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Chapter 601 – A Party Sets Off

A brilliance that was reminiscent of gorgeous stars was continuously s.h.i.+ning from an enormous Rift that stood at a central position of a Galaxy. This Rift towered over 100 miles in size, being something so ridiculously large that it could be seen from great distances away.

This rift was commonly known as the Universal Rift, a unique tool that the inhabitants of the Galaxy that just recently received a weak signal utilized!

Monitoring the signals coming through this rift was the job of the Watchers, a powerful group of beings chosen to tirelessly release their auras as they learned to communicate with this radiant Rift that allowed for them to reach the point they were at today.

The uses of the Universal Rift were many, and it made it possible for this Galaxy to stand strong over an unknown number of years as its inhabitants used this Universal Rift to explore the Chaotic Void of their Universe.

The first beings to utilize and test this Universal Rift realized that it had the capabilities to smoothly allow for the exploration of their Universe by allowing whoever stepped into it a smooth pa.s.sage across the Chaotic Void!

A unique energy would surround the beings that pa.s.sed through it, making them appear outside of the Galaxy as this unique essence given by the Universal Rift would surround them for an entire month before it disappeared.

This meant that one did not have to be a Grand Controller to be able to leave their Galaxy, where anyone bold enough to explore could do so!

Over the numerous years, the inhabitants of this Galaxy had done just that. Numerous explorations occurred as they rose to new heights and gained strength of colossal proportions, multiple Controllers and other powerful beings rising over the years.

More often than not, Grand Controllers were favored as they could traverse the Chaotic Void with ease, each party that was setting off for an exploration almost always leaving with one or two beings at the level of a Grand Controller.

But in this Galaxy, Controllers were not even the beings that were at the peak of power! Given the t.i.tle of Law Masters, Controllers were actually just a powerful force that resided in this Galaxy and focused on the comprehension of Universal Laws. There was an even more terrifying force that was led by powerful beings that were directly chosen by this Galaxy and granted fearsome power to wield.

These were the beings that were granted Traits, beings that were known as Blessed!

The Blessed were powerful beings either born with a Trait or awaking to it in their prime, beings such as them becoming more and more prominent over the years as their Galaxy garnered more and more strength from their explorations.

It was like a feedback loop of elevating to higher levels of strength, where the inhabitants of the Galaxy went out to explore the unknown Universe and brought back spectacular treasures which enhanced the power of their Galaxy, this unique realm that had a Universal Rift within it continuing to rise over the eons as it now stood at an unshakable level of strength!

On this day though, another Exploration was about to occur as an advanced party was being sent to check out a weak Signal that Watchers had noticed being attracted to the Universal Rift. It was a Signal that was weaker than all the others they had come across, so the higher ups had simply given the task of checking out exactly what this signal was first.

Sometimes it was the signal of a Galaxy filled with treasures and wonders, other times it was a signal released by powerful ent.i.ties seeking to devour unsuspecting beings for fun, or it could be an unknown treasure simply floating around the Chaotic Void of this vast Universe!

The Signal that was received recently would be checked out by a powerful group of Law Masters and Blessed, which consisted of multiple Controllers and beings with powerful Traits. Even though it was simply a scouting mission, all precautions were taken as the beings about to pa.s.s through this Universal Rift knew of dangers they could come across the Chaotic Void.

Near the Universal Rift, multiple beings adorned in regal attire walked across the golden floors below as they entered into an expansive chariot, this chariot having a s.h.i.+mmering starry blue barrier covering it as the animals that would be pulling it were fearsome creatures letting off an aura similar to that of a normal Controller.

This was known as an Imperial Vessel that was pulled by creatures commonly seen outside of Galaxies, creatures known as Void Beasts that could traverse through the Chaotic Void with ease!

These Void Beasts had wide dark wings swirling with runic circles as their bodies could very similarly be compared to a Gryphon, but their eyes oozed the power of s.p.a.ce and Chaos as they looked forward coldly, the reigns attaching them to the grand chariot making them shockingly seem like docile creatures.

Multiple figures entered this Imperial Vessel as a single stone-faced man sat at the forefront of this spectacular chariot, holding the reins as his essence of a Grand Controller fully tamed the Void Beasts that began releasing a powerful essence of s.p.a.ce and Chaos which caused the chariot to take to the skies.


The many Watchers and beings carefully observing and noting the changes of the Universal Rift gave their permission as the chariot pulled by Void Beasts flew forward, going into the Rift as they soundlessly disappeared!

On this day, a s.h.i.+mmering blue chariot pulled by Void Beasts entered a Universal Rift as they went on to search for a signal. Within this chariot known as an Imperial Vessel, three Law Masters and three Blessed took this exploration mission that would bring about unintended consequences.

This marked the first time that the Galaxy known as the Nexus Galaxy, a terrifyingly powerful realm that had survived eons and collected powerful beings of stupendous strength- it marked the first time that the forces of the Nexus Galaxy set off as they would come in contact with a being that would soon bring to fruition a spectacular Trait!


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