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Chapter 236 Soaring Aspirations

As Ou Yangming walked through the familiar pa.s.sage, he browsed the stone walls on both sides.

The Chaos Cave stored unbelievably ma.s.sive wealth. The natural featured steel was enough to draw any huge force’s attention, not to mention the substantial amount of peculiar stones, which could be used to smith magic tools.

Although Ou Yangming was the only person who could smith magic tools, n.o.body could have too many precious raw materials.

Nonetheless, judging from the Ni family’s usual conduct, they did not have the intention to exploit the Chaos Cave. In fact, not many people from their clan knew the cave’s actual location.


The big yellow dog barked all of a sudden because it was confused.

Ou Yangming had said he was unwilling to enter the Land of Inheritance, thus the big dog was curious about what made him change his mind.

“Big Yellow, you must work hard to become a spirit beast as soon as possible,” the young fellow said with a faint smile.

The big yellow dog immediately raised its head and stuck out its chest while it released an unparalleled aura.

In terms of magnanimous aura only, the dog was not inferior to the big multicolored tiger, which Ou Yangming encountered in the dense forest. Nevertheless, Ou Yangming had always regarded Big Yellow as his loyal companion. Their friendship was made during the battle of life or death, and it became more solid as their respective strength increased.

Ou Yangming’s eyes seemed deep and unpredictable as he looked far ahead; it was as if he saw the distant future.

He clenched his fists and mumbled, “I want to kill the spirit beast!”

The big yellow dog froze right away. It turned to stare at Ou Yangming, and the look in its eyes was incredibly strange. Ou Yangming looked away after he sighed, and he subconsciously glanced at Big Yellow. Next, he saw something yellow flashing past him.

When he focused on it, the big yellow dog was already roughly 35 meters away from him. A 35-meters distance was nothing out of the ordinary if they were on an empty plain, but it was quite a far distance in the black cave.

Ou Yangming questioned as he was baffled, “Big Yellow, what are you doing?”

Big Yellow blinked and did not respond to him.

The young fellow ordered snappily, “Big Yellow, stop fooling around, quickly come over here!”

Big Yellow shook its head without any hesitation and a.s.sumed a posture of being uncooperative no matter what.

“Stop playing, we have to meet Elder Sister Ying!”

The dog shook its head. “Are you coming back here or not?”

Big Yellow shook its head.

“If you don’t come back, I’ll hit you!”

The big yellow dog shook its head! Ou Yangming widened his eyes and took a step forward. ‘Since that fella’s not coming back, I’ll have to go to it.’

Despite that, the instant Ou Yangming took a step forward, the big yellow dog flashed and escaped again as though it had a hunch about what he was going to do.

“Where are you fleeing to?” Ou Yangming was stunned, and he did not know to laugh or to cry.

With that, a man and a dog traveled at the speed of light in the Chaos Cave. Faint traces were sometimes left on the dark walls, especially by the big yellow dog, whose claws were so tough that they were unbelievable.

Before long, they arrived at the center of the hidden place. Ou Yangming scanned the place with his eyes, and he immediately fixed his gaze on a graceful figure.

It was such a deep memory, which could not be forgotten at all.

“Elder Sister Ying, I’m here!” Ou Yangming slowed down and walked forward. As for Big Yellow, who had already run into the Land of Inheritance, the young fellow had already forgotten about it. Ni Yinghong curled his lips into a smile as if she already expected Ou Yangming’s arrival. She approached Ou Yangming elegantly with a look of yearning, and she seemed like she was looking at a rare treasure.

Ou Yangming’s heart shivered a little. “Elder Sister Ying, do you… Already know?” Ni Yinghong nodded. “Lil’ Ming, I’m sorry!” She looked extremely apologetic.

“Elder Sister Ying, what are you talking about?” Ou Yangming raised his eyebrows, then he stepped forward and opened his arms to hug her. Though he was hugging a beautiful lady, his heart was not pounding. The young fellow looked down and muttered, “Elder Sister Ying, I… I’ll protect you.” Ni Yinghong struggled for a while before she stopped to resist. She closed her eyes and rested her head against Ou Yangming’s chest, which was calming. She wanted very badly for time to stop at that moment and that it would not flow anymore. “Woof, woof…”

Far away, the big yellow dog, who had escaped earlier, showed up once more. It howled at Ou Yangming a few times, causing the lovely atmosphere to be ruined.

Ni Yinghong blushed, then she exerted force to push Ou Yangming away.

Ou Yangming turned to glare at the big yellow dog madly.

The big yellow dog wagged its tail proudly and thought, ‘Hmph! Are you trying to torture the single dog here? I’m not going to let you have things your way!’ Ou Yangming took a deep breath and curbed his thought. “Elder Sister Ying, I’m told the reason behind this, but there’s something I don’t understand why did he propose to you?”

He Liangce treated Ni Yinghong very oddly, but Ou Yangming did not sense any feeling of love from him.

Ni Yinghong sighed and explained, “The former fighters from the He family and the Ni family were relatives by marriage, so he only did it to follow the custom.” Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows. “Relatives by marriage? Could this be related to ‘Iron Blood Loyal Heart, sacrificing for a n.o.ble cause’?”

Ni Yinghong nodded and noted, “He Liangce’s a martial arts genius from the He family. Based on his talent and with the He family’s secret realm, he could’ve broken through to Extreme Grade Boundary a long time ago.”

“He’s quite young; could he be a freak?” Ou Yangming asked with a deep voice.

He had seen many Supreme Great Ancestors, but each one of them was a grandfather. In this case, it was quite a rare achievement for He Liangce to arrive at the peak of Yang Grade at such a young age.

“He’s at least 30 years old, is supported by a clan, and his clan also…” Ni Yinghong commented snappily, then she paused for a while before she continued, “Think about itto them, you’re the one who’s a freak!”

She initially wanted to tell him that He Liangce’s clan also came from beyond the heavens, but she ended up swallowing her words.

Ni Yinghong figured it was best that Ou Yangming was not informed of certain things. Ou Yangming chuckled and scratched his head, then he changed the topic. “He suppressed his cultivation base on purpose to kill the spirit beast, am I right?”

“Yes. When the Iron Blood Loyal Heart Art and the n.o.ble Sacrifice Technique are used together, a tremendous might will be unleashed, which is the greatest reason Changlong and Linlang could slaughter powerful enemies time after time. That said, one has to repress one’s cultivation base for the outbreak. The more the one restrains it, the more violent the outburst,” Ni Yinghong stated and pondered, then she added, “According to records, the deeper the relationship between the two techniques, the fiercer the power too.”

She eventually spoke so softly that she could not be heard anymore.

However, Ou Yangming understood everything To face the spirit beast disaster, which happened once in a hundred years, n.o.body dared to be negligent. This was because it involved plenty of families and the Humans’ future. As such, people from past generations paid huge and painful prices to increase the success rate of killing the spirit beast.

Since the two people who cultivated the Iron Blood Loyal Heart Art and the n.o.ble Sacrifice Technique respectively needed to have deep feelings for each other, what would be better than becoming husband and wife?

“Lil’ Ming, what would you do if Elder Brother He didn’t choose me?” Ni Yinghong asked gently.

“Elder Sister Ying, but he chose you now.” Ou Yangming forced a smile, and he sounded helpless.

Ni Yinghong put on a sweet smile. “Then… Do you think I should go?”

She stared at Ou Yangming with her beautiful eyes as if she was waiting for his answer.

Ou Yangming sighed and responded, “Elder Sister Ying, don’t you have an answer already? Why are you still asking me…” He knew Ni Yinghong very well; the lady was heroic like a steel rose, and she was not inferior to men. Not to mention the young lady was the Ni family’s successor, hence her fate was unavoidable, even if she was not from the Ni family and was never supported by a clan, she would never flinch in the face of this matter.

“Lil’ Ming, my parents died when we were young, so the great ancestors treated me and my older brother as their own, and they doted on us very much. Since the clan needs me, I can’t just leave, but…” Ni Yinghong turned her face a little to the side, then she looked up at Ou Yangming. “I just feel sorry for you.”

Ou Yangming’s heart tensed up a bit, and his face took on a grave expression. “Elder Sister Ying, you don’t need to go.”

“Huh? What?” Ni Yinghong was startled, and she began to look confused.

“Leave this to me; I’ll take care of it!” Ou Yangming straightened his body and uttered proudly.

“How are you going to settle it?” Ni Yinghong was puzzled. Ou Yangming answered without any hesitation, “Isn’t it just a spirit beast? As long as I kill it, you won’t have to risk your lives in the forest!” Ni Yinghong looked at the young fellow dumbfoundedly and thought, ‘It’s a spirit beast, but why did the fella make it sound like it’s as easy as killing a chicken or a dog…’

The big yellow dog wagged its tail because it finally knew Ou Yangming meant he wanted to kill another spirit beast…

“Lil’ Ming, don’t act arbitrarily!” Ni Yinghong stomped her foot and reprimanded the young man, “If you do, I-I’ll…”

The young lady was worried because she knew Ou Yangming was not an incapable fellow who talked back; the young fellow was the best in actual deeds. This was evident from the incident where Ou Yangming acquired a spirit medicine for Old Craftsman.

Ni Yinghong could not avoid the task because it was her destiny and there was no way out for her, but why was Ou Yangming doing this?

Ou Yangming laughed, but his eyes did not seem like they were smiling at all. “Wars are meant for men like me! If a lady is needed in a war to save the world, heh, men will be too ashamed to face people!” Ou Yangming turned and expressed, “Big Yellow, kill the spirit beast with me!”

“Woof-” Big Yellow roared and blink as it wondered, ‘Are you out of your mind? It’s a spirit beast you’re talking about.’ “Elder Sister Ying, look — Big Yellow agreed! Leave that spirit beast to us!” Ni Yinghong had an upsurge of emotions, and her eyes were teary. The big yellow dog. “…”


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