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Chapter 676 – The Woman Seeking To Cooperate

“Master, if you are going to establish a sect, then would you be the sect head?” Lian Yingxian suddenly asked.

Mo Wuji nodded, “That’s right. If I establish a sect, then I would indeed be the sect head.”

In reality, Mo Wuji wasn’t merely going to establish a sect. He was going to build Ping Fan, a domain that exceeded a sect. However, he didn’t need to explain such things to Lian Yingxian.

“Then why don’t you be the head senior brother, and I be your junior sister?” Lian Yingxian looked at Mo Wuji nervously as she said that.

After Mo Wuji brought her to this remote place filled with immortal crystals, she felt her att.i.tude changing slightly. Back in Divergent Immortal Village, she was feeling grat.i.tude, and treated Mo Wuji as she would a senior. But now, she felt moved. She would rather be Mo Wuji’s friend than be his disciple.

Mo Wuji was slightly confused. How was becoming a disciple or a junior sister related to him establis.h.i.+ng a sect?

However, he immediately thought about how Lian Yingxian was definitely going to be an expert in the future. It didn’t matter of she was his disciple or his junior sister; she would still be a member of Ping Fan. Since Lian Yingxian wasn’t willing to be his disciple, it was fine if she became his junior sister.

“Alright, then you will be my junior sister. My cultivation technique was created by myself. It is suitable for Jingfeng, but I’m not clear whether it would be suitable for you. I have two ideas. The first is for you to do the same as Jingfeng, to open your channels according to the method I will pa.s.s down to you. Then, you would cultivate my technique and slowly release the cultivation hidden within your Mind Palace. Gradually, you will convert it into your own power. The second method is to use my own technique to temper your fleshly body. When your fleshly body reaches a certain level, then we would try to release the cultivation hidden in your Mind Palace. If we don’t do this, your fleshly body might not be able to withstand the cultivation,” Mo Wuji explained.

Even though Lian Yingxian knew of immortals, and had a wider knowledge than Fu Jingfeng, she was ultimately still a mortal. She didn’t understand the two methods that Mo Wuji mentioned. She could only say, “Senior Brother, I think you should decide for me.”

“I’ll choose the first one then. If it doesn’t work, we can try the second method,” Mo Wuji answered.

With the second method, there wouldn’t be a situation of a conflict in cultivation techniques. After all, when Lian Yingxian recovers her memories, she would have her own technique. However, the second method was slightly dirty; it required their bodies to touch. This was not suitable for Mo Wuji and Lian Yingxian.

“I will listen to senior brother and use the first method.” Even though Lian Yingxian wasn’t very clear about tempering the fleshly body, she instinctively felt that Mo Wuji’s method of tempering her body might be inappropriate.

Half a month later, Mo Wuji left the seabed of Extreme Glade Sea. He had helped Lian Yingxian install a meridian opening lightning array. And just like he did with Fu Jingfeng, he imparted his cultivation technique and knowledge to Lian Yingxian.

Before he left, he didn’t use his spiritual will to check on Fu Jingfeng’s condition. However, he felt the waves of lightning essence within Fu Jingfeng’s lightning array. It was very possible that Fu Jingfeng had already opened several meridians.

The reason why Mo Wuji was leaving was because he was rus.h.i.+ng to the Lake of Poison.

His Undying World was still lacking the Fire Elemental Bead, Wood Elemental Bead and the Water Elemental Bead. A primal water crystal appeared within the Lake of Poison, so it was possible that there were a Water Elemental Bead. Furthermore, the news of the water crystal had already caused a stir. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Wind Plains Immortal City was only an intermediate grade immortal city in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. The only thing exceptional about it was its results back during the Yong Ying Grand Alchemy Compet.i.tion. The pill refiner Ma Dian that represented Wind Plains Immortal City in the compet.i.tion got a pretty good result of 300th place.

It was just that Ma Dian was a pill refiner from Pill Dao Immortal Alliance; he didn’t really have huge ties to Wind Plains Immortal City. After that pill compet.i.tion, Wind Plains Immortal City also reverted back to its previous calm.

Recently, however, Wind Plains’ name started to spread once more. It wasn’t due to the immortal city itself, but due to the lake nearby, the Lake of Poison.

The Lake of Poison got its name because of its poisonous waters. What’s worse was that these waters were extremely toxic. It was said that even Immortal Emperors wouldn’t be able to defend against the toxicity of the lake water. Many have also said that only those that have G.o.d Physiques have the rights to enter the lake.

Many people have also tried entering the lake using antidote pills. However, all the cultivators that did that only faced a single outcome: Death by poison. The only difference was that they managed to prolong their death.

But no matter how long they prolonged it, they still wouldn’t last more than a day. And that’s if they escaped from the lake. If they continued to stay in the lake, then they wouldn’t have lasted more than two hours.

The reason why the Lake of Poison suddenly became so proliferated was because of a recent rumour. It was rumoured that a cultivator risked his life to enter the Lake of Poison, and he actually emerged with a primal water crystal.

What kind of thing was a primal water crystal? It was something that even Immortal Emperors desired. If a water-type cultivator obtained it, he would soar to the sky in a single step. Even if non water-type cultivators obtained the primal water crystal, they could easily exchange it for something else.

Thus, recently, countless of cultivators swarmed to the Lake of Poison. They all had the same goal: to obtain a primal water crystal.

Mo Wuji was one of them. At this instant, he was disguised as a black faced monk. This was the same appearance he had when he was Rogue Cultivator 2705 back in the cultivation world. The only difference was that he had an additional scar on his face. It twisted and curved on his face, as though something was crawling within. It looked extremely terrifying and menacing.

He also had a malicious and suffocating aura. One glance and you could tell that he wasn’t someone that you would want to offend. As for his cultivation, he had controlled it to be at the early Grand Zhi Immortal Stage.

Originally, a Grand Zhi Immortal was already considered an expert in Wind Plains Immortal Domain. However, there were so many cultivators that came over that a Grand Zhi Immortal didn’t count for much. It was Mo Wuji’s vicious appearance and baleful aura, however, that caused people to be unwilling to observe him.

Mo Wuji didn’t intend to stay here for long. He didn’t even enter Wind Plains Immortal City, but skirted past it from the outside and headed directly to the Lake of Poison.

The Lake of Poison’s area wasn’t very big; it definitely didn’t exceed an area of 100 square kilometers. Even on Earth, such an area wouldn’t be considered big, needless to say the Immortal World.

The sides of the Lake of Poison were already installed with several temporary establishments; there were stalls, pill houses, resthouses, etc. The flow of people was not small either. Many of them were merely pacing around the edges of the Lake of Poison. Mo Wuji didn’t actually see anyone entering.

As he walked past the stalls, Mo Wuji found that the most of the products sold were antidote pills. There were all sorts of antidote pills, and every kind of pill was portrayed like a garden of heavenly roses. Many of them were unknown even to a Tier 8 Pill Emperor like Mo Wuji.

No matter which kind of antidote pill he saw, he would find a remark at the bottom, claiming that the salesperson was not responsible for any lack of effect towards the poison in the Lake of Poison.

Even though there was this remark, Mo Wuji still saw several cultivators buying all sorts of antidote pills. They might not have entered the lake itself, but simply spending a prolonged time by the edge of the river required antidote pills.

Mo Wuji shook his head. Indeed, as long as there was opportunity, there would be people who would take the risk. Even if they might lose their lives, it would not be for waste. As he thought about it, wasn’t he also the same? The only difference was that these people were here for the primal water crystal, while he was here for the Water Elemental Bead.

Mo Wuji walked into a resthouse and called for a cup of spiritual tea. He originally wanted to ask a waiter about the conditions of the Lake of Poison. However, he didn’t expect that the people beside him were exactly discussing about that. Since that’s the case, he wouldn’t talk to the waiter but eavesdrop on this discussion.

“That’s not right. That Wei Bing died a whole 8 hours after he left the lake. He bought his antidote pill from Misty Immortal Pill Pavilion. He should be the one that lasted the longest…”

“What you’re saying is old news. This morning, I heard that Blade Scar Mountain’s Bai Pingzhi lasted 10 hours after leaving the lake.”

“I suspect that there might only be one primal water crystal in the lake. Otherwise, why didn’t any of the people that entered obtain anything?”

“How would you know that? Those that entered the Lake of Poison were quickly taken away. Who knows whether they found anything? People like us are merely here to look at the show. Even if we found anything, we wouldn’t be alive to enjoy it.”

These people discussed with fervour. From their discussion, people could tell that there were already many people that entered the Lake of Poison.

“This friend must have just arrived at the Lake of Poison?” As Mo Wuji was eavesdropping on the neighbouring discussion, a sharp and clear voice interrupted Mo Wuji.

A curvy and slightly graceful woman walked in front of Mo Wuji. The moment this woman appeared, a faint fragrance wafted into Mo Wuji’s nose. A pure, primal feeling surged into Mo Wuji’s mind. Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart.

A mere Grand Zhi Immortal actually tried to poison him. This woman was clearly courting death. His detoxification channel circulated once and that faint toxin instantly vanished.

“May I ask if I can sit here?” This woman smiled sweetly, adding onto her seductiveness.

Mo Wuji stared at this woman’s neck and nodded, “Feel free to do so.”

This woman’s body bent forward as she sat down, she was seemingly unaware that her ample chest was already slightly exposed. She spoke to Mo Wuji with caution, “Does immortal friend want to make an attempt in the Lake of Poison?”

“That’s right. I did intend to take a look. It was just that after observing for a few days, no one was able to come out from the Lake of Poison and survive. I’m currently facing a dilemma,” Mo Wuji frowned and said.

The woman lifted her hand and formed a seal around them, “Immortal friend, I have a Tier 7 antidote pill. If immortal friend is willing to cooperate with me, I will be willing to offer this pill? I only have one condition, if immortal friend finds primal water crystals, I only want one third of them. I don’t need anything else.”

“What if I die?” Mo Wuji asked calmly.

The woman maintained her calm as she said with a hushed voice, “The chances of death if you enter the Lake of Poison is very high. Even though I have a Tier 7 antidote pill, I cannot confirm that immortal friend will turn out fine. Since we’re working together, we both must face a risk. I am taking out a Tier 7 antidote pill. You should know that a Tier 7 antidote pill is a treasure that is as rare as a phoenix feather or a qilin horn. If you don’t have an antidote pill, you would also die if you enter the Lake of Poison. Only with risk, would there be reward.”


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