’t possibly be wrong in recognizing people.

Xing Mei was absolutely sure that the man in front of her was Ye Chen, she couldn’t be mistaken if the man in front of her was Ye Chen who had an Ancient (Yang) Body.

Plus Xing Mei was very familiar with Ye Chen’s scent, she couldn’t be wrong in judging this.

Xing Mei had slept together with Ye Chen many times, so she was familiar with Ye Chen’s smell.


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