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Chapter 1259: Anger

Ou Yangming could clearly sense Feng Xinxiao’s existence. The phoenix powerhouse’s aura had undergone a great change, but it still could not escape his senses.

‘He’s really still alive!’

Ou Yangming’s expression changed slightly. He searched again. After a while, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from his body.

He found Feng Xinxiao, but he did not see King Kong or the goshawk.

Ou Yangming searched the entire 1,000 Phoenixes Mountain, but he could not find any traces of them.

‘d.a.m.n it!’

Ou Yangming clenched his fist tightly and threw a punch at the huge mountain gate in front of him.

A violent force surged out from Ou Yangming’s arm.


The mountain gate that towered into the clouds suddenly exploded and turned into clouds of dust.

At this time, the exquisite building collapsed with a bang and instantly turned into a pile of ruins.

The phoenix guards outside the mountain gate hurriedly hid far away. They looked at Ou Yangming with fear in their eyes.

“Lil’ Ming, what’s wrong?” Lil’ Red hurriedly asked.

Ou Yangming said in a deep voice, “King Kong and Goshawk aren’t here.”

Although Feng Xinxiao had returned, the king kong and the goshawk were not here. One could imagine that the phoenix powerhouse would definitely deal with them. The king kong and the goshawk were only Venerable Ones. They had no chance to resist at all.

Feng Xinxiao did not even let Feng Xiang and the others go, let alone the king kong and the goshawk, who were outsiders.

Lil’ Red’s face also changed slightly. He said anxiously, “Lil’ Ming, don’t panic. Perhaps they’ve left the 1,000 Phoenixes Mountain and gone to other places in the Great Wide World.”

This was just a comforting sentence.

Lil’ Red also understood that the probability of that was not very high. When Ou Yangming entered the heart of origins, he had also warned King Kong and the goshawk not to leave the Phoenixes’ headquarters. This kind advice seemed to be an accomplice to their danger.

“B*stard…” Ou Yangming took a step forward. He raised his foot and stomped on the ground.


The ground shook like the angry roar of a wild beast. The 1,000 Phoenixes Mountain shook non-stop, and all the phoenix powerhouses flew into the air in fear.

As a result, the huge mountain in the distance exploded and split into two halves. Dust was everywhere, and the air was covered by smoke and dust.

“Feng Xinxiao, get your *ss out here!”

The voice was like thunder, and it shook the heads of the phoenixes on the 1,000 Phoenixes Mountain. They looked into the distance and were dumbfounded.

“It’s Ou Yangming. Why is he here?”

“There’s also Feng Lin. Didn’t Sir Feng Xinxiao say that he was already dead?”

What shocked the phoenix powerhouses was that Ou Yangming and Feng Lin, who had disappeared for 2 years, had returned again. Moreover, the young fellow’s strength had become so terrifying. That voice just now had shaken many of the phoenix members so much that they did not regain their senses for a long time.

A figure flew over from the horizon.

“Sir Feng Xinxiao is here.”

Seeing the person who had come, the phoenix powerhouses present felt as if they had taken a pill to calm their hearts.

Feng Xinxiao was extremely powerful. Not long after he returned, he had already displayed his powerful strength. In an instant, he had unified the Phoenixes. Among the younger generation, he had become a well-deserved king. Not only that, even Feng Mu and the other powerhouses of the older generation had been defeated by her.

“Haha, Ou Yangming, you didn’t think that I was still alive, right?”

Feng Xinxiao’s face was gloomy as he flew in the air and lowered his head to look at Ou Yangming.

“Where are my friends?” Ou Yangming raised his head. His voice seemed to be filled with ice shards.

Feng Xinxiao smiled and asked, “Are you talking about those 2 beasts? They’ve been killed by me. They died miserably after being cut into a thousand pieces.”

“Feng Xinxiao, you’re Insane!” Lil’ Red clenched his fists in anger.

“Who allowed you to act so wantonly in the Phoenixes’ headquarters?”

Lil’ Red was furious. The Phoenixes had created a gap between them and Ou Yangming by not opening the pa.s.sage previously. Now, they had pushed the young fellow to the opposite side of their race. Even though Feng Xinxiao could not represent the Phoenixes, he was still a member of the Phoenixes. This was something that could not be refuted.

“Feng Lin, shut up! I’ll take down a traitor like you in a moment!”

After hearing what Lil’ Red said, Feng Xinxiao’s cold gaze swept across his body. This gaze caused the little red bird’s face to tremble slightly.

Feng Xinxiao’s aura was too odd. Lil’ Red had already reached the law boundary, but he still felt a piercing coldness.

Ou Yangming did not say anything. His tightly clenched fists to show his att.i.tude. He glanced at Lil’ Red and said, “Lil’ Red, you’ve seen it too. It’s not that I want to go against the Phoenixes, but they forced me. I want to take revenge for Goshawk and King Kong.”

His voice was very calm. It was this calm att.i.tude that made people even more fearful.

Anyone who knew Ou Yangming would know that his anger had reached its peak at this moment.

“You’re courting death!”

Ou Yangming instantly rose from the ground and charged toward Feng Xinxiao in the sky. The Reincarnation Spear flashed with a dark-black light as it roared like a ferocious giant beast.

“Good timing!”

Feng Xinxiao was slightly surprised, but he did not care too much. With the Ancient Demon’s body and his law of slaughter, which were at their peaks, his strength was not any weaker than an ordinary third-step powerhouse. He did not think that Ou Yangming could rival such a powerhouse.

In the heart of origins, when Ou Yangming killed Feng Xinxiao, he was only in the law boundary.

A fiery red saber appeared in Feng Xinxiao’s hand.

“That’s the Phoenixes’ Blazing Fire Divine Saber. I didn’t expect Sir Lord Feng Xinxiao would subdue it.”

The distant phoenix members said in surprise when they saw the saber in Feng Xinxiao’s hand.

“That Blazing Fire Divine Saber is a treasure left behind by our ancestor. No one has been able to subdue it for tens of thousands of years. I thought that it’d continue to decline, but I didn’t expect that we’d witness its sharpness today.”

“I heard that the divine saber is a Taoist Tool!”

“What’s a Taoist Tool?”

“It’s a supreme treasure between Heaven and Earth. It’s 100 times more powerful than a Fine Grade magic weapon!”

The phoenix members conversed with their minds. Most of their topics were focused on the long saber in Feng Xinxiao’s hand.

“Such a treasure is once again radiating with brilliance. I wonder how many moves that guy named Ou Yangming can block?”

Countless members of the Phoenixes stared at the sky without blinking. Elder Feng Tian stood in the void far away. His eyes were fixed on Ou Yangming. ‘Xinxiao was defeated by that young fella last time. This time, he’d be able to kill him in front of everyone.’

“Today, I’ll let you taste the power of my Blazing Fire Divine Saber!”

Feng Xinxiao’s eyes were malicious. He suddenly slashed the long saber in her hand. The long saber carried the power of the law of slaughter. It whistled over, overwhelming the mountains and overturning the seas. The air was filled with a suffocating aura of slaughter.

“Idiot!” Ou Yangming coldly shouted, and the strength of his arm increased once again.


The Reincarnation Spear and the Blazing Fire Divine Saber suddenly collided. A vast destructive force spread out from the surroundings of the 2 weapons.

At the spot where the 2 of them collided, a huge hole was created in the s.p.a.ce of the Great Wide World.

This force could destroy Heaven and Earth.

The surrounding phoenix members hurriedly scattered. Even Lil’ Red flapped his wings and fled 10 kilometers away.

“How can Feng Xinxiao be so powerful? Lil’ Ming is also…”

Lil’ Red’s pupils constricted. It had only been half a year since he had seen Ou Yangming. He had never thought that the young fellow’s strength would increase once again. There was also Feng Xinxiao. ‘Wasn’t he destroyed in the heart of origins? Why is he still alive and possesses such terrifying power?’

This move shocked everyone.

In the distance, a bald man covered in flames slowly walked out from the mountain. He looked at the 2 people in the sky and frowned slightly.

With this collision, Feng Xinxiao’s body was sent flying. The Blazing Fire Divine Saber could not stop shaking. The sizzling sounds were like the wails of the weak.

‘How could it be!’

Feng Xinxiao was in disbelief. This Blazing Fire Divine Saber was a Taoist Tool. After he had used his blood to make it recognize him as its master, his mind was connected to it. At this moment, he could feel the fear of the saber.

It was afraid. Was it afraid of the long spear in Ou Yangming’s hand?

‘How can Ou Yangming possess such great strength? And such a powerful treasure…’

Feng Xinxiao found it hard to believe. After he inherited the Demon King’s body, he believed that even a powerhouse in the third step could not compare to him in terms of pure strength. Who knew, Ou Yangming had given him a fierce blow.

He was forced to retreat 10 kilometers away. On the other hand, Ou Yangming was still in the same spot, not moving at all.

It was easy to see who was stronger.


Feng Xinxiao’s body was trembling with anger. This was the second life-and-death duel between him and Ou Yangming. Last time, he was defeated. This time, he would not allow the same thing to happen. His strength was comparable to an existence in the third step at the moment. How could he not be comparable to a puny human?

The Blazing Fire Divine Saber attacked once again. This time, Feng Xinxiao did not hold back at all. All of his power of the law of slaughter erupted.

Many of the phoenix members were affected by this violent law of slaughter. Their eyes were red as if they were about to go crazy.

The bald man in the distance took a step forward. He stretched out his hand and grabbed, bringing the phoenix members who were affected to a safe place. He was watching the battle in the sky, and his complexion was getting worse.

“Great Ancestor.”

Feng Tian flew over and said respectfully, but the bald man did not pay any attention to him.

The violent power of the law of slaughter coupled with Feng Xinxiao’s full-powered burst could not be easily blocked by even a third-step almighty powerhouse.

Even so, Ou Yangming was still standing there, not moving.

This caused Lil’ Red, who was watching from afar, to feel like his heart almost jumped out of his throat. He did not know what Ou Yangming had experienced in the past 6 months, but he could feel the terrifying power of Feng Xinxiao’s move. With the little red bird’s strength, if he was even slightly affected, he probably would not be able to escape death.

“Die!” Feng Xinxiao’s eyes were filled with madness.

The violent saber attacked. This murderous power, which was enough to give even a third-step mighty figure a headache, instantly attacked. Ou Yangming, who seemed to be unable to escape, disappeared without a trace.

Without any warning, he directly disappeared into the void.


The saber slashed down, and the ground split open, revealing a huge crack that had no end. In the spot where the crack spread, everything withered and not a single blade of gra.s.s grew.

“Where is he?” Everyone did not understand where Ou Yangming had gone.

Even Feng Xinxiao was the same. He had no idea what method Ou Yangming had used to dodge this sure hit.

It was then when someone suddenly shouted.

“Be careful!”


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