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Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 160: Sonorant and Dragon Knight Transfer

For an instant, I blanked out on what I should do. Their numbers were too much that it covered the whole map.

「Confirm, how many Fureizu bodies are there?」

『……13169 bodies』

A hundred-times more than just now? What should I do? If it is just about defeating them, it might be possible although it would take time. But while doing it like this, more and more of the people of Yuuron will most likely be killed. If I say I am unrelated to it, I am unrelated but……

「Wh…..to do….!」

「Ah, isn’t that Touya? It’s exactly as I’ve thought」

When I turned around to the familiar voice that called out to me, a boy with a white hair was standing there.


「I’ve become slightly interested since a lot of 「Sound」 from the Fureizu have disappeared. But I see that Touya has defeated them」

Wearing a broad ‘Nikoniko’ smile and the usual apparel of a black jacket, pants, and a white m.u.f.fler, he walks towards here. He is also looking at the white knight, s.h.i.+ning Count, behind me with curious eyes.

「This is amazing. Did Touya create them? Can’t you let me ride it for a little?」

「Ah, no, It wasn’t me who created them but…. Rather than that! Why did so many Fureizu appear like this!? Do you know something!?」

「I know it all….. Touya also knows, don’t you? The barrier has been ripped」

Barrier. The one which separates this world from the others. Are you saying that it was ripped and all of those Fureizu poured down……?

「Are you saying the barrier is already useless?」

「I don’t mean it like that. This time, it was accidental if I am to say it. By chance, I think it is like Fureizu started falling straight down at the place where the barrier was loose. It is not like the barrier was completely torn apart.」

Then does that mean if I manage somehow to fight against the ones that came here, I can have a piece of mind for a time being? It is dubious if I can somehow manage it but….. However, I have no choice but to do it.

「Is there a way to immediately defeat those guys?」

「Umm, isn’t it impossible to beat them all at once? It might be possible to somehow attract their attention though」


「It will be fine if you let them hear [King’s Voice]」

[The King Voice]? Do you mean Fureizu [King] that those guys have been searching for?

「Fureizu [Core] produce a small [Sound]. Each has a peculiarly different sound wave, and the [King] core is not an exception. However, that [King] core slipped inside an intelligent life form in this world. Its sound is skillfully hidden by the heartbeat of the host. Then, what would happen if we emit this [Sound]?」

「Every Fureizu will come here…..」

「That’s correct」

Can I lead all of Fureizu here with that fake [King] sound?

If doing that is possible, then I can lead all Fureizu towards here. The problem would be our capability to fight against more than 10,000 of them though……

Luckily, those guys appeared to be moving towards the villages and towns, in other words, towards the places where humans like near to scattered. We will not fight 10,000 Fureizu at the same time since those guys will come here in a scattered manner. Of course, the enemy will steadily increase If we have trouble defeating them rapidly though……

「……. Can you really do that?」

「I can do it since I have something that sealed the sonorant of the [King]. This is where that [Sound] is sealed in」

‘Pitsu’, End took a slender thin gla.s.s object with his index and middle fingers. It was something like a slide used in science experiments.

「This is from my personal warehouse that I use to store and preserve things. It is convenient for preserving things starting from the large objects to useful stuff like [Sound]. If I use this, the sonorant of the [King] will reverberate. Fureizu will then perceive it and aim this way」

Did you have something like that? No wonder he is always so nimble. But rather…… who really is this guy? He can’t be called the friend of Fureizu, but…..

I stretch my hand towards the slide, but he pulls it back. Huh? Are you not giving it to me?

「However, I am not doing that」

End told me that while grinning broadly. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d……

「What do you want?」

「I want that as well」

He points at Frame Gear while saying that. Eeh~. Ugugu. What should I do? His eyes are sparkling. Are you a kid?

(TL: like you can say that^^)

「…… You will not use it for strange stuff, right?」

「I will not I will not. Have some confidence in me」

It’s impossible for him to attack us due to the emergency shutdown installed inside Frame Gear. I don’t really understand it, but End seems to be hostile against Fureizu personally. I can’t say he completely on our side, but I don’t think he will become an enemy. However, is it a good thing for me to hand over Frame Gear?

The thing is, he will not hand that slide that contains the [King] sound if I don’t give it to him. That’s not a situation I’ve considered in the first place. I can’t overcome this predicament if I don’t use whatever means I can use, but I should put a nail just in case.

「I will be troubled if it gets stolen by some thief, given to somebody or sold to some country somewhere」

「I will not sell it, I will not give it, I will not let it be stolen. I promise I will make it my favorite machine. I beg you, Touya~a. Ah, then how about I exterminate Fureizu around here?」

What is this? He is talking as if the Frame Gear will be easy to control. However, I feel like this guy can easily do it….. This guy is out of the ordinary in different ways. d.a.m.n, this genius.

Is it because I’ve met him several times? I don’t think he is a bad guy though. But it’s just my intuition. If only Yumina was here.

Honestly speaking, I will also be saved if I can gain time with him defeating Fureizu.

I open 「Gate」and summon the dragon knight with a red-colored body, Dragoon, from the Babylon 「Hangar」.

「It is Frame Gear of high mobility type, the red knight “Dragoon”」

「Wow~ it is red! Not bad」

(ED: Is it me or is the author completing the power rangers?)

This unit is a high mobility frame that’s hard to ride. Either way, it’s a secret that I pushed it onto this b.a.s.t.a.r.d on this occasion since no one besides me can pilot it.

End throws me slide with a lazy gesture and immediately climbs the dragon knight. The hatch opens and he gets inside.

End easily started up the frame, and dragon knight started to walk quickly. He began to run after walking for a little while he raised and lowered the arms. But before long, he lowered the heel wheels and showed excellent movements in high mobility mode.

OiOi, isn’t he even a lot better than me?

「This is easy to move. I like it」

「……That, I am glad for you」

I had no choice by to reply to End, who came down from the hatch, with a stiff smile.

「Doesn’t this guy have any weapons?」

「Ah~…… right. I didn’t prepare it」

Because the dragon knight doesn’t have much power, it can’t handle a super-heavy weapon. Didn’t I intend to make a weapon for this frame from the fragments of the Fureizu sooner or later?

This is just nice. There’s a huge mountain of materials here. Let’s make it then.

I’ve made two kodachi from a crumpled Fureizu edged arm using 「Modeling」. I also made sheaths for those while I’m at it and installed them at the back of the dragon knight.

「Alright. I am going to exterminate Fureizu as promised」

「Just wait! Go after you teach me how to use this!」

I hold the slide I have received towards End who was climbing the dragon knight.

「The sound will reverberate once you break that. By the way, it’s impossible to copy that sound with machine or magic, so its usage is one-time only」

Really? I have thought of recording it on my smartphone to re-use it. But it won’t be that convenient, will it?

And while I was thinking that, End takes another two slides and throws them at me.

「I will give you another two of the same. You will probably be able to scatter them if you use those at the same time in different places」

End continues to board the Dragon Knight as he is, and leaves by using the high mobility mode as if sliding. That fellow seems to be able to clean up Fureizu fairly well even by himself. Though if possible, I want you to defeat all of them.

It feels strong because it is a red unit. I will laugh if he comes with a mask next time though.

Oh, I can’t be doing that. I need to hurry without thinking of stupid things. There are many things to be done.

========================Scene Change====================

I return to the castle for now and explain to everyone what is happening in Yuuron right now, about the existence of the Fureizu, about the world barrier, and the reason why I have made the Frame Gear……

「How do I say this….. the talk became too big」

Yamagata-ossan breaths out after hearing my explanation. Baba-jiisan who is next to him also folded his arms and frowns.

「You may not believe me however……」

「No, it is probably the truth. The apparitions from another world; if things stay like this, the same tragedy as the downfall of ancient kingdom will be repeated」

Is it because Kousaka-san saw the rising smoke from Yuuron while on he was on top of the rampart, he easily believed it.

「Let’s put that matter aside for now. The first thing to do is how to deal with the ma.s.sacre going in Yuuron even now. Your Majesty, you wish to rescue the citizens of Yuuron, right?」

「If that’s possible…… We are the only ones who have the means to oppose the Fureizu after all…….」

「I am against it」

Kousaka-san explicitly declared it. That is the same as telling the citizens of Yuuron to die. They probably don’t have the means to go against Fureizu. There may be hope for some military gains if magic and wisdom are made use of. However, I can’t think they could possibly win against a horde that big.

「I will fight if my own country is attacked. However, is it really necessary to go out there and even risk one’s life if the nation is not friendly, more so if it’s hostile?」

「But with the way things are going, the causalities won’t stop at Yuuron and will spread to the other countries as well, you know? It is no longer a situation where we have to worry about the att.i.tude of some countries whatsoever. And right now people are being attacked one by one. Are you saying that we should do nothing even though we have the power to save them?」

「I think it is wonderful that His Majesty has a gentle heart. However…..」

「Look here, Kousaka…」

Baba-jiisan who remained silent up until now opened his mouth towards Kousaka-san who persisted on doing nothing.

「We are the ones who know the most what kind of guy our King is. Therefore, didn’t he help Takeda who was merely an enemy back then?」

「…………..The situation is different from that time. As a person burdened with a whole country……..」

「You are mistaken about that. He isn’t burdened with a country. I boarded the back of this guy at my own convenience. I can’t complain even if he shakes me off. If I hate it, then I should only get down. In addition to that, didn’t we come to this country knowing this?」


Kousaka-san gives in while breathing out heavily. Say that, or rather, he was probably just anxious though.

「Considering the thing you wish for, I, however, think it’s undesirable for only our country to act. Tell the circ.u.mstances to the rulers of the western alliance as well. It’s also better to declare that our nation will intervene due to this incident」

It’s definitely better to speak about these circ.u.mstances. It might not become someone else’s problem after this. I am not looking to forcibly ask for cooperation, but it’s not useless to confirm the enemies that may attack one’s own country in the future.

I’m racing against time. I always welcome them after sending them letters, but let’s go directly to the royal palace this time. I must hurry.


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