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Chapter 370 – The Devastated Poison Fairy

“Kacha…” Cracking sounds could be heard and after just half an incense time, the ice fog in the surrounding was gone and a whole new scene appeared in front of Nong Shuyi’s eyes.

Nong Shuyi was dumbfounded with her mouth wide opened at the sight in front of her.

At this moment, she finally understood why Mo Wuji said if the Broken Sect were to have a second life, they better not provoke him.

The originally lively and majestic Yan Clan which was protected by all sorts of defensive arrays had turned into a broken piece of ice land in an instant.

In one glance, there were no longer shadows of houses, trees and hills let alone humans under the blast of this incredible cannon.

The extreme cold could even be felt at where they were standing which made Nong Shuyi s.h.i.+vered.

What made her s.h.i.+vered even more was the thought of Mo Wuji ice cannon. There was actually such a destructive cannon on Zhen Xing? Was it meant to destroy the entire planet?

Nong Shuyi only asked Mo Wuji shockingly after a moment, “What cannon is this? How could it be so terrifying?”

Mo Wuji kept his ice cannon and instead of directly answering Nong Shuyi’s question, Mo Wuji said, “My cannons doesn’t have unlimited ammunition to use and now I am only left with a few.”

Mo Wuji was truthful about this because even though he looked like he still had a few piles of ammunition left, he had a total of only about 50 ammunition left. Every blast of the cannon would use a sh.e.l.l and if he was strong enough to exterminate the Yan Clan by himself, he wouldn’t have wasted one ammunition on the Yan Clan.

Nong Shuyi kept quiet as she initially thought that Mo Wuji was using a s.p.a.ce cannon. If he used a s.p.a.ce cannon, he would really be courting death because other than the many members of the Broken Sect in Yan Clan, there were also a few Worldly Immortal Stage experts in the Yan Clan itself. He would simply be alerting the enemy with a move like this.

She wouldn’t have bothered to save Mo Wuji too because even if he didn’t kill her sister, her sister’s death had a direct relation with Mo Wuji. As she already had no intentions to continue living, she wouldn’t stop Mo Wuji from courting his own death.

“Yan Clan is doomed,” Nong Shuyi didn’t question how many ammunition Mo Wuji had left because even if he had only one left, it was something everyone would be fearful of.

“Dao friend Nong, I believe you won’t return to the Broken Sect anymore so I hope you can tell me why Wan’Er wanted to continue living after realising I am a Rebirther?” Mo Wuji didn’t bother with Nong Shuyi’s words because it would be odd if the Yan Clan was not doomed after being blasted into nothing but a flat ground.

Nong Shuyi suddenly lifted her hand to create a circle of flame and after throwing the cultivator that Mo Wuji killed with his lightning sword into it, she said to Mo Wuji, “This place is not convenient to speak, follow me.”

Finis.h.i.+ng, Nong Shuyi drew out a flying s.h.i.+p. If she had her doubts for Mo Wuji’s ability to deal with the Broken Sect previously, all her doubts were clear now. With a cannon like this in his possession, no matter how strong the Broken Sect was, as long as Mo Wuji knew where their base was, the Broken Sect was as good as dead.

To Mo Wuji, Nong Shuyi was not much of a help in his quest to exterminate the Broken Sect. Nong Shuyi’s status was slightly low and she didn’t even know where their old lair was. The only help Nong Shuyi was to Mo Wuji was that she could explain to him why the Poison Fairy was so willing to live after knowing Mo Wuji was a Rebirther.

Nong Shuyi’s flying s.h.i.+p was slightly better than Mo Wuji’s one but the direction she was heading towards surprised Mo Wuji. The further she went, the lesser the amount of spiritual energy in the air.

Zhen Mo Continent’s cultivation laws were much more complete than the Lost Continent but it didn’t mean that the spiritual energy sources were better than the Lost Continent in every corner of the Zhen Mo Continent. Even in the Zhen Mo Continent, there were mortal worlds.

After flying for a few days, Nong Shuyi finally stopped her s.h.i.+p. Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to sense the surrounding and he realised that there was an extremely vast mortal city less than 1000 meters away from where they were. There were a few villages beside the city and the combination of villages and city formed a district.

After Mo Wuji also kept his flying s.h.i.+p, Nong Shuyi had already turned into a decent looking, hostile woman with thick makeup on her face.

Mo Wuji was extremely not used to seeing Nong Shuyi using some thick cosmetics to cover her face.

Nong Shuyi saw the suspicion in Mo Wuji’s eyes and laughed, “This was Wan’Er and my land of happiness and joy. When we had no missions or tasks, we would stay here to enjoy the quiet and peaceful life.”

Mo Wuji shook his head but didn’t say anything because there were simply too much commotion here as it was almost like a marketplace with all sorts of people around. This was clearly not a place to live a quiet life.

As if she could see through Mo Wuji’s thoughts, Nong Shuyi said voluntarily, “As compared to the days in the Broken Sect. Wan’Er and I loved this place. The only thing we didn’t like was that we had to put on a thick amount of cosmetics every time we return.”

Mo Wuji finally understood why both Nong Shuyi and the Poison Fairy was always bare faced. This was because they were already sick of putting on makeup since they always had to put on so much low grade cosmetics which made them looked even worse than ghosts.

Following which, Mo Wuji walked into the city and the bustling of the city brought Mo Wuji back to the days where he brought Yan’Er around the streets of Rao Zhou. After turning at a few corners of the city, Mo Wuji followed Nong Shuyi into a place filled with women.

Only after reaching here did Mo Wuji finally realised what Nong Shuyi meant by a quiet and peaceful place. This was a red light district and all the women here were wearing revealing clothes, sprayed with perfume and had a face full of cosmetics.

With every man that walked in here, a group of ladies would be dragging him around.

“Juan Juan, why did you bring a man back today? Where is your sister?” Just as Nong Shuyi walked past this street, she was greeted by many as she was evidently rather popular here.

Nong Shuyi greeted every single one of them with a face full of smiles.

Mo Wuji sighed because one must know that Nong Shuyi was actually a Worldly Immortal Stage expert which was also a Immortal King in the mortal world. Even the greatest king in the mortal world had to kneel down in front of her so who would have thought she would be so friendly with the prost.i.tutes here and even treated herself like one of them.

“Do you look down on the women here?” Nong Shuyi suddenly asked.

Mo Wuji shook his head because if there was one person in Zhen Xing who wouldn’t despise mortals, that would definitely be him. He was originally from Earth and was a mortal. Even if he had cultivated till the True G.o.d Stage Level 10, he still didn’t have any spiritual roots and was still not able to open his spirit channels. He was only able to cultivate because he managed to open his meridians using his own technique.

“They are actually very pitiful because behind the smiles of these women are all sorrowful tears. There are not many sisters here who could live for long while even Wan’Er and myself had to change residences once every decade…” Nong Shuyi stopped talking at this point as she seemed to have stirred up her own feelings.

She brought Mo Wuji into a small, dark alley before reaching a house. After opening the door, it was dark and wet inside with only two beds, a table and two chairs.

Nong Shuyi walked to one of the chair, dusted it before turning to Mo Wuji and said, “This was Wan’Er’s chair and it has been many years since I saw her…”

Mo Wuji didn’t know how to console Nong Shuyi so he remained silent.

After a few minutes, Nong Shuyi finally let go and said to Mo Wuji, “Wan’Er was a Rebirther…”

Even though Mo Wuji had already guessed that the Poison Fairy was like himself, Mo Wuji was still shocked, “And how did you know?”

“She had memories of her past life the moment she was born and if it was not for the Broken Sect, I wouldn’t need cultivate and we could have led a peaceful and blissful life…”

Nong Shuyi seemed like she was explaining to Mo Wuji but felt like she was murmuring to herself too as her voice had traces of memories, “Until one day, a man called Zhu Qu came to our house and brought the both of us away. After the two of us were brought away, our parents died mysteriously.”

“Is that Zhu Qu the sect head of the Broken Sect?” Mo Wuji interrupted and asked.

Nong Shuyi nodded her head, “Yes, he is the sect head of the Broken Sect. He had a cultivation technique called the Soul Refining Technique and his soul refinement was extremely terrifying. From what I heard, n.o.body in the entire Zhen Xing had a greater primordial spirit and soul than him which was why he could even challenge experts who were on an entire different level of cultivation as he was. Back when he was only in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, he killed an Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1 expert.”

Mo Wuji’s heart was in shock when he heard of this because after refining his own cultivation technique and opening 106 meridians, he could easily kill Worldly Immortal Stage experts too. However, for a Worldly Immortal Stage expert to kill an Earthly Immortal Stage expert was a completely different capability. Perhaps when he reached the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, he could kill an Earthly Immortal too but this was only a slight possibility.

“In the process of cultivating the Soul Refining Technique, he had to constantly swallow primordial spirit and soul. The irony of this technique was that to make this technique stronger and advance quicker, one needed the purest soul and primordial spirit. And the only way to be pure, he needed to swallow a person’s soul and primordial spirit to cultivate.”

At this moment, Nong Shuyi’s eyes were slightly red, “Other than this, to transform the Soul Refining Technique into a sacred technique, he needed a Rebirther’s soul and primordial spirit… Zhu Qu had the capability to detect a Rebirther’s soul and primordial spirit because other than their stronger soul and primordial spirit, it also fulfill the needs of Zhu Qu’s cultivation of his Soul Refining Technique…”

“So Zhu Qu constantly swallowed Wan’Er soul and primordial spirit to cultivate and then constantly used top grade treasures to help her recover her soul so as to let him cultivate again?” Mo Wuji seemed to have a little more understanding of the situation now.

Nong Shuyi’s tears couldn’t help but fell, “It was true that he used Wan’Er’s soul and primordial spirit to cultivate however, for every spiritual herb that was used to recover her soul, Wan’Er had to exchange it with contributions. He told Wan’Er that as long as he managed to cultivate successfully, he would return Wan’Er and my freedom. Because of this hope that he gave, Wan’Er was working insanely hard for the Broken Sect.

Wan’Er’s apt.i.tude was much better than mine but every time she was about to advance into the next stage, part of her soul and primordial spirit would be swallowed by Zhu Qu so she had no choice but to continue to work hard. After so many years, her ability was still far away from mine… It could be said that after entering the Broken Sect, Wan’Er suffered so badly that perhaps her death was actually extricating her from her sufferings…”

Mo Wuji kept quiet because he initially thought the shyness she displayed was an act but it was only because she still held onto a tiny hope to live which was why she would work so hard for the Broken Sect. If it was any other person going through such torture, they would have gave up long ago.


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