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Chapter 116: Poetry Contest

Madam Li was slightly stunned when she heard this. In the past, everyone would take out their own poems and read each other’s poems.

But now, Young Master Zhao wanted to write a poem. It was obvious that he wanted to steal the limelight back.

“No matter what question Madam Li comes up with, I will definitely write a poem in ten steps!”

Young Master Zhao was already prepared. He had a confident smile on his face as he looked at Madam Li with a deep gaze.

Such literary talent and confidence were truly admirable.

One had to know that a scholar’s talent and foundation were the most tested when writing poems.

If one didn’t have unparalleled talent, who would dare to boast that they could write a poem in ten steps?

Immediately, Madam Li opened her mouth and said, “Good, it is inevitable that everyone would have such elegance. I will come up with a question today!”

After saying this, she raised her head and looked at the sky outside the house. At this time, the sky was gray and dark clouds covered the sky. It seemed like it was going to rain.

Madam Li smiled slightly and said, “Now that it is the beginning of spring, everyone, look at the dark clouds in the sky. Perhaps the first spring rain this year will come in a few days. How about we use spring rain as the topic?”

Everyone heard this. Spring rain?

This kind of poem singing about spring had to be done every year. Everyone was already familiar with it, so it wasn’t difficult at all!

However, the more easy the topic was, the more one could see the difference between different people. Using it at this time was just the right moment. “…”

Moreover, Young Master Zhao had completed the poem in ten steps, so the difficulty was still there.

As for Lin An, when he heard that it was about spring rain, he was instantly overjoyed. Among the poems he had come across since he was young, any one of them was a cla.s.sic sentence from ancient times!

However, almost the moment Madam Li finished her question, Young Master Zhao took the first ten steps to compose a poem!

The first step caused everyone’s expressions to change.


“I didn’t expect Young Master Zhao to be so confident!”

Madam Li was also moved. The question had just been asked, but Young Master Zhao immediately began to compose a poem. Such confidence was worthy of his t.i.tle as the King of Poetry!

Young Master Zhao’s eyes were filled with confidence and his lips curved into a confident smile. He looked up at the cloudy sky and took a second step:

“The spring rain is as fine as dust.”

He then took the third step.

“The willow outside the building is yellow and wet.”

Before everyone’s thoughts could keep up with Young Master Zhao’s rhythm, he took the fourth step.

Then, he took the fifth step.

The sixth step.

The seventh step!

“Wind invites the embroidered curtain to go.”

Everyone held their breaths. There was only one sentence left!

Their eyes were fixed on Young Master Zhao’s feet. There were only three steps left. Could he make the last sentence within three steps?

In fact, the smile on Young Master Zhao’s face had already explained everything. He took a deep breath and took the last three steps.

“Through the window.”

Ten steps in total. A five-character poem was completed!

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

The crowd burst into an uproar!

The applause of the scholars resounded throughout the building.

“Good poem. Good poem!”

“As expected of the King of Poetry. It’s already not easy to complete a poem with ten steps but he can still make it to such a level. I’m impressed, I’m impressed!”

“The spring rain is as fine as dust, and the willow outside is yellow and wet. This is an exquisite painting!”

“Young Master Zhao’s eyes have already traveled through time and s.p.a.ce. The rain has yet to fall, and he has already painted such a beautiful scene for us. It is as if we have seen it with our own eyes!”

All the scholars present said with respect from the bottom of their hearts.

“The t.i.tle of King of Poetry is indeed worthy of its name. I really have a feast for my eyes today.”

Even Madam Li’s body trembled as her eyes moved with admiration.

“Young Master Zhao’s poem is truly a famous line from ancient times!”


However, an untimely sound suddenly rang out in the loft.

It was Lin An, who was drinking tea, who suddenly spat out the tea in his mouth with a strange expression on his face!

How could this be called a unique line? These country b.u.mpkins really hadn’t seen the world!

Naturally, his action of spitting out water attracted everyone’s attention.

Young Master Zhao also suddenly glared over. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he sneered, “What? Could it be that this brother looks down on this poem of mine?”

Lin An stretched out his hand to wipe the tea from his mouth and smiled indifferently.

“It’s alright. It’s just so-so. There’s nothing to look down on!”

When he said this, everyone felt the corners of their mouths twitch.

Not looking down on it?

His tone was so arrogant!

The quality of this poem was definitely top-notch even in the entire imperial city. Moreover, it was written in ten steps. He was able to come up with such an exquisite and talented poem in such a short period of time, yet he still dared to say that it was not bad?

Young Master Zhao was also angered by him and laughed.

“Since that’s the case, then let us appraise the masterpieces under our feet!”

“Then of course we’ll let you appraise them, no, admire them!”

Lin An narrowed his eyes and laughed in his heart.

A student snorted coldly, “Young Master Zhao just finished a poem in ten steps. Even if you can really produce a poem, you still can’t compare to Young Master Zhao’s talent!”

“Hehe, you said that a poem in ten steps can be called a poem?”

Lin An suddenly sneered, “This can also be called a poem?”

“What… What did you say?”

“Ridiculous, this is simply ridiculous, how dare you spout nonsense here!”

“Ten steps into a poem is nothing to you, do you think you can become a poem in seven steps?”

Everyone was furious, this time they were truly speaking up for Young Master Zhao.

Young Master Zhao was able to obtain such a masterpiece in ten steps, how dare you call this a piece of trash?


Suddenly, a m.u.f.fled sound rang out.

Lin An flicked his wrist and flicked away the folding fan in his hand. The surface of the fan swayed gently, and his sleeves fluttered in the wind. He looked unrestrained and unruly!

He straightened his body and looked out of the window. He laughed out loud, “Others laugh at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at others for not being able to see through me!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

Many people were dumbfounded.

Madam Li also widened her eyes and looked at him in shock.

Young Master Zhao’s expression suddenly froze. The smile on his face also froze at this moment!

“Others laugh at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at others for not being able to see through me.”

This sentence perfectly hit back at everyone, stunning everyone.

Then, Lin An took a step forward and, in the hall where a pin drop could be heard, he recited the first step, the first poem.

“The good rain knows the season,

“when spring happens.

“It sneaks into the night with the wind,

“dampening things silently.”

Everyone’s heart suddenly stopped beating and their pupils rapidly contracted!

My G.o.d, this was a five-word poem, and all four lines could be called quatrains. Each sentence was more brilliant than Young Master Zhao’s!

Young Master Zhao was also stunned. These four quatrains completely defeated the poem he had just recited!

Almost at the same time as everyone was shocked, Lin An took a second step without the slightest hesitation and recited:

“A thousand-mile-long bird’s cry is reflected in the green,

“water village mountain and city wall’s wine flag’s wind.

“The Southern Dynasty’s 480 temples,

“how many towers in the misty rain.”

Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air. This…! … This was actually a seven-character poem and it was also a cla.s.sic sentence!



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