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1188 Got caught, going to be disfigured

In a cave, Sima You Yue lay on a stack of hay when a little young girl came in from outside. She snapped at the people inside, “Why did you guys bring such a weak woman back? Don’t tell me that we still have to train her?”

“What do you know?!” A guy with blue eyes shot her a glare, “The district in front is so dangerous, do you dare to walk in front of the team?”

“I don’t want to go!” That girl said, “It’s so dangerous, I’ll get cut into half if not careful, you still want me to go!”

“Since you don’t want to go, I found someone to go, then why do you have to spout so much nonsense?” He said.

That girl couldn’t refute it in time and said, “Alright, then we’ll spare this person’s life for now. But her strength is so low, got swept by the spatial flow and didn’t die, she has such a long life!”

“Indeed.” Another elder with white hair said.

“But this lady is so pretty, I’m not happy with it, how?”

“If you want to disfigure her, go ahead, you’re good at it isn’t it?” The man with blue eyes sounded calm, as if he didn’t care about others’ lives.

Or it meant that it was normal for that girl to do that.

“We have to leave this life to go in front to find the path, don’t kill her.” An elder said.

“No problem.” That girl smilingly walked towards Sima You Yue, squatted down, took out a dagger from the dagger case, swinging on her face and said, “Tsk tsk, what a beautiful lady, it’ll be a waste if disfigured.”

“Then let her go.” The man with blue eyes said.

“Hehe….” The girl laughed and said, “How can I. The prettier the lady is, the more I want to disfigure. The uglier she becomes, the happier I am. I really have to think through this, such a beautiful lady, how should I disfigure her exquisitely.”

He glanced at her and said, “After so many years, you’re still that abnormal.”

“Hehe. I’ll take it as a compliment. I like such compliments.” The girl chuckled, bringing the dagger away from Sima You Yue’s face, “Such a nice skin, let me draw a turtle on the left side of her face, then use some corrosive medicine to the right side, how about it?”

She turned around and looked at the elder.

“Don’t ask me, you won’t listen to me anyway, always doing the opposite.” The elder said.

“Then just say the opposite of what you want to say.” The girl continued, “Don’t worry about the corrosive medicine first, let me draw the turtle out on this side first. My art improved this few years! What a small face, I will need to draw a hundred strokes to complete the tortoise.”

“I see you haven’t grown in strength these few years, did you spend all those time studying this?!” The elder said.

“That’s right.” The girl nodded, “Destroying the faces of those girls who are prettier than me, is my greatest joy in my life.”


“Your joy has always been this, you don’t have to explain to us.” Elder said.

“You know me too well.” That girl’s lips curled up into an evil smile, took out the dagger, then pressed on the handle, the dagger was separated into many small blades in the middle, those blades were so thin that it became transparent. “I’m going to start soon.”

There was excitement in her voice, just like how she used to be.

When the knife stopped when it almost touched Sima You Yue, she hesitated and asked the two people behind her, “Should I wait till she wakes up and do it instead? That comfortable and refreshed feeling will explode seeing her struggle with frightened eyes.”

“We don’t have that much time to wait for you.” That elder said, “We will have to rush our journey when she wakes up, weigh it up yourself.”

“Then I should start now.” That girl continued, “Maybe she will wake up after I start. Regaining consciousness and her expression will change from delirium into fear, that feeling is not bad either.”


“Up to you.”

Anything would be fine as long as she didn’t spoil her plan.

“Then I’m starting now!”

Her blade slowly approached Sima You Yue’s face, as if completing a holy mission.

When the knife got nearer to Sima You Yue’s face, just when it touched her skin, suddenly a flame jumped out, turning that dagger into ashes that very moment.


That girl’s scream startled both of them who had their eyes closed and the moment they looked over, they saw that girl being shrouded in flame, turning to ashes right before their very eyes before they could even take any action.

“That flame!”

Both of them stood up quickly, used spiritual energy to protect themselves, in case that flame suddenly attacked towards them.

That girl was actually someone who was half way into Paragon rank. What kind of flame was that exactly, she was killed so easily!

“The thing I love the most in all my lifes is the body my parents gave me and the thing I hate the most is someone trying to disfigure me.” Sima You Yue muttered, “I didn’t think that I’ll see the thing I hate most when I just wake up, it makes me uncomfortable.”

She sat up, stretched her shoulders, twisted her neck, she didn’t look any frightened by her being almost disfigured.

Of course, that person was already burnt to ash by her, what was there to be afraid of.

“You’ve already woken up long ago!” That man with blue eyes said as he looked at her.

“I woke for a while, thought that you guys might leak some useful information, and ended up you guys didn’t say anything else other than this abnormal girl love disfiguring people!” Sima You ayue said.

“You woke up long ago, how can we not know!” Elder was astonished.

“It’s simple! My vital energy is better than yours.” She kept the flame, it transformed into a Little Birdie and landed on her palm. “Thank you, Little Birdie.”

Just now Little Birdie came out on its own to burn that girl to death, faster than her notion.

Both of them who were surprised by the radiance of that little flame said, “What a powerful flame!”

“Alright, let’s go back.” Sima You Yue said.

That girl was easily burnt to death because it caught her by surprise, she didn’t have any defense. Although her strength was powerful, a body without defense would be only a little stronger from ordinary people.

She kept the flame, looked at both of the guys, thought of what they just said and said, “Little Seven, Flowey, Little Dream, did you ask someone to come here, or did you guys come together?”

Three ladies came out from her side, staring at the two people, Little Seven said, “When it comes to a duel, of course I’ll be the one.”

“Little Seven, do you know how to count? They have two people, one versus two isn’t a duel.” Little Dream said.

“It’s the same.” Little Seven didn’t even feel any difference between one or two of them.


Sima You Yue lamented. The way Little Seven saw strong people was different. She saw one person as a hundred of powerful people, but for Little Seven, she saw two people as one.


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