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Chapter 739 – {Spiritual Galaxy Management}

In the chaotic void not too far away from the Nexus Galaxy, Noah gazed far away as he thought about the recent situation. His mind moved rapidly as he realized that the Ent.i.ty wasn’t randomly pulled towards his Infinite Galaxy, and that it was very likely that his high usage of mana that could rival and surpa.s.s those in the GALAXY Realm was the thing that alerted this Ent.i.ty.

Realizing this, Noah made sure to plan to mask both himself and the Galaxy whenever he carried out grand moves like this in the future so that he wouldn’t draw too much attention to himself!

Noting this, his eyes landed on the s.h.i.+mmering Galaxy he had miniaturized in the palm of his hand as many thoughts crossed his mind.

Even after he just used enormous amounts of mana to utilize the features of this unique treasure that were now applicable to something as grand as a Galaxy, Noah didn’t think much of it as it required basically nothing from him!

But the possibilities themselves were huge when one remembered exactly what features were present in the previous Infinite Realm and even the past Spiritual Land. All of these features were now present in this s.h.i.+mmering Galaxy in the plan of his hands!

Can you imagine the stage you would have to be to accomplish what Noah was doing now? To literally hold a Galaxy within his hands??

Such a thought brought a smile to his face as he then glanced towards the far away Nexus Galaxy.

Within this Galaxy, the body of Alexander had warped in the Central Realm he had been invited to before as he went forth to bring a proposition!

As Noah shared the same soul and it was just another one of his bodies, his eyes saw an imaginary scene where Alexander arrived in the Central Realm as the obsidian core of the Nexus Galaxy looked towards him questioningly.

But Alexander’s words were simple as he smiled and said,

“Do you want to be a part of something larger? To guarantee the life of all the beings in this Galaxy as you don’t even have to worry about Ent.i.ties?”

Alexander had begun using honeyed words with the core of the Nexus Galaxy as Noah planned to fuse this Galaxy into his Infinite Galaxy first!

He would then move on to the Stellar Sky Galaxy and the few other Galaxies that were under the influence of the Imperials as the task ahead of him was insurmountably large.

When it came to fusing more Galaxies though, the task would actually be very easy to do as the cores of galaxies were nothing but logical beings!

The moment that Noah revealed the nature of the Infinite Galaxy, as well as the nigh impossibility of killing the owner of it…these logical ent.i.ties would be going against their very nature if they did not make the decision to be fused into his Galaxy.

The only thing left to do after giving them the offer is sharing memories with them as they confirm the truth of Noah’s abilities and the unique features of the Infinite Galaxy!

Noah also stared at the character s.h.i.+mmering faintly outside of the Nexus Galaxy- the character that read EXPANSIVE which Old Man Khan had laid down before he left! His eyes shone as he knew that while it might have seemed like a form of protection due to Anastasia speaking out, it was more than likely also possible to monitor the large movements of the Nexus Galaxy with it.

But it didn’t give Noah any worries as he planned to cast covert skills the moment the fusing was about to occur, this EXPANSIVE character floating in the chaotic void only being able to observe the disappearance of a galaxy thereafter!

As Noah waited for the eventual results from Alexander’s task, his eyes turned down to the stat panel as he viewed the past {Spiritual Realm Management} that was now {Spiritual Galaxy Management}

{Spiritual Galaxy Management}

[Infinite Galaxy-12]

Beasts: F-x.x.x, E-x.x.x, D-x.x.x, C-x.x.x, B-x.x.x, A-x.x.x, S-x.x.x, EPIC-x.x.x, LEGENDARY-x.x.x, MYTHICAL-x.x.x, PHANTASMAL-x.x.x, TRANSCENDENT-x.x.x, SAINT- x.x.x, VOID- x.x.x, SOUL-1,224,274, DOMAIN- 324,827, WORLD-66,924, STAR FORGING- 13,247, NEBULA- 828, BLACK HOLE- 23

Plants- Whitefall Trees, Snow Vine, Sacred Rye, Pigmy Melon, Ice-fire Persimmon, Ice Phoenix Fruits, Spirit of the Arctic, Frozen Angelica, Regal Flora, Qilin’s Cold Stone, Resonant Okra, Arctic Flora, King’s Collard, Athramire, Phantom Mulberry, Fire Starter, Frigid Apple, Fate’s Orchard, Chaotic Amaranth, Aether Infused Willow. Available for planting(Immemorial Dragon Fruits, Mythical Fruit of Life)

Features- Size Regulation(Unlocked), Movement(Unlocked), Anchor(Unlocked), Boost Surroundings(Unlocked), Architecture(Unlocked), Frozen Barrier(Unlocked), Offensive Maneuvers(Unlocked), Time Dilation(Unlocked), Treasure Hunter (Unlocked), Interstellar Travel(Unlocked), Law s.p.a.ce(Unlocked), Blacksmith’s Forge(Unlocked), Division(Unlocked), Alchemy Hall(Unlocked), Library(Unlocked), World Integration(Unlocked), Realm Gateway(Unlocked), Pocket Realm(Unlocked), a.s.similation(Unlocked), Trait Blessing(Unlocked)….Dao Birth(Locked)

Upgrade Conditions- Over 100,000 a.s.similated Galaxies

The beautiful set of words that displayed a summary of his Infinite Galaxy were clearly displayed as he gave a light smile.

The thing one would notice first would be the number of beasts, especially those in the Nebula and Star Forging Realm that now existed within the Galaxy!

Due to the high number of cores that Noah provided as well as the recent upgrade of tiers, many of the naturally born beasts of the Infinite Galaxy experienced great progress as the number of Nebula Rank experts towered over 800.

This number was really eye opening when one realized that the past Novus Galaxy had only had a few Nebula Rank experts that could be counted on one’s two hands, and now with Noah’s influence there were hundreds in just a matter of months!

Aside from this shocking number, there were also the unlocked features as well as the upgrade requirement into the next stage, which actually required 100,000 Galaxies to be fused into the Infinite Galaxy.

This was the reason why Noah had already gone ahead and began discussing with the Nexus Galaxy, as he knew he had to truly make an effort in the days to come if he wanted to accomplish this!

With all future Galaxies he wanted to take under his banner, he would have one of his clones constantly make way through the Dark Universe as more and more Galaxies were taken under his banner.

When the time came for him to actually have the requirement of fusing 100,000 Galaxies…he believed the Infinite Galaxy would be grander than even the domains of the Ancient Powers!


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