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Chapter 1226 – A Bold Challenge! II

“You’ve made your moves, and now I have to make mine as well.”

The voice of Halcyon returned Noah from his fantasies of loot as he nodded, looking at her figure that was beginning to be wrapped in a spatial light.

“You have my mental signature, contact me whenever you wish. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”

She came to him abruptly and was leaving just as abruptly!

“What exactly will you be doing?” Noah asked the fading girl curiously as her dazzling smile returned with a reply.

“I’ll take the spot light off of you and muddy the waters just a little. I will not be as impa.s.sive as Aegon and watch as everything crumbles before it is too late.”


With sharp ones, her figure disappeared as Noah remained in the unique realm for a few more seconds before he was gone as well.

He had to prepare, and he had to test the Nomological Edict of Cessation to see if he could mask its utilization with his Dao of Subterfuge!

In a serene environment full of a unique verdant green essence that actually caused the essences of the Primordial and Ruination Daos to turn mild, a unique figure was once more at the center of this essence with her starkly naked figure laid bare for n.o.body to see!

Her hair was an even deeper shade of green as it flowed down to her shoulders beautifully, her closed eyes that were meditating on a profound truth opening a second later as the dense verdant essence that even caused Ruination and the Primordial Daos to turn docile receded into her body silently.

She looked over to a certain area of this unique Realm she was in as she felt spatial waves of essence emanate from there, indicating a being was about to teleport in!

The ident.i.ty of anyone capable of teleporting into this area was extremely unique, with the number of beings even allowed to do so being counted on a single hand! The stark naked being adopted a smile on her face as she saw the materialization of golden hair and eyes that carried with them an immense weight, her voice ringing out happily.

“Little Halcyon, you haven’t visited me for quite some time…”

Her voice was even more mature and sonorous than Halcyon herself, this being floating towards the Halcyon’s position as she used her hands to lift her chin and turn her head side to side as if she was giving a health check-up.

Halcyon endured this treatment with raised eyes as she spoke out lightly.

“Aunty Springforge, why don’t you get dressed first?”

She batted an eye towards the blessed figure of this Family Head that was rivaling her own as the naked woman in question only laughed, pulling Halcyon into a hug as she continued to speak.

“What brings you over? Tell me it’s not something serious that requi-“

“You have to start your attack against the House of Stormdust.”


Before the woman termed Springforge could speak any further, Halcyon’s calm voice resounded out and turned the entire atmosphere cold, the bodies of the two women separating as Springforge looked at Halcyon with a serene gaze!

She seemed to be weighing a great deal of things as a second later, she waved her hands to cause the appearance of a Primal Crystal that swallowed her essence and played an illusory scene of a Writ of Challenge in the s.p.a.ce above them.

The Writ of Challenge was the one that Noah had just issued against a cl.u.s.ter of Cosmos under the control of multiple Daolords from the House of Stormdust!

“Does it have to do with this? Have you finally found the one you’ve been looking for this whole time? The being who will magically solve problems that took root for millions of years with his mere presence?”


Her eyes held a teasing tone towards the end as Springforge showed her own thoughts on such an idea, staring closely at Halcyon’s calm figure that couldn’t be ruffled by anything!

“Aunty Springforge, who was the one to tell you of the unique mixture of laws and daos you were using in the future and help you towards the completion of your Edict?”


The calm but sharp words left Halcyon’s mouth as the teasing expression on the fair Springforge faded, her face showing an expression not befitting a powerful being of her stature as she spoke in a playfully defeated manner.


“Yes, me. So you know that what I saw is not a joke. If I say now is the time to move, then we have to move. It is Reality on the line here!”

As if she was admonis.h.i.+ng someone younger than her, Halcyon’s voice rose a pitch higher as her golden hair waved gloriously, locking her gaze on this genuine Family Head that had an unknown number of thousands of Universes within her Origin!

This was the being she had gone to before Noah when she was very young, the being she had confided in as the weight she carried was much too heavy for just her alone.

Yet among those she could confide in…there were very few!

It wasn’t the most powerful existence that oversaw the Primordial Empire, nor was it her own Mother that was the Family Head of the House of Havenbreaker.

It was an existence that took the lead of another faction- it was Springforge! The existence that had not burnt even a single one of her Daos as her fair skin was spotless even now, and yet she held power that most Daolords couldn’t even hope to achieve as in exchange for leaving behind Runic Dao Lines, she found something even grander.

Halcyon’s sharp words shook Springforge out of her reverie as her verdant eyes locked onto the opposing golden eyes while her body began to release terrifying waves of power.

“Little Halcyon…you start talking to your so called Chosen One just for a bit and you’re already talking to me this way? Commanding the Head of a Family?”


Waves of incandescent green essence emanated from her and wrapped around Halcyon’s body, incapacitating any movements from this powerful Foremother that had already glimpsed Edicts as Springforge tapped her hands and controlled her body forward!

She took the golden hair on Halcyon’s head into her hands as she played with it while still exerting essence effortlessly, her sonorous voice continuing to ring out.

“If he wins against the party of Daolords he’s set himself up against, I’ll make a move. It’ll mean Stormdust loses 10 Cosmos…and I’ll mobilize my Daolords to throw a Writ of Challenge against 20 or 30 more of his Cosmos.”



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