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The white moustached old man chuckled, “There’s still something I want to tell you. That little lover of yours was saved by me and she went to the Zhen Mo Continent. I even heard that there’s a purple robed monkey called Xia Mu who’s very interested in her. If you don’t hurry over, you will lose your beauty.”

Mo Wuji directly ignored the old man’s words; everything this old man did seemed to have a motive, “Senior, if you want to trade, then just say it. Don’t be full of twists and turns like a politician.”

“Solid ah, I like the way we interact with each other: straightforward!” The white moustached old man slapped his thigh and said heartily.

Mo Wuji cursed in his heart, If your ways are considered straightforward, then nothing in this world is curved.

The white moustached old man did not express a half bit of shame as he said, “The Zhen Mo Continent has something called the Universal Board, it’s different from other boards. In the Heaven Seeking Board, it will record the number of steps you climbed and your name if you carve your name on the Heaven Seeking Staircase. But for the Universal Board, it will see what is your ranking, then allow you to climb up that particular number of steps. Remember ah, the Universal Board is diametrically opposite from the Heaven Seeking Board. The number one step is the highest step.”

Mo Wuji’s face turned ugly, “You can’t be expecting me to obtain number one on the Universal Board and then climb it right?”

The white moustached old man did not seem to hear Mo Wuji’s sarcasm, with a big thumbs up, he said, “You see, I enjoy working with you. You’ll first obtain number one on the Universal Board and then climb to the number one step. Thereafter, you’ll take the Universal Peak Token from the top. That’s the first thing.”

Mo Wuji said coldly, “I’ve heard of the Universal Board. It’s the highest board in the entire Zhen Mo Continent. Everyone on that board are either Worldly Immortals or experts beyond Worldly Immortals. Even if there were some in the True G.o.d Stage, they would be ranked among the back. This board purely measures the contribution points made in the universe. Not only must one’s cultivation be high, one’s contribution must also be number one. You want me to be the first on the Universal Board? Moreover, the first place on the Universal Board had long been occupied. Even if I climbed up, the Universal Peak Token wouldn’t belong to me.”

The white moustached old man hurriedly waved his hands, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. The first places on the Universal Board have always been old fogeys over a hundred years old. If the reach the first place on the Universal Board after 100 years old, they wouldn’t be able to climb to the number one step of the Universal Board. Moreover, few people on the Zhen Mo Continent would climb the Universal Board. Do you think that they ate too much and have too much energy to spare? They only care about leaving their name behind on the Universal Board and wouldn’t even know that it could be climbed. So, you just need to reach the first place on the Universal Board before you turn 100, then you will have a chance to obtain the Universal Peak Token. If you go over once you’re above 100, you don’t deserve to be the number one on this low levelled continent. With that talent, there wouldn’t even be any meaning in climbing up.”

Mo Wuji sighed, “So that’s why you saved Cen Shuyin and thought of ways to send her to the Zhen Mo Continent right?”

Mo Wuji had long inquired about Cen Shuyin’s matter, he knew that this old fogey had saved her and threw her at the entrance of the Sword Lake without any explanation. Furthermore, it was the Sword Lake elder himself who found an explanation.

“This are your own words, I never forced her to go to the Zhen Mo Continent ah. I didn’t say anything, I was purely doing a good deed. Eventually, she was the one who wanted to go to the Zhen Mo Continent and I even heard she’s hara.s.sed by a little monkey called Xia Mu. So that’s why ah, you should hurry over. Court her and coerce her to bed, then you can carry on,” The white moustached old man hastily answered.

Mo Wuji plainly said, “I’ve always liked being straightforward. If you continue to twist and turn then I will stop talking. At the very most, you can get the person you sent to the Zhen Mo Continent to fight for you.”

The old fogey was too lazy to even step out when the alien cultivators almost destroyed the Lost Continent. Mo Wuji didn’t believe that he would be so kind-hearted to save Cen Shuyin as a ‘good deed’.

The white moustached old man chortled, “Ah, you’re talking about Cen Shuyin ah. Now that I think about it, I did have that in mind when I saved her. But a larger part of me wanted her to follow you to the Zhen Mo Continent.”

Mo Wuji went silent without a word, he knew Cen Shuyin’s character. To exchange for a lightning-type skill, she was willing to pester an outer disciple. If she had the chance to go to the Zhen Mo Continent to pursue the Dao, she definitely wouldn’t give it up. Even he knew Cen Shuyin’s character, there was no reason why this old fogey wouldn’t know.

“Talk about the second condition then. I believe that you definitely won’t settle for just one thing,” Mo Wuji calmed down. The white moustached old man had already made things clear, saving him was for a purpose. At least it was much better than those fake gentleman.

The old man immediately smiled and said, “The second condition is for you to bring the two tokens to the immortal sealing array in the G.o.ds Tower and save a person called Ji Li. Only after you do this, our trade will be complete.”

“Where’s the G.o.ds Tower? Who is Ji Li? I don’t even know,” Mo Wuji said calmly.

The white moustached old man waved his hands, “When you have the abilities, you will naturally find out. If you don’t have the abilities, knowing about it would also be useless.”

“Since that’s the case, why don’t you find someone more capable to do it?” Mo Wuji frowned and asked.

This was the first time the old man revealed an aggrieved expression, “You don’t think I want to? When I started to defend this place, the Heaven Seeking Palace was nothing much. Then, the Lost Continent gave birth to many geniuses, experts were as plenty as the clouds. However, no one could climb to the top Heaven Seeking Palace. There was one time, I met this fella who climbed to the 107th step of the Heaven Seeking Staircase. I was so happy, my b.a.l.l.s almost dropped out. Unfortunately, that fella did not manage to step upon the 108th step.”

Seemingly immersed in the recollection of the long time he was cooped here, the old man took some time to get rid of the nostalgia in his eyes before he continued, “You don’t have spiritual roots but you came up with your method of cultivating by opening meridians. Not only that, you even found 108 meridians in your body. Even though they have not all been fully perforated, I believe that it is simply a matter of time. You were also incredibly lucky, finding the most suitable cultivation technique for you, the Immortal Mortal Technique. So that’s why you are the only one here in the Lost Continent that could truly tread upon the true Extreme Mortal Stage, and you also have the chance of attaining the true Extreme Earth Stage. Of course, most importantly, you reached the 108th step.

You may not know this but when you brought the Immortal Seeking Token down, I almost wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it from you and leave this place. I would have gone to the Zhen Mo Continent to search for geniuses. However, I resisted that temptation; why find others when I could choose you. Even though I don’t view your meridian cultivation highly, where else would I find another person as exceptional as you?”

As he recalled the old fogey’s reaction when he offered the Immortal Seeking Token, Mo Wuji could come to a rough understanding. He never thought that this old fogey could even see through his cultivation method through opening meridians. Exactly what was the fella’s origins? Did this old fogey also know that he didn’t have a golden core but a violet emanation?

“Senior, I’m sure I’m not the only Extreme Mortal Stage cultivator. Even in the Lost Continent alone, there are a few. It’s just that most of them only reached Level 10, while I reached Level 12,” Mo Wuji corrected the white moustached old man’s misunderstanding.

The white moustached old man chuckled, “Three levels equate one small stage. For example, you’re now in the Yuan Dan Stage. Yuan Dan Level 1 to 3 is the Yuan Dan Elementary Stage, Level 4 to 6 is the Yuan Dan Intermediate Stage and Level 7 to 9 is the Yuan Dan Advanced Stage. Since each three levels is a minor stage, why would there only be one level in the Extreme Mortal Stage? Let me tell you, the true Extreme Mortal Stage has three levels, that is Level 10 to Level 12. So all those Level 10 Extreme Mortal Stage cultivators are merely consoling themselves. Hei, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning ah.”

So that’s the case, Mo Wuji finally understood why each of his stage was 12 levels. It wasn’t him who had cultivated wrongly, but it others. So the fact was that he was one of the small handful of people who grasped the truth ah.

“Senior, if that’s the case, I agree. But I will have to put thing upfront, I will only try my best. But if I never find the G.o.ds Tower in my entire life, then I wouldn’t be able to open the immortal sealing array. Of course, perhaps I might help senior find an inheritor,” Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

The old man sighed, “I estimate that with your astuteness and your methods, there wouldn’t be problem living till you’re 1800 years old. If you wait for 1800 years, then there wouldn’t be much of a point going to the G.o.ds Tower.”

“Four hours have arrived.” In the Five Elements Desolate City, the eyebrow-less man suddenly stood up, his killing intent flooded in all directions as he prepared to start his slaughter.

With this inundating killing intent, all the sect heads in the hall slowly took a few steps back. No one thought that this was faked. The other party was a Worldly Immortal King, if he said he want ma.s.sacre the entire Five Elements Desolate City, then he would do it.

Jiang Xiushan’s face sunk as he said coldly, “He truly says one thing but does another. Where’s that courage and grandeur he demonstrated two years ago on the Five Elements Desolate Plaza? These two years, we’ve slogged hard for the Hundred Sect Alliance, but where was he?”

“Don’t tell me everywhere I go, I must report to you, Jiang Xiushan? Jiang Xiushan, are you the alliance head, or is it me, Mo Wuji, who’s the alliance head?” Mo Wuji’s voice could be heard from afar followed by Mo Wuji slowly walking into the hall.

Jiang Xiushan’s voice lagged, he didn’t know that Mo Wuji would appear at this time. If he did, he should have said that sentence a little later.

Mo Wuji had arrived and the entire hall of people heaved a sigh of relief. Everyone knew, if Mo Wuji came, at most he would die. But if he didn’t come, then everyone was screwed.

“Alliance Head Mo.” Feng Zhenqiu clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, his face was bitter. According to principle, when the Hundred Sect Alliance faces difficulties, they shouldn’t let the alliance head stand out alone against it. But for now, besides having Mo Wuji stand forward to defend them, there was nothing else they could do.

It wasn’t because everyone was afraid of death, it was just that throwing additional eggs at a rock would never break it. Since that’s the case, why waste the eggs?

“You’re Rogue Cultivator 2705?” The eyebrow-less man coldly sized Mo Wuji up, his eyes revealed a hint of surprise. He felt that the spiritual ripples around Mo Wuji were weak. According to his knowledge, Mo Wuji’s roots should be very ordinary.

“I have no debts or grievances with you. Did you specially come to find me because of that Xia Mu?” Mo Wuji looked at the eyebrow-less man and asked calmly.

“Enough with the nonsense, let’s go.” The eyebrow-less man lifted his hand and extended it towards Mo Wuji. However, his face immediately changed as he retracted his hand, and at the same time, punching towards the hall entrance.

The punch brought with it a surge of explosive energy, causing the whole room to tremble. It was like a huge dragon wanted to devour the entire hall.


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