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Chapter 831 – The Watching Ent.i.ties Reveal Themselves

Noah’s eyes were impa.s.sive as a calm smile appeared on his face.

The Holy Emperor and others actually appeared in front of him with somber expressions as they seemingly put their lives on the line to defend him!

They truly thought that after a long battle like the one he just had, he would not be able to keep himself in top shape much longer.

Yet the form he currently held that was put together by the support of multiple laws still remained active on his body without him deactivating a single skill.

His eyes were glancing at the numerous hidden figures in the folds of s.p.a.ce as he didn’t make a move, wondering which of them would do it first!

Would they be more enemies for him to plunder loot, or would they be dismayed by his power as they scurried away?

He and many others wondered who among those watching would be the first to make a move!

The deafening silence in s.p.a.ce was very quickly shattered as a burst of boisterous laughter rang out with the appearance of a figure who released a shocking aura.

“Haha! I’ve finally gotten to meet you again! I hope you do not leave too quickly this time…”


The thundering voice of an enormous being smashed into the ears of many, his huge figure becoming visible soon after. He had a humanoid shape, yet towering over 100 meters as one of the defining features was that on this being’s face, he had a third eye instead of two!

The third eye fully glistened with a red light as it was closed, but it was the thing that released the most oppressive force from this being.



“That fool…”

Many whispers abounded as the huge body of Traverser miniaturized to become the same height as a normal human, his figure nearing the area Noah was at rapidly!


The figures of the Holy Emperor and Old Man Khan stood in front of Noah defensively as his Animus Summons formed a line beside him.

The Blue Slime was actively dancing above his head as the summon seemed to enjoy the bubbling essence that had even enveloped Noah’s hair and made it dance wildly.

The Ent.i.ty Traverser looked at all of this with a beaming smile as he stopped a few meters away, his resonant voice ringing out once more, but this time as a telepathic message to Noah alone.

“I have been looking for you for a great deal of years after I obtained the knowledge from the Book of Ruination. I wish you no harm and actually have a singular goal- to do what I can to help the User of the Tools of Ruination to save our Universe!”


The strong voice of Traverser rang out grandly as Noah’s eyes shone even brighter.

He recalled this being from weeks ago, an Ent.i.ty that had appeared just a second before he teleported himself and the whole Infinite Galaxy away. As he gazed upon this being, Eyes of Truth affirmed his ident.i.ty!

[Ebon Vaandal] :: An Ent.i.ty proficient in the Laws of s.p.a.ce, Chaos, and Time, as well as the Daos of Destruction and Voids.p.a.ce. He is an extremely powerful Ent.i.ty that has earned the t.i.tle of Traverser in the Dark Universe, his a.s.similations in the two Daos he studies being extremely high as he spent many thousands of years traveling throughout the Dark Universe. He holds multiple pages from the Book of Ruination as he continues his search for the being that he considers the Savior that shall stop the coming Cataclysm…

The details of this powerful Ent.i.ty appeared in Noah’s mind as his vibrant eyes saw this being truly meant his words!

Among the many beings he had come across in his life, this one had been actively looking for him as he gained more thorough knowledge from the Book of Ruination and was searching for the being that could bring them all together for the possibility of undoing the work of the past Sages and Great Sages.

Towards this being…Noah adopted a bright smile as he also laughed boisterously while going towards him, shocking the Holy Emperor and others that were looking towards Traverser with caution!

“Haha, Brother Traverser! You see, I was very weak and had to be careful a few weeks back. Just the thought that an Ent.i.ty had found my Galaxy made me run…”

His words were nothing like the domineering coldness many beings heard when he took down multiple Ent.i.ties, the many hidden beings in the chaotic void observing this shockingly powerful Ent.i.ty go towards Traverser as he fearlessly stood in front of him with a smile!

Even Traverser was taken back before his smile bloomed even more, his heart at ease as he realized achieving his goal of connecting himself to the being that could use the Ruination Cores might be even easier than he expected.

“Good! I have many things I wish to discuss with you, but it seems like I am not the only one looking for you…”


In one direction, five Ent.i.ties dressed in regal armament appeared. Each of them were four-meter tall as they looked like the most beautiful humans one could come across- these were the beings from the Arch Human Race from the Northern Region of the Dark Universe!

In another direction, the Ent.i.ties that represented the Ancient Power ruling over the Desolate Galaxies in the East also appeared.

Lastly, the shocking personage of the Spirit Race, the beings that many looked towards with apprehension as they ruled the Southern Region of the Dark Universe with a tight grasp…these unique beings made their appearance as the entire environment of the chaotic void changed.


Sister Gold was the first to appear as Noah laid his eyes on the Spirit Race for the first time.

With a body that wasn’t entirely corporeal, a beautiful creature that could barely be seen with the n.a.k.e.d eye appeared. Her body danced with the essence of multiple terrifying Daos as among the Ent.i.ties appearing, her aura dwarfed all of them in power as she seemed like a horrendously powerful big boss!

Yet she wasn’t alone as a second later four more figures letting out auras no less shocking than hers appeared from behind!


With called eyes and devoid of emotions, they stared at n.o.body else as their eyes only found a singular being.

The being was smiling wildly with a confident expression as his body was still wrapped with the luminous armament from all universal laws, his two swords within his grasp seemingly vibrating as he stared at the beings from the Spirit Race!


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