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Chapter 237 Spiritual World

Inside the Land of Inheritance, two people and a dog entered the house.

The house was built for an unknown period and was never repaired, but it was still solid as though it was unaffected by time.

Ou Yangming did not deal with buildings, but as a blacksmith, he had a good vision. When the young fellow first entered the house, he did not pay attention because he was focused on acquiring the golden pill to prolong Old Craftsman’s life. Now that he finally had a good look at it, he could not help but be astonished.

Apart from Heaven and Earth’s spiritual power, which was everywhere in the Land of Inheritance, the mysterious jade box was undoubtedly the most important item.

The jade box was always placed in the house, and it was the Ni family’s greatest secret of inheritance.

Nonetheless, the secret was now opened up to Ou Yangming

Seeing as Ni Yinghong and the big yellow surrounded the jade box and stared at him with serious yet eager expressions, Ou Yangming felt guilty.

“What are you doing?” Ou Yangming thought, ‘Did the people from the Ni family find out that I’ve already opened the box?’

Ou Yangming learned many things from the jade box, so much so that without the knowledge he gained, he could not have displayed such outstanding performances against other powerhouses.

At the very least, he could not have constructed the Runes Formation in his sea of consciousness so smoothly.

Therefore, he was surprised and bewildered when Ni Yinghong retrieved the jade box.

Ni Yinghong smiled and explained, “This is the Ni family’s ultimate treasure of inheritance and only those with excellent mental power can open it and inherit the power inside.”

Ou Yangming chuckled and said, “I’m not the Ni family’s disciple.”

“Since Great Ancestor allowed you to enter the second time, you’re qualified.” Ni Yinghong blushed a little and suddenly lowered her voice. “The Ni family’s son-in-law is also qualified too.” Nevertheless, she spoke so softly that even she could not hear herself clearly.

Ou Yangming was stunned, and he quickly questioned closely, “Elder Sister Ying, what did you say?” Ni Yinghong gritted her teeth and asked with a bit of anger, “I said- do you want to experience it or not!”

“Yes, of course, I’d like to.” Ou Yangming immediately raised his hands to surrender.

He had been yearning for the spiritual world in the jade box. After all, he only scratched the surface during his last visit, so he would not foolishly give up the chance to enter again.

Ni Yinghong rolled her eyes at him coquettishly, tickling Ou Yangming’s heart.

She reached out her fair and soft hand to gently open the jade box, which was desired by Ou Yangming. A peculiar power spread at once and enveloped every living being in the room. The big yellow dog lowered its body and closed its eyes while it twitched its ears as if it was sensing something.

Ou Yangming’s consciousness entered the spiritual world once more, but it was a different experience because he was guided by Ni Yinghong’s consciousness. Instead of forcing himself into the world as an outsider, he was led into it smoothly.

Once the young fellow entered through the right way, everything he sensed became completely different. Ou Yangming had his own body in the bizarre spiritual world, so did Ni Yinghong and the big yellow dog.

When he looked around him, he felt like the place had no difference from the outside world. Ni Yinghong beamed. If Ou Yangming was not certain that they were in an odd spiritual world at that moment, he would think they entered with their physical bodies.

“It feels wonderful, doesn’t it? This is the Ni family’s real Land of Inheritance,” Ni Yinghong stated with a smile.

Ou Yangming nodded. Although he already knew, he did not show it on his face.

Struck with a thought, he raised a question. “What is the He family’s secret realm like?”

Ni Yinghong shook her head. “That’s the He family’s biggest secret. Similar to our clan’s Land of Inheritance, other than the great ancestors, n.o.body knows about it.”

Ou Yangming deeply agreed. He would never expose the secret like how he kept the purple Military Fire and the Devouring attribute hidden.

Apart from having a simulated body in the spiritual world, nothing else changed.

“Lil’ Ming, if you’d like to fulfill your wish, you should look around as much as possible,” Ni Yinghong suggested and told the young fellow seriously, “You’ll gain many great advantages here.”

“Okay.” Ou Yangming nodded. He looked deeply at Ni Yinghong, then his body, which was transformed from his consciousness, floated toward the mark for martial arts.

Ni Yinghong sighed as she watched him leave.

Judging from Ou Yangming’s character, he probably pursued smithing art. Despite that, he ignored it when he entered the spiritual world, and he headed straight to the martial arts area. His intention was evident.

However, wanting to kill a spirit beast…

Ni Yinghong shook her head. Even if Ou Yangming was a talented genius, he might not necessarily surpa.s.s the many powerhouses from the past generations. Besides, several experts were also helpless against a spirit beast, so how could he succeed?

She figured that the Supreme Great Ancestors in her clan let Ou Yangming enter the Land of Inheritance not because they believed in his capability, but because they were returning his favors and were trying to calm him down.

On the other hand, the big yellow dog wagged its tail and sat down as though it was enjoying the amazing feeling from the unique environment. Ou Yangming began searching the instant his consciousness entered the martial arts zone.

He previously avoided the martial arts option on purpose because he was fearful, but this time, he no longer needed to shy away from it because he entered the world openly.

The martial arts option contained endless marvelous colors too, each one representing a unique skill and its cultivation method.

Ou Yangming reached out his virtual arm to grab one of the l.u.s.ters, but it turned and avoided him as if it sensed him.

The young fellow was startled but he did not have a target in mind when he reached out earlier. Since the l.u.s.ter was unreliable, he automatically switched direction and aimed for another l.u.s.ter.

This time, he successfully grabbed it, but when he employed his consciousness on it, he was taken aback.

This was because the light did not hold any martial arts knowledge; it was an empty sh.e.l.l that only looked good on the outside.

Ou Yangming blinked and had an absurd feeling.

Ni Yinghong’s spiritual wave turned into a voice at that timely moment. “Lil’ Ming, half of the martial arts legacies are empty, so don’t waste your time and energy.”

It was a great fortune that one could enter the spiritual world.

That said, a certain amount of mental power would be consumed in the world. For them, every hint of mental power was precious and could not be wasted.

Ou Yangming understood right away, hence he gave up the l.u.s.ter and tried to capture another one.

He figured after a brief while that the radiance in the martial arts area could not be caught so easily.

The nimble lights, which could dodge his arm, were definitely valuable. As for the steady and still ones, which were of a greater portion, they contained nothing.

Ou Yangming missed the time when he forcefully entered the spiritual world.

Back then, he entered with mighty mental power and his consciousness, where he did not have a virtual body, thus he could control his consciousness a few times faster.

If he had the same speed now, it would be a piece of cake for him to grab the l.u.s.ters.

Needless to say, having a virtual body was highly advantageous too; he was protected by a mysterious power in the spiritual world. Even though Ou Yangming was still slowly consuming his mental power, the difference between this time and the previous time was like trickling water and floodwater. As such, he could carry on with the process much longer this time.

Ou Yangming collected himself and stopped imagining the spiritual world. Instead, he became fully focused, and his virtual body became steadier. Sure enough, when Ou Yangming reached out his hand again later, he managed to catch a colored ribbon, which was drifting fast.

The colored ribbon was unstable, but Ou Yangming seemed to have identified its path in advance, so he always had an advantage and he finally seized the ribbon.

Ou Yangming successfully clutched the colored ribbon, but he was feeling more in awe.

The spiritual world had power far greater than he had ever imagined.

In other words, the simulated world was more real than he thought.

Ou Yangming’s comprehension in the integration of Heaven and man, as well as the thoroughly meticulous state, could be reflected in the spiritual world.

‘In this case, who exactly is the powerhouse who created this world?’ He wondered.

As of now, Ou Yangming was probably an ant as compared to a powerhouse like that.

The young fellow finally curbed his thought after a long time, and he suppressed the extreme feeling of fear.

As expected, a martial arts skill was stored in the colored ribbon. It was a boxing technique, and he finished learning it through his mental conception. Much to his surprise, the technique did not feel much inferior to the Chen family’s Suicidal Throat-locking Spear.

The Suicidal Throat-locking Spear was the Chen family’s ultimate technique, and Ou Yangming was incredibly amazed when Great Ancestor Chen Dishou performed the mysterious spear technique.

Now, Ou Yangming could anyhow capture a martial arts light ribbon in the spiritual world to learn a martial arts skill that was somewhat on par with the spear technique. The thought of it was frightening. Following that, Ou Yangming floated toward another colored ribbon.

It did not matter what exactly the spiritual world was. Since he had already entered the world, he would do his best to improve his power.

As soon as his body touched the second ribbon, it became completely immersed in it.


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