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Chapter 13: Summoning and Healing Magic

#13 Summoning and Healing Magic

And so three days had pa.s.sed since our first departure and we pa.s.sed through several towns.

It seems we’ve crossed half the distance after looking at the map and it feels like the number of people coming and going has increased too.

As for me, I continued the standoff with the magic book and learned two new spells during the journey. One spell was to change the coefficient of friction to 0 for an extremely short time and the other for extended senses over a wide range.

The good thing about this magic is that I’ll know any events happening 1 km ahead of us if I concentrate my consciousness.

This is convenient to learn because you can investigate the surroundings by observing and listening before jumping into dangerous situations, but I’ve been warned by the female party to absolutely not use it for voyeurism. Look here……

For an experiment right now, I confirm the situation 1km ahead of us with the magic [Long sense] but…….Oh?

Is this……the smell of blood? I turn my line of sight towards the side that smells of blood. My vision jumps onto a luxurious high cla.s.s carriage with men wearing armor who seems to be soldiers and many lizard men wearing leather armor surrounding it. I can only see the figure of a single man wearing a black robe among them.

The majority of the soldiers had fallen and the remaining ones that are trying to protect the carriage are using curved blades to cross swords with the spear wielding lizard men.

[Yae! There are people being attacked by monsters ahead! Full speed!]

[ッ(short pause)…! Acknowledged!]

Our speed increased when Yae in the driver’s seat whips the horse. Meanwhile, I keep my vision still connected to keep a grasp on the situation. The lizard men keep defeating the soldiers one by one and there seemed to be an injured elderly person and a child inside the carriage. Not good, can we make it in time…! ?

……I see it!

[Flame come forth, Whirling spiral, Fire storm]

Lindsey chanted the fire spell in the wagon. A tornado of flames flares up in the center of the lizard men dozens of meters away.

Taking advantage of that, Elsie will jump from the wagon first, followed by, me and Yae, we jumped off the wagon and ran in front of the lizard men. We left the horse’s reins to Lindsey.


A lone lizard man ran towards us after we jumped off the wagon. I concentrate magical power to use the magic I just learnt and activate it.


The lizard man’s feet’s frictional properties became 0, with a great force, not even scene in skits, the leg was raised high and fell down spectacularly.


While delivering the finis.h.i.+ng blow to lizard man A who fell down, lizard man B leapt towards me and I give him a sideways swipe.

On the other side, Elsie blocks lizard man C’s blade and using that opening, Yae moves to his flank and cut him using her sword. Nice combo.

And while I was looking away, a spear made of ice flew before my eyes and pierced lizard man D through the chest, who was approaching me from my blind spot.

We defeated the lizard men one by one just like that in high spirits.

Even so, there sure are a lot of enemies…. I thought we’d be able to defeat them quickly…. Although a lizard man isn’t strong on its own, but when their numbers are like this…….

[Darkness, come forth. I seek a lizard warrior, lizard man]

When the man in the black robe midst of the lizardmen muttered those words, several lizardmen crawled out from the shadow under his feet.

[Touya-san, it’s summoning magic desu! That robed man is calling the lizardmen!]

Shouted Lindsey. Summoning… dark attribute magic huh? That explains why the numbers aren’t decreasing at all. As long as the magic doesn’t run out, they can be called indefinitely, how troublesome. Alright.



Sute-n! and the black robed man falls over like a brick. He tried to stand up immediately, but with a zubesha!, falls down again.


[Prepare yourself]

Yae jumped in at a great speed and the man’s head flies away. Uwaa…that’s a little gross….and just like that, the man’s head fell onto the ground and rolled.

Before long, because their summoner died?, the remaining lizard men disappeared entirely. They were probably returned to their original place.

[I guess this is the end…. Is everyone alright?]

[I’m fine, it’s nothing]

[I, I’m okay too desu]

[Similarly, I too]

Although we were safe, the ones who were attacked took extensive damage. One of the soldiers who were dragging his foot called out to me.

[Sorry, you saved us….]

[Nay, what’s the damage?]

[Out of the 10 guards we had, they got seven of them…d.a.m.n it, if only I noticed a little sooner…!]

The soldier’s clenched fist trembles in regret. If we had come a little more quickly, we’ve crossed that feeling before… but I think it’s already too late now.

[Someone! Is someone there?! Jii is…..Jii is!] (TLN: Jii means old man, which is mostly used for old butlers or servants or just an old man “Jii-san”)

We all turned our heads simultaneously when the sudden cry of a young girl resounded. The door of the carriage opened and a young girl who was about 10 years old with blonde hair shouted while crying.

Other than the young girl clad in white clothes, there’s an old man with white hair in black formal clothing who was lying down when I rushed over to the carriage. He was bleeding from the chest and panting painfully.

[Please help Jii! His chest…there’s an arrow that pierced his chest…!]

The young girl pleaded with her face becoming drenched in tears. This old man must be a very important person to her. The soldiers lowered the old man from the carriage onto the gra.s.s.

[Lindsey! Healing magic!]

[……I, I can’t desu. The arrow broke and penetrated deep into the body when he fell down. Under such conditions, a foreign object will remain in his body even if we used healing magic. Moreover, with an injury this much…even with my healing magic…]

Lindsey gave muttered apologetically. The face of the young girl who heard this was gradually stained with despair. She clasped the old man’s hands with trembling hands and tears overflow one after another.



[This is farewell…de gozai masu….The days I spent with ojou-sama…in my eyes…are far more valuable than anything…gofuu!!]

[Jii! That’s enough…!]

kuu…isn’t there anything I can do? I haven’t tried great healing magic, but i’ve read it in the book. I know the incantation. Perhaps, it might be possible…I think. Sink or swim, shall I try it?

But, if I risk the magic with the arrow still in the body, I don’t know what kind of side-effect with appear. I fear that it might also stick into the heart….

……If only we could take out the stuck arrow…. that’s it!

[Please move away for moment!]

The soldiers move aside and I get on my knees beside the old man. I pulled a different arrow out of the side of the carriage and memorized the shape of the arrowhead. I concentrated strongly on the image.


In the next moment, the broken, blood-stained, arrowhead is now clutched in my hand.

[I see! So you pulled the arrowhead from his body!]

Elsie screams looking at my hand. But it’s still not enough; this is not the end yet.

[Light, come forth, become a gentle solace, ‘Cure Heal’]

I muttered, the wound on the old man’s chest slowly begin to close. It was as if watching a video tape rewind. Then the wound on his chest disappeared completely.

[……Oya? The pain is, fading……? How did this happen……healed….I’m healed, there’s no pain]

The old man gets up as if from a miracle and the young girl energetically gives him an embrace. The old man makes a troubled face as the young girl continues to cling, sobbing. I sit on the ground with a sigh of relief while seeing that.


I’m glad it went really well.


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