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Jiang Wuhuang laughed, “What Brother Gudu said is exactly right, I too am very curious where that brat got the guts to place twenty billion on Huang Xiaolong’s win.”

w.a.n.g Dingyi wasn’t feeling as lifted as the other two, “The Huang Family has been moved by Huang Xiaolong into the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute, it looks like our plan to use the Huang Family to blackmail Huang Xiaolong for the Hailstone Treasure is no longer possible.”

Gudu Ye waved his hand leisurely, “There will always be other opportunities. That Huang Family cannot hide inside the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute forever,and even if they do, Huang Xiaolong can’t. Capturing Huang Xiaolong directly is just the same.”

“But, what’s the deal with that horde of twenty-five Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beasts at the Huang Family’s side?” Jiang Wuhuang’s brows were scrunched together talking about this. “Could that Huang Xiaolong be a beast tamer? Even so, he couldn’t have tamed twenty-five Fifth Order G.o.d Realm demonic beasts all at once, right? We all know that with each beast a beast tamer subjugates, the burden on their spiritual force would greatly increase. As good as his talent, his spiritual force, and his skills in beasts taming are, he should only be able to tame three demonic beasts on the same level.”

Gudu Ye nodded, agreeing with Jiang Wuhuang. “That Huang Xiaolong is indeed overly talented, whatever we deemed impossible seems to happen to him. According to my speculation, the chances that he’s a beast tamer are very low, more like he cultivated in some ancient technique that enable him to control demonic beasts. On top of that, his controlling method seems to be much stronger and more absolute than any other beast tamer’s.”

w.a.n.g Dingyi’s voice grew heavy, “If we could get this kind of cultivation technique, our three families’ strength would definitely surpa.s.s the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute, even the Azure Dragon Inst.i.tute!”

At this time, Huang Xiaolong had arrived at his Master ’s manor and was meeting with Feng Yang.

The moment Feng Yang saw Huang Xiaolong, he pointed a finger at his youngest disciple with a wide smile on his face, half-scolding, “You kid really cannot let me be at peace. I’ve already heard it, more than half of the All Dragons League disciples had their little birdies kicked by you!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled innocently, “Wasn’t Master the one who taught me?”

Feng Yang nearly spurted the tea in his mouth as black lines shadow his forehead, “What I taught you is to use this method to teach those Azure Dragon Inst.i.tute’s people, I didn’t tell you to use it on our own Black Warrior Inst.i.tute disciples!”

Huang Xiaolong chortled awkwardly: “Same-same.”

Feng Yang shook his head helplessly, before moving on to another subject, “The matter about the attacks on your family, I have ordered people to investigate it. The Jiang Family made a move, and other than them, there were also the w.a.n.g and Gudu Families, as well as the Azure Dragon Inst.i.tute!”

Murder exploded in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. As expected, it was the Jiang Family!

Jiang Family, w.a.n.g Family, Gudu Family! And the Azure Dragon Inst.i.tute!

‘There will be a day when I will personally annihilate all of you by the roots!’

“In the future, be more vigilant when moving around outside.” Feng Yang reminded, “If there’s nothing important, it’s better to not leave the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute in the near future.”

“Yes, Master.” Huang Xiaolong answered, but he did not really put the matter to heart. With a HighG.o.d Realm master like Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi at his side, there was nothing worth worrying about. As long as the ones that appeared weren’t some super powerful old monster…

“Master, I actually came here because I have a small problem that I to trouble you with.” Huang Xiaolong started to broach the purpose of his visit.

Feng Yang laughed, “I already guessed that you kid sure didn’t come here because you’re concerned about me. Speak, what is it?”

Huang Xiaolong took out the gambling receipt out, saying, “Before the inner disciples’ a.s.sessment, I went to the gambling house opened by the three families: Jiang Family, w.a.n.g Family, and Gudu Family, and placed a twenty billion bet.”

Feng Yang took over the gambling receipt. After perusing the content for a moment, he broke out in a gleeful laughter, “I have to say, you kid is really insidious! The odds are higher than ten, that’s over three hundred billion! Fudge! Over three hundred billion, if I knew earlier, I’d have placed several tens of billions myself, earning myself some allowance money to spend, your Master is so d.a.m.n poor right now!”

That was over three hundred billion ah! Even for him, as the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute’s Princ.i.p.al, it was a grand sum!

Of course, he had already understood the purpose of his youngest disciple’s visit.

“Come, Master will accompany you!” Feng Yang jumped to his feet in excitement, he already couldn’t wait to see Jiang Wuhuang’s ‘vomit blood’ expression.

The master and disciple duo left the hall, heading toward the Black Warrior City.

On the way, Feng Yang joked, “I’ve never imagined that as the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute Princ.i.p.al, there would be a day where I accompanied my disciple to someone’s place to collect a debt.”

Huang Xiaolong broke into a sweat at his Master’s sudden statement.

Both of them arrived in Black Warrior City shortly and headed straight to the gambling house jointly run by the three families.

“This is the place?” Feng Yang asked as he stood in front of the main entrance.

Judging from the traffic, the number of people coming and going from the gambling house had greatly reduced these few days, but it was still lively.

Huang Xiaolong affirmed respectfully. Following that, both men stepped inside.

In charge of the counter were still the same three female disciples that Huang Xiaolong had seen last time.

Huang Xiaolong walked up to the counter.

“This brother, how may we be of service?” The one who spoke was the Jiang Family female disciple, her vixen eyes staring fixedly on Huang Xiaolong’s handsome face unblinkingly.

Be of service? Words with double innuendo ah. Standing at the side, Feng Yang was stifling his mirth.

Because Huang Xiaolong altered his facial features when he came to place the bet several days ago, none of the three women recognized Huang Xiaolong now.

Ignoring the stench coming from the Jiang Family female disciple, he took out the gambling receipt and stated, “Several days ago, I placed a twenty billion bet here, I’ve come to collect my winnings.”

Twenty billion bet!

Instantly, the noisy hall quieted down as the present crowd turned toward the counter. Some disciples of the Jiang Family, w.a.n.g Family, and Gudu Family gradually closed in on Huang Xiaolong in a circle, surrounding Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yang in the middle.

All three female disciples behind the counter were stunned, fleeting panic flickered in their eyes. They, of course, remember this twenty billion bet.

Ever since they knew that Huang Xiaolong won the inner disciples’ a.s.sessment, the Jiang, w.a.n.g, and Gudu Families had been waiting for this person to appear, they didn’t expect this person to finally show up today!

It didn’t take long for the same three Elders of the Jiang Family, w.a.n.g Family, and Gudu Family that helped Huang Xiaolong process his gambling bet to appear at the counter.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, the three of them showed slight confusion in their eyes. Huang Xiaolong knew what they were confused about, he was here with a different ‘face’.

After his brief confusion pa.s.sed, the Jiang Family Elder narrowed his eyes at Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yang, sneering, “No one has ever placed a twenty billion bet in our gambling house; little punk, you must have eaten quite the leopard guts, actually daring to forge a twenty billion gambling receipt, looking to cause trouble in our gambling house! Men, come, break these two people’s hands and legs, then lock them up for the Patriarch’s interrogation!”

The three of them didn’t even look at Huang Xiaolong’s gambling receipt, declaring that Huang Xiaolong forged a gambling receipt and came here to cause trouble!

Not only did they refuse to acknowledge it, they even wanted to have Huang Xiaolong beaten up!

A cold sneer spread on Huang Xiaolong’s face hearing that.

Just when the surrounding Jiang, w.a.n.g, and Gudu Family guards and disciples were about to attack, all of them were suddenly knocked flying back. Some were thrown against the wall, some crashed onto the floor, and some broke the staircase.

Huang Xiaolong knew that his Master acted.

Feng Yang’s cold gaze fell onto the Jiang Family, w.a.n.g Family, and Gudu Family Elders, “I’m giving you a chance, go call Jiang Wuhuang, w.a.n.g Dingyi, and Gudu Ye to roll out here now!”

The three Elders’ faces were stretched taut.

The Jiang Family Elder widened his eyes in anger, a finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yang both, shouting, “You guys forged a gambling receipt, coming here to make trouble, yet you still dare to wound our people! Punk, your actions are literally seeking death! Seeking death!”

Even at this point, they were adamant in claiming that Huang Xiaolong falsified a gambling receipt, slandering him, claiming that he had the intention to make trouble!


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