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Chapter 1.2

“……what are you thinking about now, elder brother?”

“What are you talking about, Zeus sama?”

“Nothing, just a soliloquy.”

I answered lightly to the question that was raised to me from my back.

Here I’m at the usual corridor.

Just now I was having a chat with elder brother in the shifted dimension.

As long as the G.o.d is not a those who are specialized in ‘Eye’ technique or magic, there is no way they can see through our existence.

Naturally, n.o.body can hear our conversation.

That’s why, it’s the perfect place for a talk.

I look at my back.

There was boy, with his knees on the ground, looking up at me.

His att.i.tude is not surprising at all, and I opened my mouth.

“By the way, regarding the matter of alliance with Raika kun and everyone. Remember that well, Apollo.”

——the sun G.o.d, Apollo.

One of the pillar for Olympus G.o.d.

The twin brother of Moon G.o.d, Artemis. He has a talent for bow which is no inferior to his twin sister, who is also G.o.ddess of Hunt.

Right after his birth, he killed the Serpent Python.

Derived from ‘Iliad’, his origin is [G.o.d of Archery].

The most interesting legends about Apollo revolves around his bow.

However, as a G.o.d, his status is that of Sun G.o.d.


A symbol of great power which shine throughout the sky.

It’s the divinity that doesn’t exist within the other legends.

Therefore, the Sun G.o.d has an immense strength without exception.

This Sun G.o.d——Apollo from Greek Myth is a confirmed third contestant of the third Representative War.

“Just in case, I’ll tell you again.”

I pondered on Apollo.

“First, make sure that Raika kun and the other doesn’t notice your true ident.i.ty.”


“Second, always monitor Raika kun movement.”


“Lastly, the third, protect those two, and help him from getting killed as much as possible.”



I withdrew my three fingers, and start clapping.

Apollo makes a bitter smile, and his face turn serious again.”

“But the third one, is it really necessary? If I need to help him, then there is a risk that my cover will blow off.”

Apollo looks straight at me and ask.

He is not dissatisfied with the order, just voicing out his concerns.

“Your ident.i.ty as Apollo of the Greek will never be exposed. There is no way he can identify the Divine Apotheosis. His Evil Eye is what I’m scared the most.”

I’m sure that elder brother is aiming to put Apollo under his [Control].

During his fight with Freyja, because of Freyja barrier, I don’t know the details.

However, since the Evil Eye works on sight, he won’t be able to use any abilities unless he’s seen it.

“If you keep your distance whenever you’re giving support, I don’t think your ident.i.ty can be exposed that easily.”

“It’s because I think……Zeus sama, that——”

“Ahahaha, what, it’s going to be fine. If you’re serious, the whole island is easily within your range, right?”

“Well, you’re right.”

Apollo with a synonym of Silver Bow G.o.d lightly nodded.

His carefreeness shows a glimpse of his confidence.

I laughed a bit, and put a finger on my mouth…

“For such capable dog(puppy) chan, isn’t it the basic to keep it alive without letting it die? Raika kun and the other will keep on killing the other Divine Apotheosis, being their ally to the end and order for their death, without lifting a finger, the victory will fall on us, the Greek Mythology.”

While doing a victory pose, I spun around.

Saying it out loud, it’s quite fun.

Just a little, I’m in high spirits.

Because I’ve approached elder brother.

Doing so, totally, puts me in a good mood.

“This is the first in history, an alliance formed by Divine Apotheosis. With this abnormality, it will become a factor in this early stage of the war contributing to the acceleration of this Representative War that are currently in a wait and see approaches. With Raika kun as a starter, all the other major power will make their move as well……. I’m looking forward to it!”

I spun around. Still not stopping.

“……somehow, after meeting you for a while, I felt like Zeus sama has changed.”


As I tilt my little head, Apollo nodded deeply.

“…… ouch”

Tilting my head after spinning around makes me wobbly.

Though I don’t feel that well, my exaltation doesn’t stop.



As soon as possible.

Faster than ever.

Faster than the light.

Faster than the G.o.d.

Stomping over all the enemy, faster comes to me.

Onii chan.


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