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Chapter 439: Big Bang In The Swamp

Jun Mohuang aimed at the middle of the swamp and fired. She immediately lowered her head and pressed it against the ground.

Less than a second after the gunshot, a deafening explosion echoed in the swamp.

Countless flames surged as an extremely dazzling fireball exploded in the middle of the swamp.

A huge amount of black mud was blown up and fell from all directions.

In the middle of the explosion, the a.s.sa.s.sin and the four-winged Cloud Sparrow screamed and were sent to the sh.o.r.e by the blast.

Leaning on the sh.o.r.e, Jun Mohuang could clearly feel the strong vibration caused by the explosion.

After the explosion, the shockwave quickly spread from the middle of the swamp like a sharp blade. Countless bushes, branches, and the surrounding huge trees were all cut.

Even with the protection of the barrier on her head and the spiritual crystal dress on her body, Jun Mohuang was still dizzy from the shockwave.

After the shock wave pa.s.sed, Jun Mohuang took a bottle of medicine and rubbed her temples. She looked at the damage she caused.

There was not much mud left in the swamp.

As the center of the explosion, the mud in the middle of the swamp was gone, and a deep pit was blasted out.

The 89th a.s.sa.s.sin fell not far away pathetically, his lips covered in blood. It seemed that he had suffered serious internal injuries.

The fact that the explosion did not kill him showed how strong the physique of a Spirit Casting expert was. However, his four-winged Flower Cloud Sparrow was not so lucky.

It laid beside the a.s.sa.s.sin and its stomach was blown open. Its eyes were wide open and it was dead.

Very good, this person was injured and couldn’t send the spiritual energy blade recklessly like before.

Now that his flying beast was dead and his mobility was restricted, she could move much more easily.

Jun Mohuang wiped the mud off her face and a look of pity flashed in her black jewel-like eyes.

Unfortunately, although this person was injured, she was still not his opponent now.

Jun Mohuang could only choose to teleport away immediately and continue looking for other tricks.

The principle of this explosion was simple. A large amount of methane would form in the swamp.

The terrain here was a col. The concentrated methane in the air reached the point of explosion.

As long as there was a misfire, a huge explosion was inevitable.

Previously, when Jun Mohuang smelled the rotten egg smell of the swamp gas, she guessed that the concentration of the swamp gas in this move must have reached the level of being able to explode. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have dispersed so far.

At that time, this plan formed in her mind.

However, she did not expect this swamp to be so perfect in all aspects. The Heavens were really on her side.

Hence, she directly lured the a.s.sa.s.sin to the center of the swamp with the highest concentration of swamp gas, and then teleported to the sh.o.r.e to cause such a huge explosion.

The 89th a.s.sa.s.sin, who was lying on the sh.o.r.e with injuries, finally had a crack on his calm face after seeing Jun Mohuang leave.

When the explosion happened, he was unlucky and in the middle of the explosion. The impact was huge.

He couldn’t figure out why the swamp would suddenly explode.

But he was 100% sure that Jun Mohuang was behind all of this.

The 89th a.s.sa.s.sin clenched his fists. Although he was the last-ranked killer in Heaven Extermination Tower, he had never suffered such humiliation!

He disregarded his injuries and released a spiritual energy blade towards her back.


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