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Chapter 1251: Call me Master and I’ll teach you

Xiao Hong looked at her own arm and realised her clothes were drenched with blood.

“It’s fine, just a little injured on my arm. It’s a good thing that you went off earlier last time. Otherwise, I won’t know how injured you would be while you’re in this situation.”

“Good to hear you’re fine. How’s the situation here?””Sima You Yue asked.

“My Father and the rest were already prepared. Although this battle was a little hard, fighting with us, the Armament Masters Guild, our spirit weapon would crush them to death! Not many of our people died, instead, they were taken out by us.” Xiao Hong smiled proudly, “But many of us are injured.”

Sima You Yue thought so too, the Alchemist Guild had pills while the Armament Masters Guild had spirit weapons. They could crush people by the sheer quant.i.ty of them.

She already guessed that Armament Masters Guild would definitely think of that, so they would be prepared. Seeing how the situation was in control now, she didn’t have to worry much.

“Is there anything that we can do to help?” Sima You Yue asked.

“There is.” Xiao Hong continued, “Although not many died, but many were injured. Everyone is at least injured a little, even our Alchemist Master. The healing pills aren’t enough, Bei Gong Tang and the rest are Alchemist Masters, can they help refine more pills?”

“Sure!” Bei Gong Tang nodded, refining pills were nothing.

Sima You Yue was depressed. She didn’t have spiritual energy now, so she couldn’t help even when she wanted to.

She took out an interspatial ring and said, “These are the healing pills I refined, use it first. If it’s not enough, then refine some more.”

“We have some too.” Bei Gong Tang and Ou Yang Fei took out their acc.u.mulated pills.

Xiao Hong kept the three interspatial rings and said, “I’ll continue with this and cut the formalities with you guys. If you guys managed to refine healing pills, notify me and I’ll get someone to go over and get it.”


“Then I’ll pa.s.s these pills over first. You guys can go back, the situation here isn’t stable yet, it’s not safe.” Xiao Hong continued, “I’ll go over and look for you after settling this for two days.”

“We got it, you go ahead.” Sima You Yue said.

“Mm, I’ll go first.”

Xiao Hong took the three interspatial rings and got into the banquet hall from yesterday night, thinking that there would be more injured inside there.

Those that were injured were being treated while those guards who weren’t injured took care of the bodies. Sima You Yue and the rest walked around and went back when there was nothing to look at.

Bei Gong Tang and Ou Yang Fei went back to their house and refined pills. The others wanted to talk to Sima You Yue regarding last night, but were pulled away by Mo Yu.

“This Mo Yu, is he an almighty from the Ghost clan? Why does he love tea so much?!” Fatty Qu whined looking at both their backs.

“You should rejoice that he likes tea.” Sima You Lin said.

“True.” Fatty Qu sighed, “But if this goes on, You Yue will be sick of drinking tea.”

“If she has to go to Ghost Realm next time, Mo Yu will be a good helper.” Sima You Lin said.

“I’m afraid he will be a different person when he goes to Ghost Realm.” Fatty Qu didn’t trust Mo Yu.

“So we have to do our best to pull him to our side!” Sima You Lin continued, “But I think You Yue and his relations.h.i.+p got better, both of them feel like true friends.”

“I feel so too.” Wei Qi Zi continued, “You Yue will only accommodate friends and family, look at the way they left earlier on, You Yue only have a gaze that she sees as a friend.”

“We don’t know what Mo Yu thinks of her.”

“I think it isn’t bad either. Didn’t you see that when he heard that some people had snuck in, he immediately ran over to fetch You Yue? If he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t have come here himself.” Wei Zi Qi deduced.

“True. I didn’t think that in just a few days, they would turn to being friends from evil intentions and guarding against each other.” Sima You Lin sighed.

“They both like tea, have common interests, and got closer after communicating.”


But this time, Mo Yu didn’t get Sima You Yue to drink tea, but brought her out of the city.

Sima You Yue saw them being outside the city after a while and asked curiously, “Why did you bring me here?”

“Before I brought you here, didn’t I tell you that I don’t know what their ident.i.ty was? I brought you here to see the bodies.” Mo Yu said.

“You killed those people?” Sima You Yue asked with astonishment.

“Yesterday it was noisy in the city, so I came to the outside of the city for some peace and got disturbed by them.” Mo Yu continued, “So I casually took them out.”

“According to my past experience, they definitely wouldn’t leave any evidence on their body.” Sima You Yue said.

“We’ll only know after we try.” Mo Yu brought her to the place where he killed them yesterday and found those bodies.

Sima You Yue saw those bodies and didn’t feel any results. Afterall, seeing all these clothes from the bodies, she could confirm if they were the same forces from the ones before, and also guessed that their bodies wouldn’t leave any evidence.

But she went up to check, not because of anything else, but because Mo Yu thought that she wondered about it.

In those days that they talked about tea, they talked about other things too, Sima You Yue once talked about something regarding this.

She remembered that she only talked about some of it without showing any concern, but she didn’t think that he remembered it all, and also leaving the bodies here after killing them.

But the result was the same as she guessed. These bodies didn’t leave anything, nothing useful on the body, also, because they were dead for almost a day, she couldn’t read their memories anymore.

“There’s nothing at all.” Sima You Yue continued, “And I can’t read their memories, these corpses are useless.”

“Then grasp their soul and ask.” Mo Yu said.

“Grasp their soul?” Sima You Yue stared at him in shock, “I’m afraid that their soul has already gone to the Ghost Realm, how do I grasp their soul?”

“I left their spirit here.” Mo Yu said.

“What do you mean by leaving their spirit here?”

“Their spirits are still in their body.” Mo Yu rarely explained patiently, “When I killed them, I trapped their spirit in their body, it didn’t leave their body.”

“There’s such a thing? Can everyone in Ghost Realm do that?” Sima You Yue looked at him shockingly.

“Others don’t know, but I know. I created it myself.” Mo Yu continued, “If you’re interested, call me Master, and I’ll teach you.”

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“Maybe.” Mo Yu continued, “Although this dark skill isn’t very useful, what comes after the dark skills is very useful. Without this dark skill, it’s useless even if there’s spirit.”

“What dark skill?”

“Grasping spirit skill.”


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