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Chapter 528, Reputation ruined 

Clear River Domain. 

The Fragrant Plains were boundless. 

This beautiful huge gra.s.sland was one of the richest areas in the whole Clear River Domain.

Every year when spring comes, the gra.s.s is tall and the birds are in the air. The plains were like a large green blanket that is stretched between heaven and earth, the lush green colour making one ecstatic. 

And at the height of summer, there will be a species of three-coloured nameless wildflower blooming in waves. The colour is not extremely beautiful, but because of the sheer number and the fact that the flower and leaf emitted a strange delicate fragrance that wafts through the air, it made one feel carefree and relax. This was also the origin of the beautiful name Fragrance Plains.

And Flowing Light City was the largest city of the Human Race of Fragrance Plains. 

Today was the market day of Flowing Light City, which is held once a month. The several traders, herdsmen and all sorts of powers within hundreds of miles will gather inside and outside Flowing Light City to trade with one another. The atmosphere was lively and extraordinary. 

Standing on the city wall of Flowing Light City and looking down, whether it was inside or outside the city, there were people weaving in and out. It was extremely crowded. 

There were all kinds of hawkers shouting everywhere.

In the bustling crowd, a white-clad youngster and a wretched-looking cross-eyed man looked a little awkward. 

“Old man, you seemed to have directed me in the wrong direction, we are very far away from Greater One Sect.” The white-robed youngster was naturally Ye Qingyu. Being situated at this lively and bustling place, where it was crammed with people, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat overwhelmed. 

The cross-eyed old man who was sweeping his eyes around with great curiosity and excitement said with smile, “There are numerous underground rivers, there are many dangers. I was trapped for millions of years, it’s good that I was able to can find an exit to the surface. Young man, you are hot tempered and impatient. Remember, to succeed you must remain calm at all times. How do I bring you to success if you’re like this?” 

After more than one million of years of being trapped, the Old Fish had finally returned to land. He was evidently very excited and enjoying the lively atmosphere of celebration.

Ye Qingyu could also tell, but with no other choice he curled his lips and accompanied the Old Fish to take a stroll around the city first. 

Previously, Xiao Yunlong had so easily found him, which Ye Qingyu felt that there must be something odd. So as soon as he returned to land, he had not activated the slightest yuan qi nor released the slightest fluctuation of yuan qi. It was better to be safe than sorry. 

When the two men escaped from an underground river exit three days ago, they noticed that they were far away from the mountains, and the exit was a lake on the gra.s.slands. After climbing out of the lake, they determined their bearings based on the direction of the sun. They walked in the same direction for more than three days, and had finally came to the capital city of Fragrant Plains, Flowing Light City. 

The Old Fish was in high spirits, like a little child that was finally let out after being grounded for three days and three nights. The changes of the dazzling world made him a little dizzy, but he was amused and entertained by everything, squatting down at each stall, looking curiously and asking questions. But his line of thought, was still in the time of one million years ago, and as a result attracted a lot of laughter. 

“Ah, little baby, how much is this toy?” The Old Fish crouched down at another stall again.

The stall owner was a grey-haired old man who looked hundreds of years old. 

The moment he heard the Old Fish’s words, the old man immediately looked irritated. He scowled and said, “What did you say? Firstly, I am 410 years old this year, you are just around 60 years old, yet you called me a little baby? Secondly, I am not selling toys, but combat puppets, made from fine iron, they are masterpieces. Open your eyes and look carefully, the inside is engraved with pure battle formation, enough to erupt into a full-strength blow of a Bitter Sea boundary expert…”

“What? You’re only more than 400 years old? I thought you’re around 600 years old. Then I have more the reason to call you little baby, I am over one million years old, hehe.” The Old Fish triumphantly showed off his age, and then picked up one of the iron battle puppet, and smiled, “This thing only has the strength of a Bitter Sea expert? In my era, this sort of thing is everywhere, it’s much more advanced than yours. Hey, no matter how many hundred or thousand times you say it, it is still like a toy, what use is there?” 

Upon hearing this, the old man suddenly opened his eyes wide.

He studied the Old Fish closely, thinking that he had really encountered a master. But on second thought, it didn’t feel right, even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors had not lived to more than 1 million years old. Was this cross-eyed old man playing a joke on him? 

“Who are you?” the old man asked. 

The Old Fish was immediately full of enthusiasm, grinning, “Then listen carefully, stand firm, don’t be scared, I am Inspiration king, the immemorial King of the Quicksand Sea of the immemorial FiendG.o.d Age, who governs the tens of thousands of Aquatic Race of the endless waters, even the immemorial Dragon Race was respectful to me. Back then I had more than 10 battle divisions, nine army of troops, eight war G.o.ds, seven concubines…” 

Before he could finish his sentence, the old man was already certain that he was a lunatic or a conman, and had completely lost interest, “Leave, leave, leave, d.a.m.n cross eye, obstructing me from doing business, hurry leave.” 

“Hey? You little baby, how could you say that?” The Old Fish was unwilling to leave things at that. 

Ye Qingyu could feel cold sweats forming on his forehead as he stood watching at one side. He hurriedly pulled the Old Fish away from the stall without a backward glance.

It was only when he blindly walked down a few streets, that Ye Qingyu loosened the Old Fish’s hand. 

“Why did you drag me away, I haven’t really taught that little baby yet.” The Old Fish’s voice was very dissatisfied.

Ye Qingyu sighed, “King, can we be a little more low profile? You’re background is so remarkable and you talk too much, what if you scared the old man to death?” 

The Old Fish was still huffing. 

Ye Qingyu sighed again. “Besides, I am now being hunted by two powerful forces, I am under extreme danger, please do not give me trouble. Your Dao injury has also not healed yet, which means that you cannot fight. If those wicked people know of your ident.i.ty, then the whole world will turn crazy, everyone will want to capture you. They will use all kinds of torture to force you to expose the whereabouts of the Thunder and Lightning Emperor. If you do not tell them then they will most likely make you into steamed carp soup.” 

The Old Fish’s eyes popped wide open when he heard this, “They dare…” 

But then he was very well behaved.

The two people wandered aimlessly around Flowing Light City all morning. 

The Origin crystal that Ye Qingyu had with him could be used as currency, which the Old Fish demanded to use to buy some random things that had no use, and was purely for fun.  

In the end, Ye Qingyu, who couldn’t stand it any longer, said irritably, “I can forget the other things that you bought before, but you spent a full five kilograms of Origin crystal on a formation fis.h.i.+ng rod and dragon excrement bait. Do you want to go against the laws of heaven, you yourself are a fish, do you want to fish yourself with these things? Or are you going to go fish for your disciples and descendants?” 

The Old Fish boldly replied, “It’s fun, it’s none of your business.” 

Ye Qingyu, “…”

You should at least use your own money to buy it. 

As they were speaking, suddenly there was a clamour of voices ahead, and vaguely the sound of swords striking. It seemed that some people were fighting. 

Curiously, Ye Qingyu squeezed his way through the crowd. 

It was true that some people were fighting. 

There were already flesh and blood all over the place, and a few bodies scattered across the street, thoroughly dead.

Dozens of people were exchanging flashes of swords joyfully, the stench of blood directly drying up on the street.

And the several hundreds of people around were unexpectedly not at all afraid, and instead were as though watching the circus, commenting loudly at one side while watching——

“Hey? Only six dead? This is not a very exciting fight.” 

“Yes, yesterday at Drunk Immortal House, the people of two little sects, in order to fight for a Greater One notice sheet, fought to death. That is what I call a lively scene, unfortunately they all died. There were hundreds of bodies. That scene really was a spectacle.” 

“Come on, that fat man, I have confidence in you… what, you died as soon as I finished talking?”

“You guys hurry up and finish, I have to go and buy food for dinner.” 

A group of people looked very excited as they watched. 

Ye Qingyu’s face immediately darkened with a frown.

What kind of people are these, let alone the fact that they were watching the scene like it’s nothing, they are fanning the flames. 

People have died, yet no one was stepping forward to stop them? 

The people of Clear River Domain, were they all so brutal?

Before Ye Qingyu could intervene, the fight soon ended. 

Because the people on one side were all dead.  

On the winning party there were also five or six people that had died. 

The leader of the winning side was a bearded expert of about thirty or forty Spirit springs. He struck the enemies on the ground repeatedly with a sword and then, regardless of the other injured and wailing companions, strode over in big steps, eagerly peeled down a pure silver-coloured notice sheet from the wall, and said laughing, “The Greater One Sect’s notice on this street, us brothers have got it, who is not satisfied, stand out now, hahaha.” 

There were a lot of people around watching, but no one dared step out. 

It was only now that Ye Qingyu came to understand that a number of people were unexpectedly fighting over a so called Greater One notice sheet.

From listening to the name, it most likely had some sort of relations.h.i.+p with the Greater One Sect.

At this time the bearded expert dropped a drop a blood onto the Greater One notice, like in the recognition of the owner. Soon after the notice sheet was flas.h.i.+ng with a red brilliance, fusing with the bearded expert. It was extremely marvelous.

The bearded man laughed, holding the notice sheet high in the air, “You guys all saw, this notice belongs to me. Haha, three months ago, Greater One Sect issued a Greater One notice, to kill a perverted thief named Ye Qingyu within a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles. Anyone that has a Greater One notice, if they kill that perverted thief or report back the whereabouts of that perverted thief will have the opportunity of joining Greater One Sect. Haha now this Greater One notice is in my hands, if any of you guys have news of that perverted thief, notify me. I will heavily reward you, haha.” 

Within a radius of millions of miles, Greater One Sect was an unrivalled ruler, high and mighty, like heaven.

So to be able to join Greater One Sect, for many mediocre and lower martial artists, was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Three months ago, the notice that was issued by the Greater One Sect had sparked several ma.s.sacre-like battles within the major cities of Fragrant Plains. 

Such matters, during these three months, were happening everywhere.  

“Hey? What’s going on? The name that boy just said now, it seems like you, when did you become a perverted thief?” The Old Fish put away his fis.h.i.+ng rod that he paid a very large amount of money for, grinning, nudging Ye Qingyu with his shoulder and curiously asking. 

Ye Qingyu’s face darkened. “How would I know?” 

“Did you really do something to that Greater One Sect female disciple?” The Old Fish fully revealed the nosy mind that he had after being imprisoned for million years. A very wretched expression was flickering within his wretched crossed eyes. Grinning, “What happened? Don’t be embarra.s.sed, we are both men, I can understand, your physical body is so strong, and your blood and qi are so vigorous, it is understandable that you seek exuberance. Hey, l.u.s.t is not a crime… Ah, I know, are you borrowing feminine force to strengthen male health?”

Ye Qingyu wished to flatten this Old Fish’s wretched face. 

“Lower your voice to avoid being noticed.” Ye Qingyu could only use this kind of words to seal the mouth of the Old Fish. 

Soon the crowd dispersed. 

Ye Qingyu stared at that bearded man and his group of people for a moment, then decided to follow. 

Along the way, he heard people talking about [The Perverted Thief of a Generation] Ye Qingyu’s story, and there were all kinds of different versions of the story.

“Hey, did you hear, there was a perverted thief from a lower domain that defiled a female disciple of Greater One Sect’s Clear Lotus Peak.” 

“You heard it wrong, what I heard was completely different.”

“Ah? Is it?” 

“Of course, he defiled more than 10 Clear Lotus Peak female disciples.”

“d.a.m.n, that lower domain boy is really brave, Greater One Sect is furious, he will surely be dead… However, hehe, a man should be happy if he died for a beautiful girl, to be able to get close to the fairies of Greater One Sect, it is worth dying for.” 

“I also heard that a woman had come with this boy to Clear River Domain, but this woman’s luck was much better. She has been accepted as a female disciple of Clear Lotus Peak, stepping to heaven with one single step.” 

“Different people, different fate. I heard that now Greater One Sect had issued an order to arrest that perverted thief.”

“Hey, this matter is quite odd. This kind of scandal should not be spread out. After all, it makes the Greater One Sect lose face, but the news had spread so quickly that the entire Clear River Domain knows. Greater One Sect has quickly become the laughingstock of the major forces, hahaha… It seems that some people are deliberately stirring up muddy waters, using this chance to strike at the Greater One Sect.” 

“Yes, I heard that some young experts of other forces had come to Fragrant Plains in the hope of meeting the perverted thief Ye Qingyu.”

There were all kinds of sayings and rumours flying about.

Along the way, Ye Qingyu’s face darkened. 

That trash of Greater One Sect really was harming him despite there being no benefit to he himself.

But then again, it was most likely that it was not only Xiao Yunlong who was stirring up troubles behind the scenes, a Xiao Yunlong should not have so much energy.

It was strange that such information was leaked out.

The more the Old Fish listened the more interesting he thought it was. Occasionally he gathered around the people to listen more closely. 

Finally, the Old Fish was chuckling at Ye Qingyu’s misfortune. “Smelly boy, so you are this famous, hahaha.” 

Ye Qingyu’s face was overcast and frowning all the way.  

Finally as he followed the bearded man and his group of people into a quiet alley, Ye Qingyu’s figure flashed, directly darting over, punching and hitting. The bearded man and his group of people were already covered with injuries, but before they could understand what was happening, they were all knocked out.  

Ye Qingyu searched the bearded expert’s body for the Greater One notice, which he threw over to the Old Fish, “Look at what information is on that. It is best to erase the consciousness mark that the bearded man had left on it.”

“So you’ve been following them for this.” The Old Fish began to understand. 


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