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Chapter 465 – Missed by a Second!

The body of the Ancient Blood Clone was finis.h.i.+ng the process of formation as it pierced through the layers of earth, not even taking a few seconds before getting into the inner layer of the Prime World.

His gaze was impa.s.sive as his emotions were turbulent after having just seen the immense power of just one of the beings he was up against, his current power not even being able to withstand a single attack.


He put his thoughts aside as he heard the words of the Core of the Underworld and worked in conjunction with his Planetary System as he portrayed the images of the particular time when the Founder had called for the destruction of the Underworld.


Silence reigned as slight trembling could be felt from the core of the Underworld, Noah not wasting any time as he initiated the process of forming a connection while talking.

“There is no time. If you want to survive…”

What always happened when he formed new connections with worlds repeated, a rumbling of essence occurring as something else approached the Underworld!

Two Prime Warsh.i.p.s with the hardened faces of righteous Celestial Grandmasters at the lead were using their energy to pierce through the void of s.p.a.ce as they neared the Underworld, having received word that the mission came directly from the Founder, and it concerned a world that was harboring the forces of the Dark Expanse.

They moved without a second delay as they were nearing the Prime World, their hearts set on destroying the entirety of this world as they prepared to join the war.


They felt immense fluctuations of energy ahead of them as they neared, their Prime Warsh.i.p.s arriving as they observed with shocked eyes, where the world used to be, only a void of darkness laid!


One of the piloting Grandmasters called out as he spread out his energy, a surprised look overtaking his wrath as he sent out a message.

“It is only invisible, aim the World Cannons and obliterate it!”


Essence rapidly converged around the Warsh.i.p.s as the huge cannons around them vibrated, gaining a glimmer of red as they aimed at the invisible Underworld in front of them.

Deep in the core of this Prime World, Noah’s clone had already successfully finished the formation of the connection as another stupefied reaction was released from this Prime World as well, his mind working fast as he pulled out the [World Engine] from the Expansive s.p.a.ce that he shared with the main body, activating the treasure right away as a unique energy spread out with the core at the center.

He had already cast [Blood World] and [World Veil] to wrap around the entire world, preventing the coming Celestials from seeing what was occurring within it and turning it invisible, but this only earned him a few seconds.

These few seconds…were more than enough!

The unique energy released from the [World Engine] wrapped around the entire world as outside it, the enormous cannons meant to strike down at the core of the Prime World had readied enough energy, destructive rays of red lights shooting out as they went towards a singular location.


The rays of red energy left destructive energies in the void of s.p.a.ce as they thundered down, the Grandmasters piloting the Warsh.i.p.s watching with eyes burning with pa.s.sion as they sensed an enormous fluctuation of energy at this moment, and then observed with unwilling expressions as the red rays of destructive lights they shot out…actually hit nothingness!


Silence reigned as they watched the rays pa.s.s through where they sensed a planet was just a few seconds ago, nothing being there now.

They grit their teeth as they were knowledgable of a similar incident with the Magus World not too long ago, they just didn’t think it would happen again, and not so quickly!

This also meant that the culprits for the disappearance of the Magus World were also the forces of the Dark Expanse, being connected in some way with that world as well. These were the conclusions that the Grandmasters arrived at anyways.


One particular Grandmaster grit his teeth as he gave out a command.

“Head back to report the findings. I’ll scour the surrounding areas to see if I find anything…”

Thus, a wild goose chase that would give nothing began, while Noah’s clone was already in a completely different quadrant of the Light Expanse near his homeworld, numerous connected worlds veiled in different areas all around this quadrant.

His clone had already disappeared from the inner layer of the Underworld as he reappeared inside the Spiritual World that he had anch.o.r.ed in a nondescript location of the Celestial Realm as small as a grain of sand before he jumped to save everyone from the single palm of the founder.

He appeared in the Time s.p.a.ce as he did not even go communicate with his forces that had come close to death under the hands of one of the most powerful beings in the Novus Galaxy and were currently sitting with troubled expressions.

He wanted a moment of silence and contemplation as his main body was itself surrounded by numerous Celestials, his clone being the only one that truly felt free right now.

He appeared in the skies of the time s.p.a.ce as he floated and closed his eyes, just wanting to get a momentary time to think!

Things seemed to always be happening so fast, but he breathed out slowly while looking at the results of recent events. All around him, numerous lines of fate and chaos particles swirled towards him in great abundance, as he had just created an enormous amount of chaos and changed the fates of billions from utter destruction in the Underworld.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/infinite-mana-in-the-apocalypse_16709186806051905/missed-by-a-second!_50823634188562895 for visiting.

He had partic.i.p.ated in the tournament that was so extravagantly interrupted, the results now giving the treasure that could push someone’s rank to the World Realm to two beings.

The last command from the founder was to take the last 4 Geniuses- Him, Athena, Light, and the Three-Eyed Fate Child- deeper into the Celestial Realm to be forged into the sharpest weapons!

He would soon enjoy this treasure that would push him up an entire realm as his thoughts then moved to the consequences of the Founder appearing, the remaining forces of the Dark Expanse in the Celestial Realm, as well as the War that had just begun…


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