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Chapter 999 – A Goal of Universal Conquest! I

A different reality than the one they knew playing out!

This…was actually exactly what Chronos’s words meant as this terrifying Hegemony had been at this point in time before.

In his prior life times that were brought to fruition by the Cosmic Dao of Reincarnation, he had pa.s.sed this time point where in all of them…the Hegemony of Summoning would fall under the hands of Ambrose and the others!

They would use the death of this Hegemony to cause the others watching outside the boundary of the Animus Universe to be disillusioned with even finding a way to enter the 9 Universes and stop their plans, the problems occurring only much later when Oathkeeper did something he shouldn’t have.

Yet…the one who should be dead was not dead!

Chronos’s eyes flashed with an unknown light as he was met with an anomaly in the history he knew!

‘Who? What has interfered?’


Far from this location, within the Dark Universe where Noah was watching the unfolding citation.


His eyes gazed above at the storm of fortune and Destiny that was turning into a Sea, hundreds of thousands of Marks of Antiquity that had begun forming ever since Valentina had become his Va.s.sal never stopping as they came with even more frequency!

A single being became his Va.s.sal, but he had changed the course of a predestined history.

He did not know this, but he turned his gaze as he saw the line of Destiny holding him and Valentina shaking at the appearance of Chronos, and he listened to his rumbling sea of fortune as his gaze turned somber, speaking into the golden mirror right away!

“Pull back outside of the Universe for now, and quickly.”

Noah spoke with urgency as Valentina heard his words and felt a tug of her soul, her Origin unconsciously listened to Noah’s words before her brain could even process it as it was because of this that she was able to evade a deadly attack that came next!


From the newly appearing Chronos, the essence of the Dao of Chronos erupted madly as his gaze was somber, his hands moving forth mysteriously as he moved to quickly correct the sequence of events and reap the life of the Hegemony of Summoning!



Valentina was already long gone from within the illusory figure, her Origin unconsciously following Noah’s words as she had already weaved within the folds of s.p.a.ce and was shooting towards the boundary of the Animus Universe faster than the speed of light!


The eyes of Chronos turned up with solemnity at this as he still wanted to try, but the vibrant light that was Valentina reached and pierced the boundary an instant later as her gorgeous figure joined the group of Hegemonies that were peering into the Animus Universe.

Oathkeeper appeared beside her a moment later as he gazed towards Chronos and the Hegemonies around him with eyes full of power!


He had tried.

He had failed. 

Time seemed to flow smoothly again as Valentina let out rapid breaths past the boundary of the Animus Universe, looking towards the small figure of Chronos that had appeared with a tinge of apprehension!

If Noah had not used the small portion of her soul she agreed to let go to become a Va.s.sal to cause her to follow his words unconsciously, she might have been gravely wounded or fallen from this being’s mysterious attacks!

A second pa.s.sed as those involved took in the situation, a stand off occurring as many powerful Hegemonies from the nearby Universes peered into the Animus Universe where Chronos and a few other Hegemonies floated next to a Universal Construct.

As for how Chronos and Dark Shadow could enter the Universes that all other Hegemonies could not pa.s.s the boundaries of? They had long since branded their Origin Essence into the Universal Construct before their activation, their appearance here being only natural!

As some of the powerful existences of the Primordial Cosmos stared each other down, none of them were paying attention to a particular Tyrant Dragon floating near the boundary of the Animus Universe.

At this moment in time, Noah’s mind was buzzing with information as he pooled in everything he knew about Ambrose and what he heard during his conversation with Solerno with current events. He recalled Oathkeeper’s words about a restriction they had to create in order for them to use an authority that caused Hegemonies to not be able to enter the 9 targeted Universes.

With all of this information, his mind moved as he created a hypothesis! An instant later…he moved to test it!


Fluctuations of mana silently rang out amidst the tense situation, the eyes of the Hegemonies finally noticing the aura of a Paragon that had actually begun to pa.s.s through the boundary of the Animus Universe!

He seemed to even be doing so with ease, something that only the most powerful of Paragons should be able to do as he crossed the universal boundary in mere seconds.


Oathkeeper and the others looked towards this scene with sharp eyes as they saw Noah’s Tyrant Dragon appear within the Animus Universe a second later!

Chronos and the others also turned their eyes towards this being!

The distance between the Universal Boundary of the Animus Universe and the b.l.o.o.d.y Battlefields Galaxy Cl.u.s.ters that existed deep within this Universe was vast, but Noah’s figure disappeared in a flash of light as he carried out a long distance teleportation that made him appear right in front of the powerful figure of Chronos, Dark Shadow, Ambrose, Solerno, and the Hegemony of Necromancy.

He appeared in front of these beings fearlessly as aside from his [Plot Armor] still being active, he also had an inkling that he might have found what the restriction these beings placed in order to pull off the authority to deny entrance to all Hegemonies was!

The eyes of Chronos and others flashed with a sharp light as their terrifying gazes locked onto him…but they did nothing.


“I see.”

Noah spoke of with a domineering tone as he stood in front of some of the most powerful beings within the Primordial Cosmos fearlessly.

He turned up towards the direction of Oathkeeper and the others, voicing out nonchalantly as if the grave situation around them was nothing in his eyes!

“It seems the restriction they placed is that they cannot move against those below the Ranks of Hegemonies in exchange for denying entrance to Hegemonies in all the affected Universes.”


Nonchalantly, domineeringly, and fearlessly…Noah addressed some of the powerful Hegemonies of the Primordial Cosmos as he kicked off the new era with a bang!


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