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Chapter 778: Gathering In The Spiritual Realm

In the Beast King Sect, puffy white clouds drifted in the blue sky while rays of sunlight shone through the gaps between the clouds to gift the Earth and every living being with the Sun’s energy.

Far away, an unusual whistle could be heard. It was not loud but when it was transmitted from a certain height, it was extremely fast.

Ou Yangming suddenly stood up at the peak. As he looked into the distance, he was anxious, nervous, overjoyed, and eager at the same time. Ever since the young fellow entered the Spiritual Realm, he had had interesting encounters, and he had met roughly 10 Venerable Ones within a year.

It was worth noting that Venerable Ones were powerhouses at the tip of the pyramid in the Spiritual Realm, and many people might not even get to meet one in their lives.

Even so, Ou Yangming was never at a loss like he was at the moment.

Somewhere behind him, 3 Venerable Ones looked at each other. While feeling funny, they began to attach more importance to the people that were coming.

Ou Yangming had been ill at ease ever since Mount Wuzhi informed 3 days ago that Tiandao the Venerable One would escort Old Craftsman and the 3 other people from the lower realm to the Beast King Sect.

Nonetheless, the way Ou Yangming acted made Yuqi the Venerable One and the rest feel that he was a human that truly valued family love. If the young fellow could remain calm and wise as usual at this time, the others would be alert.

When Ou Yangming and the others heard the sound in the distance, they knew Mount Wuzhi’s flying carpet had appeared in the sky and was flying in their direction.

Ou Yangming was fervent at the thought of meeting Old Craftsman and the others soon.

“Woof…” Big Yellow leaped next to Ou Yangming and stuck out its tongue happily.

On the other hand, Multi-armed King Kong, the goshawk, and the others waited a distance away. They did not approach the young fellow and the big yellow dog to join in the fun because they were not very close to Old Craftsman and the ladies.

“They’re here!”

Before long, a giant colorful cloud appeared in the sky. It was Mount Wuzhi’s supreme flying carpet. Wherever this flying carpet went in Danzhou, any powerhouse would show some respect.

Ou Yangming moved and was about to retrieve his flying carpet to meet the people in the sky when the old macaque told him softly, “Master Ou, don’t be in such a hurry.” It paused for a moment and added obscurely, “I believe that Old Craftsman His Excellency wouldn’t want to see a reckless smithing master.”

The young fellow was slightly stunned. He immediately thought about how Old Craftsman had been expecting him earnestly.

In actuality, after going through so much, Ou Yangming’s character had changed drastically. Nevertheless, no matter how he had become, Old Craftsman had always been the most important person to him. Besides, Ni Yinghong was also on the flying carpet. Apart from them, there were 2 other beautiful ladies, whose names were inconvenient to be mentioned.

Given that they had not met for such a long time, his longing for them had grown healthily like wild gra.s.ses under the spring breeze and could not be held back.

This was the instinctive reaction of a genuine person, and it usually could not be restrained by one’s rationale.

After being reminded by the old macaque, Ou Yangming forced himself to hold back.

At last, the flying carpet descended and landed on the ground.

Ou Yangming fixed his gaze on the people on the flying carpet. From his perspective, everything else seemed to have been cast into the shade, by which only Old Craftsman and the 3 ladies were shining in colors and attracted his attention.

Other than them, the other people on the flying carpet were normal pa.s.sersby to Ou Yangming, so he did not care about them at all.

He flashed and dashed forward at the speed of light.

At this moment, Ou Yangming forgot about being careful, polite, reserved, and stable. He was only filled with wild joy for reuniting Old Craftsman after such a long time, and his happiness broke through every restraint to be expressed.

“Old Man…”

Ou Yangming charged toward the multicolored flying carpet and embraced Old Craftsman like a wind.

On the flying carpet, Tiandao the Venerable One was not the only person that escorted Old Craftsman and the others here. One of the Venerable One’s direct disciples and several protectors from Mount Wuzhi had come, and their faces changed right away. Despite that, just as they wanted to stop Ou Yangming or rebuke him, the Venerable One scoffed and released a forceful yet veiled power to stop them from moving an inch.

Those people dared not act rashly after they sensed Tiandao the Venerable One’s aura. They were only puzzled as they thought, ‘Doesn’t Sir Venerable One despise unruly people the most? Why is he acting so different today?’

Having said that, they did not think that Tiandao the Venerable One was reminded of Master Kurong—his martial uncle—when he saw Ou Yangming acting so impulsive.

Although Tiandao the Venerable One and Master Kurong were a nephew and an uncle, the former’s master pa.s.sed away too soon, hence he learned his martial arts from the latter. They were as close as a father and a son, as well as a master and his disciple, so much so that their relationship was not inferior to that of Old Craftsman and Ou Yangming.

Therefore, Tiandao the Venerable One lamented when he saw Ou Yangming express his real feelings. He wanted to maintain this, so how could he have destroyed the moment?

Old Craftsman was an ordinary person, after all. He felt that his vision went blurry as his body left the ground and spun a few times. Fortunately, the old man had consumed many spiritual pills in the lower realm, thus his body was much stronger than before, or he might not have been able to take this.

He reached out to hit Ou Yangming’s head hard and scolded him, “B*stard, how old are you? How can you still be so unruly?” He reprimanded Ou Yangming, but everyone could sense his love for the young fellow.

Ou Yangming grinned and put Old Craftsman down. He had grown taller than the old man, where he was a head taller.

As Ou Yangming stared at the familiar face in front of him, he lowered his head to prop his forehead on the old man’s head and expressed, “Old Man, I’ve missed you…”

Old Craftsman was dumbfounded. For some reason, he had a sour feeling deep inside his nose. He forced a smile and reached out to press Ou Yangming’s head but remembered that the young fellow had grown up; the fellow was no longer the young boy that could anyhow be beaten and scolded by him.

“Ah, b*stard, am I not here now?” Old Craftsman paused for a while before he continued, “Stop looking at me only; your good friends are here too.”

He glanced at the 3 ladies and whispered to Ou Yangming, “B*stard, you better settle this for me and don’t make them sad.”

Ou Yangming was struck dumb, and he looked strangely at the old man.

‘Did I hear him right? Old Man said “them” and not “her”.’

Old Craftsman thought that he had spoken softly but given the ident.i.ties of the other people present, other than Ni Yinghong and the 2 ladies, whose cultivation bases were low, the others heard him well.

The Venerable Ones looked at each other and could not help but smile. They suddenly realized that they had not been so happy in a long time.

Yuqi the Venerable One later cleared his throat and greeted with a smile, “Brother Tiandao, welcome, welcome.”

Tiandao the Venerable One nodded. He looked cold as usual, but he dared not act too arrogantly in front of the 3 other Venerable Ones present. “Brothers, I’m here to escort Younger Brother Old Craftsman here, so please forgive me if I’ve caused any trouble.”

“Haha, hey…” Yuqi the Venerable One’s smile froze, and he looked confused.

‘Younger Brother Old Craftsman?’

Not only him, but the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One and the old macaque were also in disbelief.

‘Old Craftsman’s a normal person, who’s even from the lower realm, and yet you’re thick-skinned enough to address him as a younger brother…’

The 3 Venerable Ones were smart enough to understand many things from the term of address, but this was also the reason they began to disdain Tiandao the Venerable One.

‘Motherf*cker, this fella’s skin is really… As thick as a city’s wall!’

The old macaque rolled its eyes and laughed out loud. “Hehe, Younger Brother Old Craftsman, it’s great news that you’ve finally reunited. Let me host everyone to a feast, and let’s make a night out of this!”

Yuqi the Venerable One and the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One looked at the old macaque at the same time. They felt that their faces were burning.

‘Elder Macaque, can you be more reserved? Even if you’re trying to humble yourself to be acquainted with him, you shouldn’t make it so obvious…’

That said, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One turned and looked at Multi-armed King Kong, which was a distance away. It later gritted its teeth and swayed toward Old Craftsman, then it retrieved a jade bottle and beamed as it noted, “Younger Brother, I’m 10,000 Beasts Venerable One. This is a spiritual medicine that’s refined from a 1,000-years-old bear gall. Once you consume it, you’ll have a study body. Take this as a gift for our first meeting—I hope that you’ll kindly accept it.”

Old Craftsman was taken aback when he saw the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, whose face was clearly different from that of a human. Fortunately, he had been in contact with King Kong and the goshawk many times because of Ou Yangming, so he did not forget himself.

He accepted the jade bottle and expressed his grat.i.tude, “Thank you, Elder Brother.”

Ou Yangming clicked his tongue and thought, ‘These Venerable One are being too exaggerated, aren’t they…’

Yuqi the Venerable One looked around and finally sighed. He forced a smile and noted, “Younger Brother, since you’ve come to the Beast King Sect, don’t be so polite. Hehe, I’ll bring you around for a few days, and I guarantee that you’ll have an enjoyable time.”

Seeing as the Venerable Ones were fighting to fawn over Old Craftsman on purpose, the other people were stupefied and felt like they were dreaming.

If Ou Yangming was only the Phoenixes’ messenger, the Venerable One would not offend the old man, but they would not flatter him like this.

However, the Eternal Pills!

If it was for the sake of those pills, the Venerable Ones would not mind humbling themselves at all.

Ou Yangming shook his head, but he was somewhat pleased that the top-notch powerhouses could treat Old Craftsman like this.

All of a sudden, the young fellow became alert.

His Military Fire and the giant head were warning him at the same time.


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