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Chapter 316: D*mn! How Scandalous!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As Li Sinuo took a look at the photo, Yang Lu couldn’t help but lean over curiously and also take a look at the photo.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! D*mn! How scandalous! This…this was photographed out on the street, d*mn!”

As she said this, Yang Lu glanced at Li Sinuo, with a look full of disgust and contempt.

“Li Sinuo, I really had no idea that you were such a two-faced b*tch!”

Pointing to the most s.e.xually explicit photo of Li Sinuo, Yang Lu sneered. People had been rolling their eyes at her and Yun Xi during this entire week, but now they were finally going to get their sweet revenge.

“Tsk tsk, out on the street in broad daylight without a care about other people… When you look at this picture, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Li Sinuo’s eyes had gotten extremely wide when she’d seen this photo, and she had rushed to try and grab it.

Yang Lu backed away as she lunged for the photo, and, unprepared, Li Sinuo had fallen onto a large stack of books. Then she raised her head in embarra.s.sment.

Like a poisoned knife, her eyes glared at Yun Xi coldly.

Yang Lu took out the photo and stuck it on Li Sinuo’s face. “What are you so anxious about? I will give you the photo if you want it so badly. Take it home and slowly enjoy it.”

Li Sinuo grabbed the photo, took a closer look at it, gritted her teeth, and proceeded to deny that it was her in the photo.

“It’s only a side profile, so why are you so sure that it’s me? You can’t even tell who is in the picture, and you want to frame me with it?”

“Who said there’s only one photo?” Yang Lu spread out the other photos in her hand like a fan and placed them on the table one by one.

“That one might not be able to be seen clearly, but you can see from this one because it’s a frontal shot. The clothes, pants, and shoes are all the same in both photos, and this one, this one…”

Li Sinuo looked at the photos on the table, and her pale face got more and more anxious and panicky.

“Li Sinuo, isn’t that person you? Tsk tsk, you’ve done so many shady things in your private life, that if our homeroom teacher finds out, I wonder what the consequences for you will be? Despite being so shameless, you have dared to slander Yun Xi. You are so outrageous!”

As she grew fl.u.s.tered, Yang Lu seized the opportunity to strengthen the blows.

“You slandered Yun Xi so viciously and tried to ruin her reputation, so don’t you think we should retaliate by posting these photos on the bulletin board downstairs?”

“No! It wasn’t me who slandered Yun Xi!”

With a panicked expression, Li Sinuo rushed forward to grab the photos. Yang Lu couldn’t dodge her fast enough, and she got scratched on the back of her hand.

“Li Sinuo, you’ve gone mad!”

Yang Lu took a step back to hide behind Yun Xi and looked at her scratched hand with fury.

“I’m telling you, if these photos are taken to our homeroom teacher and the princ.i.p.al, you won’t even be able to graduate this year. Liang Xinyi has had to drop out of school, and you will be next.”

“Even if there are these photos, what can you do if I don’t admit it no matter what?”

Unwilling to reconcile with them or make any sort of compromise, Li Sinuo glared at Yun Xi angrily. It was her final struggle.

Yun Xi sneered at her. “Li Sinuo, do you think these photos are all I have against you?”

In the doc.u.ment bag that Qi Yuan had given her, there were a bunch of photos. She had simply brought a few of the most scandalous ones.

“What…what do you mean? Yun Xi, you wretched b*tch, do you want to ruin me?”

She’d gotten held back a year, and now she finally had hopes of being admitted to a prestigious university. If she got expelled from school like this, her life would be ruined.

Thinking of all the various consequences, Li Sinuo became frightened and started trembling.

“I have everything: the hospital records of your entry and exit, photos of you with this man during the past two years, and records of your rental address. I have them all. What do you think I mean to do with them all?”

“No…impossible! I don’t believe it! Don’t think that you can threaten me like this!”

Li Sinuo’s eyes looked like they were going to jump out of her face, and her knuckles holding her bag grew white. It was taking all her strength to restrain herself.

She’d been confident that she had been extremely discreet, and even though she’d rented a property, she’d done so far away to avoid b.u.mping into any acquaintances.

She’d even tried to hide it from her parents as much as possible.

“You know in your heart when these photos were taken. At that time, you probably hadn’t even spread any rumors about me yet? Oh, you probably hadn’t even transferred to this school yet. Since I was able to get photos from so long ago, do you really think that I can’t find out what you did last year?”

“You…” Li Sinuo gritted her teeth. At this moment, all she really wanted to do was to lunge forward to strangle Yun Xi, that wretched b*tch!


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