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Chapter 115: Alive

They surrounded the entrance with their guards.

“Yes, you must compensate me!”

“There are a total of 15 families involved in today’s matter. You must split the 4,000 Spirit Stones you won from the day equally among us as compensation!”

“After handing over the Spirit Stones, follow us to the Su Family and kneel down to apologize to the Su Family Head. We won’t pursue this matter anymore!”

Everyone agreed with the proposal.

After they obtained the Spirit Stones, they would hand them over to the Su Family immediately and forced Jun Mohuang to apologize to the Su Family.

Perhaps if Su Hu was in a better mood, he wouldn’t halve the number of Advancement Pills they would receive.

The Advancement Pills were extremely important to these families. It was the key to cultivating the younger generation of the family.

Now that half of their numbers had been cut, they would definitely be severely punished by their Head when they returned.

Hence, no matter what, they had to get back as much as they could.

“What if I refuse?”

Jun Mohuang laughed at the chameleons.

When they needed her, they worshipped her like she was their respectable ancestor.

Now that she was useless to these people, they wanted to rob her of her Spirit Stones and make her kneel down and apologize.

But there was no such thing as a free lunch!

She admitted that she deliberately didn’t reveal the Su Family’s ident.i.ty. These families wanted to rope her in, so it was only right that they showed some sincerity.

If they weren’t here to make trouble now, they could indeed work together.

Unfortunately, these people were all fence sitters.

“Jun Mohuang, if you’re still unrepentant, we’ll personally kidnap you to the Su Family and make you kneel down in apology!”

These people looked fierce and wouldn’t stop until she went to the Su Family to apologize.

“Everyone, this isn’t a good idea. The fault lies with us. We were the ones who asked Miss Jun for a favor first and came here to court her.”

Just as both sides were about to fight, Wu Qianyong, who was following behind the crowd, said weakly.

“Miss Jun did say that the people we were chasing have a special ident.i.ty and didn’t want us to go after them. You can’t blame her if anything happens.”

Jun Mohuang glanced at him in surprise. Finally, someone spoke up.

“Wu Qianyong, you coward. Shut up!”

The others looked at him resentfully. The Wu Family had also lost half of their Advancement Pills.

They were actively trying to remedy the situation but this kid was dragging them down!

“Jun Mohuang, if you obediently follow us to the Su household tomorrow, everything will be fine. But if you continue to put up a stubborn resistance, don’t blame us for being ruthless!”

“Then, let’s do it. But let me remind you first, I can refine a better pill than the Advancement Pill. Don’t regret it in the future.”

Jun Mohuang smiled coldly and took a step back, gesturing for Chi Chi and Zi Zi to attack.

“Humph, overestimating yourself.”

Someone snorted in disdain.

There were a total of 300 to 400 guards from the 15 clans, and all of them were from the third to the sixth ranks.

Even three Tier 9 experts combined would find it difficult to win against several hundred people.

As for saying that she could refine a better pill than the Advancement Pill, that was even more of a joke.

Everyone knew that the Jun Family’s Gold-Swallowing Fire couldn’t be used for refining medicine.

“Don’t kill or disable them. I want them alive.”

After giving her instructions, Jun Mohuang retreated another 20 meters to avoid being affected by the battle.

She found a corner and took out the vessel that was transformed from the Gold-Swallowing treasure book. She then summoned the Gold-Swallowing Fire and began refining.


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