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Chapter 1127 – Qiao Xin

Ye Chen was really very happy about this, it seemed that Ye Chen was not wrong when he decided to buy this house, the neighbor beside him really became a pretty hot beauty.

Ye Chen was overjoyed when he saw this beauty playing the flute, the sound this woman made was very melodious, it seemed that this woman was very skilled at playing musical instruments.

In addition to the flute, there is still a Zither that looks very beautiful and good, it seems that this woman is also an expert in using Zither.

This woman continued to play her flute, she continued to play for a long time. From a distance Ye Chen enjoyed this sound, he felt comfortable when he heard the sound of this woman’s flute.

After a while the woman finally stopped playing the flute in her hand.

“Who’s there, come out quickly” This woman immediately looked towards Ye Chen who was currently peeking at her.

“I was found?. . .” Ye Chen did not expect that he would be found by this woman, this was beyond Ye Chen’s expectation.

Ye Chen was very confident in his hidden abilities, but this beautiful woman was still aware of her existence.

“I might have been found earlier. .” Ye Chen felt that he had been found long ago, but this beautiful woman had not exposed Ye Chen until now.

“Master, this woman was able to find you because of the flute she used, she used it to find you” Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen why this beautiful woman was able to find Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

“As I thought” Ye Chen also guessed the same thing as Chu Yuechan, it seems that the reason he was found was the sound of the flute just now.

“What are you going to do?, are you going to run away or not?” Chu Yuechan immediately asked if Ye Chen would run away or not.

“Why run away, let’s meet a beautiful neighbor, there’s nothing wrong with getting to know this beautiful neighbor” Ye Chen couldn’t run away, he preferred to go and start getting to know this beautiful neighbor.

Since they were going to be close neighbor, it wouldn’t hurt for Ye Chen to get to know each other better, this would make it easier for the two of them to interact in the future.

Ye Chen came out of his hiding place, he immediately appeared right in front of a beautiful woman playing her flute.

“h.e.l.lo beautiful lady” Ye Chen gave a greeting to the beautiful woman in front of him, with a friendly smile Ye Chen wanted to start a conversation with the beautiful woman in front of him.

“So you’ve been peeking in the distance?” asked the beautiful woman to Ye Chen.

“lady, I don’t peek” Ye Chen said that he didn’t peek, Ye Chen insisted that he saw the show that was being done by a beautiful woman.

” If it’s not peeking, then what did you call it?’ The beautiful woman asked Ye Chen.

“More precisely, I was watching the show you were doing, peeking means seeing a woman who is not wearing anything, so this can’t be called peeking” Ye Chen said to a beautiful woman.

Ye Chen was quite good at stringing words together, Ye Chen easily explained that he wasn’t peeking.

The beautiful woman was rendered speechless by what she had just heard from Ye Chen, this man could actually come up with an excuse that was very reasonable and hard to beat.

This was the first time she had seen a man who was smart when talking to her, plus this man was quite calm when talking to her, this was unlike most of the men she had met so far.

Beautiful women started to look at Ye Chen from top to bottom, Ye Chen’s current appearance could be said to be below average, so there was nothing too special about Ye Chen.

“What’s your name, and what do you want in my place?” The beautiful woman immediately asked who Ye Chen was and what Ye Chen wanted in this place.

“I haven’t introduced myself yet, my name is Ye Chen, now I live beside you” Ye Chen introduced himself to a beautiful woman.

“So you just moved into the house next door?” the beautiful woman finally understood, it turned out that Ye Chen had just moved to the side of her house.

“Um. . .” Ye Chen nodded, he had indeed become neighbors with this beautiful woman.

“Beautiful lady, what is your name?” Ye Chen asked what the name of this beautiful woman who had quite a hot appearance was.

“My name is Qiao Xin” the beautiful woman told Ye Chen her name, apparently this beautiful woman’s name is Qiao Xin.

“Qiao Xin, what a beautiful name, just like the person,” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin’s face turned slightly red when she listened to Ye Chen’s praise.

Qiao Xin had been praised like this by countless men, unfortunately all these compliments couldn’t move Qiao Xin’s heart.

However this time it was a little different, the words that Ye Chen had just said could move Qiao Xin’s heart.

“What happened to me?” Qiao Xin started to wonder what had happened to her, why she could feel happy and embarra.s.sed when receiving this compliment from Ye Chen unlike her usual self.

Qiao Xin started to find out what was going on, she really didn’t know what had happened to her, how could she be embarra.s.sed like this, it was like Qiao Xin being the shy young woman she used to be.

“lady Qiao Xin, what’s wrong? Why is your face red?” Ye Chen asked what happened to Qiao Xin, why did Qiao Xin’s face turn red like this.

” nothing . . .” Qiao Xin tried to calm herself down, she tried her best to calm herself down so as not to lose her image in front of Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin was a woman who was quite popular among the young masters and rich people in White Cloud city, countless men were willing to use their wealth just to make Qiao Xin smile.

So it was quite difficult to see Qiao Xin’s beautiful smile.

“lady, your play just now is very beautiful, it makes me feel comfortable. .” Ye Chen praised Qiao Xin’s flute playing, Qiao Xin’s flute playing was really very good.

“Thank you very much, I think I am not as good as you say” Qiao Xin tried to lower herself in front of Ye Chen.

“I’m telling the truth, it was really really good” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen didn’t lie about what he just said, Qiao Xin’s play was really good, it could make those who heard it feel at peace.

Even though this play was still at a much lower level than Zhao Yanyan, it was still pretty good playing the musical instrument Qiao Xin had just shown.

Qiao Xin’s face turned red again when she heard this, Ye Chen’s praise made Qiao Xin’s heart a little happy.

“What’s with this young man, why did he make me like this?” Qiao Xin started to wonder why she could be like this, this was really not like her usual self.

Ye Chen’s words of praise were so touching, they subconsciously made Qiao Xin heart rejoice.

“Miss Qiao Xin, why don’t you play one more time for me” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin to play her instrument one more time.

“Okay” Qiao Xin nodded, immediately willing to play one more game for Ye Chen.


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