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Boom! The incomplete sun exploded. These three Immortal Emperors immediately felt their domains shattering as their dao energy seeped outwards.

This person is too strong. We have to escape.
This thought ran through all of their minds.

“Kacha!” The wave-like sand suddenly exploded. Without the protection of their domains, the three of them were directly ravaged by the sand.

The two early stage Immortal Emperors’ bodies directly got destroyed. Just as their primordial spirits emerged from their shattered bodies, they were torn apart by the halberd light within the Grand Desert.

That intermediate stage Immortal Emperor was slightly stronger. Even though the sand wave ripped through his body, he still had a chance to retreat. However, Mo Wuji didn’t give him that chance; the vast and unending desert disappeared, transforming into a boundless beam of halberd light.

This halberd light seemed to have torn s.p.a.ce apart as a huge chasm appeared in the s.p.a.ce between them. It was simply and undeniably tyrannical.

The halberd light sliced through this intermediate stage Immortal Emperor’s body; he didn’t even have a chance to resist. His eyes closed gradually. Before he died, he wasn’t thinking about Mo Wuji’s final sacred art – Remnant Chasm. In reality, he completely didn’t understand why Mo Wuji would want to use the Remnant Chasm Sacred Art. The moment that the incomplete sun set, this intermediate stage Immortal Emperor no longer had a chance to resist.

This intermediate stage Immortal Emperor also wasn’t thinking about what would happen now that the G.o.ds Race had created an enemy out of such an expert.

Instead, he was thinking about the very first move – Grand Desert. Grand Desert did not look as terrifying as Winding River, and it wasn’t as breathtaking as Setting Sun. However, when all three of them had their bodies destroyed by the halberd light within Grand Desert, he finally came to an understanding on Grand Desert. The moment Grand Desert appeared, it was continuously restraining their energy and staring at them. If they revealed even a single gap, Vast River would explode violently, directly turning their bodies to dust.

“What a strong chain intent-level sacred art…” This intermediate stage Immortal Emperor closed his eyes. He didn’t even release his primordial spirit. He knew that it would only take an additional slash from Mo Wuji to destroy his primordial spirit; it would be better if he directly sent it into reincarnation.

“What a strong chain of sacred arts!” When Ji Ku saw Mo Wuji kill three Immortal Emperors in such a short time, he exhaled deeply and sighed, “I was wrong. I shouldn’t be a match for him.”

Feng Huang remained silent. He was stronger than Ji Ku, and his discernment was also higher than Ji Ku. He could tell that Mo Wuji’s sacred arts were chain intent-level sacred arts, and not merely a chain of sacred arts.

“Brother Feng, that Mo Wuji completely didn’t need to use his fourth sacred art to kill the last person. So why did he still choose to reveal his sacred art?” Ji Ku asked curiously.

In his eyes, Mo Wuji’s chain of Grand Desert, Winding River and Setting Sun had already killed two Immortal Emperors, and left the final one with only a single breath. At this time, using his fourth sacred art would be unnecessarily revealing his methods. This didn’t seem compatible with his reputation.

Feng Huang sighed and said, “Take a look…”

Even without Feng Huang saying it, Ji Ku had already taken a look. Under Mo Wuji’s Remnant Chasm, the Dao Discussion Stage had been directly reduced into ruins.

“I understand,” Ji Ku said in aghast.

Feng Huang said helplessly, “He is clearly showing his disdain of Cosmos Edge, for creating such an unworthy Dao Discussion Stage. Thus, he made use of his final halberd strike to turn this Dao Discussion Stage into dust.

It was true that Cosmos Edge’s Dao Discussion Stage didn’t deserve its name. Otherwise, someone would have stopped those three Immortal Emperors of the G.o.ds Race from encircling Mo Wuji. 

“This…” Ji Ku was speechless as he stared at the remnants of the Dao Discussion Stage, “Isn’t he afraid creating too many enemies in Cosmos Edge? He even dares to destroy the Dao Discussion Stage?”

Feng Huang said bitter, “Tell me, does he look like a person afraid of offending others?”

Ji Ku understood Feng Huang’s feelings. Feng Huang was, after all, the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge. Mo Wuji’s actions were simply a slap to his face.

“That’s true. This person killed several Immortal Emperors of Mifei Trade Union, but he still dares to come to Cosmos Edge. This shows that he is a very bold person. If that’s not true, he wouldn’t have killed Wu Li. Brother Feng, if you went against him, would you be able to restrain him?” When he finished speaking, Ji Ku turned to look at Feng Huang.

Feng Huang shook his head, “I’m not confident. If there’s no need for it, I suggest that Brother Ji doesn’t allow the Demon Race to offend him. Unless you are able to kill him at a single shot, you would only be creating boundless disaster for the Demon Race.”

“I know. Actually, I believe that he also understands a bit about rules. Otherwise, he would have long stormed Mifei Trade Union.” Ji Ku nodded his head.

Feng Huang laughed coldly, “I’m sure that he would cause a ruckus at Mifei Trade Union soon.”

“Why?” Ji Ku looked at Feng Huang in confusion. Logically, Mo Wuji didn’t need to wait till now to deal with Mifei Trade Union. He could have done so the moment he reached Cosmos Edge.

“Because he has a reason now,” Feng Huang said calmly.

Ji Ku didn’t ask any further; he also understood what was going on. If Cosmos Edge really cares about rules, then those Immortal Emperors wouldn’t have been allowed to surround Mo Wuji after he killed Wu Li. Since that’s the case, it demonstrated that Cosmos Edge didn’t even care about rules.

Consequently, there’s no need for him, Mo Wuji, to be afraid of rules.

Ji Ku suddenly felt a chill. He finally understood why Mo Wuji decided to use his final sacred art to destroy the Dao Discussion Stage: 1. He wanted to test Cosmos Edge’s bottom line; 2. He wanted to let everyone know not to offend him; 3. He wanted to give off the impression of a thug; since he was a thug, it was simply natural for him to cause trouble for Mifei Trade Union since they had offended him.

Even though there were many people in Heaven’s Beyond Dao Plaza, it was dead silent. Many of those that didn’t know about Mo Wuji were currently inquiring about him.

Mo Wuji opened his palm and collected the three storage rings. At the same time, he grabbed that life-sucking vine and casually removed the spiritual will imprints on it.

Then he threw it directly in his storage ring.

If not for his vitality channel, that vine would really have been able to restrain him. The moment he gets restrained, he could only wait for death. There was no need to talk about this vine, even that previous Broken Sand Poison had left Mo Wuji feeling trepidations.

Indeed, in the vast cosmos, there were countless of experts and countless of methods. He might have the vitality and detoxification channel to deal with some methods. But what if there was a method that he couldn’t deal with?

The G.o.ds Race was one of the reigning races in Cosmos Edge. It would definitely have many Grand Emperors. If those Grand Emperors gathered at Cosmos Edge to trap him, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he had three heads and six arms.

It was exactly because he knew that his abilities were insufficient that he used his final sacred art to destroy this unworthy Dao Discussion Stage. After destroying this Dao Discussion Stage, he would immediately head over to Mifei Trade Union. He knew that Cosmos Edge wasn’t a place that he could stay for long. Since he had to leave, then why shouldn’t he rob some money before he leaves?

“Brother Da Huang.” Seeing Mo Wuji walk out from the shattered Dao Discussion Stage, Yan Yuerong hurriedly went to receive him. Her voice was so agitated that it was trembling slightly; Brother Da Huang had really helped Sister Xiaoyu take revenge.

“Yuerong, we need to go to another place.” Mo Wuji smiled and side. He was too lazy to even return back to his resthouse. After robbing Mifei Trade Union, he would immediately leave this place.

“Brother Da Huang, I will stay with you.” Yan Yuerong had long seen Mo Wuji as her bigger brother. If not for Mo Wuji, she, Yan Yuerong, would have already been dead.

“Alright, from now on, you are my younger sister,” Mo Wuji said loudly. He knew that Yan Yuerong had no means of support besides him. If he wasn’t with her, she would definitely die. Thus, he said those words loudly as he wanted everyone here to know. If anyone wanted to deal with Yan Yuerong, then they would first have to get through him, Mo Wuji.

Even without Mo Wuji saying anything, the crowd had already started to disperse.

There were some people that wanted to befriend Mo Wuji, but at this instant, none of them dared to approach him. Who did Mo Wuji just kill? He just killed three Immortal Emperors and a young lord of the G.o.ds Race. Who would still dare to talk to Mo Wuji now? Wouldn’t they be throwing themselves into conflict with the G.o.ds Race?

Even though no one dared to speak to Mo Wuji, many still had their eyes on Mo Wuji. They wanted to know where Mo Wuji was heading to now. Some of them even wanted to stalk Mo Wuji and see where he stayed. That way, when the experts from the G.o.ds Race came over, they would be able to report it to the G.o.ds Race experts and earn some rewards.

“I think I know who he is?” Someone in the crowd finally cried out in alarm.

“Who is it?” Multiple people asked at the same time.

“He’s Mo Wuji, the one that opened a pill house in Heaven’s Beyond City Square those years ago. I heard that he killed two Immortal Emperors of Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion…”

“Yes, that’s him. I also heard rumours that he destroyed Heaven’s Beyond City Square’s Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion before coming to Cosmos Edge. He even killed their Immortal Emperor Yu Xing.”

“So impressive…”

“He’s definitely heading over to Mifei Trade Union. Take a look at the direction that he’s heading towards.”

“Let’s hurry and take a look. There’s definitely another good show to watch. Over these years Mifei Trade Union has been earning a huge fortune from Heaven’s Beyond City Square. They didn’t even allow other pill houses to sell any good stuff. This time, they finally offended the wrong person…”

“However, Mifei Trade Union isn’t the G.o.ds Race. Many experts of the G.o.ds Race aren’t here, but most of Mifei’s experts are.”

“House Master Mo…” Just as Mo Wuji walked to the front of Mifei Trade Union, a green-robed man hurriedly came to greet him.

Mo Wuji recognised this green-robed man; he was a deacon of Mifei Trade Union. Back when he first entered Cosmos Edge, this was the man that stopped him, claiming that the Deputy Union Head of Mifei Trade Union had invited him.

“F*ck off.” Mo Wuji directly released a slap. This Immortal King deacon was directly sent flyings tens of meters by Mo Wuji’s slap. He landed heavily on the ground and immediately coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Mo Wuji instantly felt multiple spiritual wills land on him. However, these spiritual will only scanned him briefly. Mo Wuji sneered in his heart; Cosmos Edge was truly a marvellous place where people only cared about the snow right in front of their doorstep. (i.e they only care about their own business.) This was good; he liked it that way.

His Half Moon Weighted Halberd slashed an arc in the air, forming a silver halberd light which sailed towards Mifei Trade Union’s door.

“Kacha!” The three gold words above the door, Mifei Trade Union, was directly reduced to ash. In fact, the entire door was turned into dust.

Mo Wuji felt truly carefree. Those years ago, when he opened his Mortal Pill House in Heaven’s Beyond City Square, he didn’t antagonise Mifei Trade Union, but they still tried to screw him. Today, he could finally collect some interest.

“Stop!” A cold and harsh voice cried out. Thereafter, a middle-aged man in yellow robes landed on the rubble.

This yellow-robed man didn’t attack. Instead, he spoke coldly, “House Master Mo, why did you attack my Mifei Trade Union without a reason?”


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