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“And this is a Sapient’s tower. Beats the old man’s cage.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

To Finn’s dismay one of the largest spheres clicked open and a stranger stepped out, followed by Gildas.

He wondered how much they had overheard, and how there could be steps inside the sphere leading down, but before he was sure about that, it clicked shut and was just a glimmer among the hundreds of others.

Gildas wore a Sapient’s robe of iridescent greens. His sharp face was washed, his white beard trimmed. He looked different, Finn thought.

Some of the hunger had gone; when he spoke his voice was not querulous but had a new gravity.

“This is Blaize,” he said. And then, softly, “Blaize Sapiens.”

The tall man bowed his head slightly. “Welcome to my Chamber of Worlds.”

They stared at him. Without the breathing mask, his face was remarkable, mottled with sores and spots and acid b.u.ms, his thin straggle of hair tied back in a greasy ribbon. Under the Sapient’s coat he wore ancient knee breeches stained with chemicals, and a ruffled shirt that perhaps had once been white.

For a moment no one spoke.

Then, to Finn’s surprise it was Attia who said, “We have to thank you, Master, for saving us. We would have died.”

“Ah … well. Yes.”

He looked at her, his smile lopsided and awkward.

“That is indeed true. I thought I had better come down.”

“Why?” Keiro’s voice was cool.

The Sapient turned. “I don’t quite understand …?”

“Why bother? To save us? Do we have something you need?”

Gildas frowned.

“This is Keiro, Master. The one with no manners.”

Keiro snorted. “Don’t tell me he doesn’t know about the Key.”

He bit the apple, a loud crunch in the silence.

Blaize turned to Finn. “And you must be the Sta.r.s.eer.”

His eyes looked at Finn with unnerving scrutiny.

“My colleague tells me Sapphique sent this Key to you, and that it will lead you Outside. That you believe you came from Outside.”

“I did.”

“You remember?”

“No. I just… believe.”

For a moment the man gazed at him, one thin hand absently scratching a sore on his cheek.

Then he said, “Regretfully, I have to tell you that you are mistaken.”

Gildas turned in astonishment; Attia stared.

Annoyed, Finn said, “What do you mean?”

“I mean you didn’t come from Outside. No one has ever come from Outside. Because, you see, there is no Outside.”

For a moment the silence in the room was appalled, full of disbelief.

Then Keiro laughed softly and threw the apple core on the stone slabs of the floor. He came over, took out the Key, and slapped it down next to the gla.s.s sphere. “All right, Wise One. If there’s no Outside, what’s this for?”

Blaize reached out and picked it up. He turned it carelessly and calmly.

“Ah yes. I have heard of such devices. Perhaps the original Sapienti invented them. There is a legend that Lord Calliston made one in secret and died before he could try it. It renders the user invisible to the Eyes, and no doubt has other abilities. But it cannot let you out.”

Gently he placed the crystal on the table. Gildas glared at him.

“Brother, this is folly! We all know Sapphique himself-“


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