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Chapter 1484: A welcome filled with murderous intent

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Then when should we head inside?” Si Yue asked this question with concern.

“No need to be anxious. Just wait, we’ll talk about it again once we see the situation.” Sima You Yue said.

“How attractive is this mine to you? Are you guys not worried?” Si Yue asked.

“What is there to worry about? No matter how good something is, you have to be alive to obtain it.” Sima You Yue said, “No matter what it is, nothing is more important than life. We just arrived here, and don’t know anything about what’s happening inside. Instead of entering rashly, we might as well stay here together.”

“You’re right.” Si Yue was not worried at all.

Sima You Yue waited for a time where n.o.body would notice and released a lot of scarlet bees onto the desert. If they were able to send news back, they would be able to have an advantage over the others.

“Then you guys can go ahead, I’ll walk around.” Si Yue left after speaking.

Sima You Yue saw that Si Yue went for a walk on her own and beckoned those who came with her, instructing them, “Follow your Young Miss. If anything happens, let me know. Remember to hold her back. Don’t let her do anything too dangerous.”

“Yes, Young Miss You Yue.”

Those people had seen Sima You Yue before and knew that she had quite a bit of authority in the Si Clan. They were not puzzled at her instructions at all. They obeyed her, and a few people followed after Si Yue.

Yin Lang did not set up camp. When Si Yue walked off, he followed her.

“You Yue, I’m going back.”

Sima You Yue hesitated before nodding. At this point, Yin Lang was probably heading back to his clan. He was likely headed towards Tangerine City.

“Alright then. If you need anything, let us know.”

Yin Lang was stunned as well. He saw her clean straightforward expression and smiled, saying, “Alright. If anything happens, I’ll definitely update you.”

Based on his ident.i.ty, very few people would speak to him in this way. The concern in her eyes was genuine, and she was really worried that something would happen to him.

She clearly wasn’t that powerful and she obviously knew that there were definitely many experts around him to protect him, but she was still worried about him.

This… was the concern that she had for her friends.

He turned around and left, his mouth hooked into a bitter smile.

A friend eh…

Sima You Yue waited for him to leave before walking around with Wu Lingyu to take a look at the situation around them.

Suddenly, they heard the sounds of spirit energy being used in a fight not too far away. Sima You Yue turned her head to look and saw a dark spirit skill. She furrowed her eyebrows helplessly.

This brat had only gone out for a short while, so how did she already manage to get into a fight?

“Let’s go take a look.” She flew over to the place where the battle was taking place with Wu Lingyu.

Once she saw who Si Yue was battling, Sima You Yue couldn’t help but purse her lips.

How did she end up fighting Li Yao? She saw Fang Qi lying on the ground, guessing they had hurt her first, which was how she ended up fighting Li Yao.

“Stop!” Sima You Yue flew over and immediately used her spirit skill to stop Si Yue and blocked Li Yao’s attack.

The guards who were standing behind saw that Sima You Yue had come and heaved a sigh of relief. Their Young Miss wouldn’t listen to them, but she would listen to You Yue.

Li Yao saw Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu who were standing behind her, so he stopped his spirit skill.

“Are you guys acquainted?” She asked with a solemn expression.

“She’s my friend.” Sima You Yue admitted, not denying their relations.h.i.+p just because Si Yue was of a dark spirit attribute.

“You Yue, do you know them?” Si Yue asked.

“I do. How did you end up fighting?” Sima You Yue nodded, “You only left our camp a short while ago before ending up fighting someone. Did you just ignore everything I said?”

Si Yue stuck out her tongue, “They were the ones who messed with me.”

“What’s going on here?”

“I walked past this place when they saw that I was prettier than them so they were jealous of me, chasing me away and speaking so rudely. I haven’t been treated this way before, so I naturally argued with them. Then, they started to fight. Then this person couldn’t beat me, so he got back up.” Si Yue pointed at Fang Qi, who was lying on the ground, her expression extremely haughty.

“This was all a misunderstanding.” Yang Xi came out from inside the tent, “Li Yao and the others didn’t know that she was your friend. Since everyone is familiar with each other, let’s just let this go.”

These three girls just wouldn’t leave her alone! Sima You Yue cursed in her heart then turned around and said to Si Yue, “Since that’s the case, let’s just drop it. It’s a good thing that we encountered Young Miss Yang this time and she’s amicable. If you mess around next time, I’m not going to bother about you anymore.”

Si Yue pursed her lips, saying, “Alright, alright. I won’t harp on this anymore, alright.”

Li Yao returned to the place and came in front of Sima You Yue and the others, slightly straightening up and saying, “Your Highness, Holy Son, you…”

“Since all is fine now, you should just go back.” Wu Lingyu said to Sima You Yue.

He very obviously neglected the person in front of them.

“Alright, Young Miss Yang, Young Miss Li, Young Miss Fang, we’ll take our leave.” Sima You Yue addressed the three of them before pulling Si Yue away.

“Lady You Yue, please wait.” Yang Xi called out to stop Sima You Yue. seeing her turn back, she revealed a sincere smile, saying, “We will be going to check the desert out in a few days, would you like to go with us?”

“Go inside the desert? We don’t even know the circ.u.mstances inside. If we go in rashly, won’t it be too dangerous?” Sima You Yue said.

“We don’t plan to go deep in.” Yang Si explained, “We plan to wander around the periphery to understand the desert more. We have already heard that the periphery isn’t dangerous.”

“Will walking around the periphery help us to understand the mining area?” Sima You Yue asked.

What help would there be? Of course there would be no help! However, she couldn’t say it like that.

“We’ll understand the desert environment a little more. Once we enter the mine, we’ll be a little more familiar with it.” She thought about a stronger reason.

She thought that Sima You Yue would reject them, but she actually agreed very quickly.

“Alright. When are we going?”


“Alright, I’ll come here and look for you tomorrow.” Sima You Yue turned around to leave after speaking. She didn’t say anything extra.

“Are we acting tomorrow?” Li Yao asked.

“Mm. I saw City Lord Lang leave earlier. He left her campsite looking extremely downcast. Seeing him suffer because of another woman, it would be too much of a joke if I were to suffer too!” Yang Si laughed bitterly before turning around and returning to her tent.

Since you caused him misery, you don’t have to live any longer!

Sima You Yue pulled Si Yue forwards and Si Yue pulled on her arm, saying, “Are they your friends? Why do I feel like their greeting towards you was a little strange?”

“When did I say that they were my friends?” Sima You Yue asked in return.

“Eh? Then why did you agree to go with them? Based on the way they are, I could tell at a glance that they don’t have any good intentions.” Si Yue said, a little worriedly.

“They want to make use of this opportunity to kill me, of course they don’t have any good intentions.”


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