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Chapter 839 – Disturbance in Heaven Connect City

As he spoke, Yan Wushuang’s eyes gleamed with excitement and his hands were crossed over his chest, as though he was waiting for the show to begin. He looked exactly like those old men in teahouses who gossiped over tea and wine.

“That Third Princess of the Dragon-Human race was in the wrong and yet still dared to release such a slanderous statement. She is really hopeless…” Yu Xiaoxing’s eyes flashed with anger.

“I don’t think it’s just the Dragon-Human race who are trying to stir up trouble this time. This piece of news has spread like wildfire, and at this point in time, all the major cities along the Road of Chaos have heard of this incident. This has started to become a major topic of discussion and the signs hint at a major incident happening soon. There are definitely other forces at work secretly aggravating the situation. It is obvious what their true motive is.” Yan Wushang scratched his red hair and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Oh yes, I heard the true experts of the Dragonblood Dynasty have already made their move and are making their way to Heaven Connect City. I guess they have decided to make their move…”

Ye Qingyu laughed indifferently at Yan Wushuang’s words.

However, the faces of the few leaders from the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps turned grave.

“If the Dragonblood Dynasty’s status and resources are richer than that of the Black Moon Immortal Palace and if they really do come after us, I’m afraid with our current strength… Brother Ye Qingyu, shall we inform Master Ren Puyang of this and ask him to come forward…” Yu Xiaoxing was a little worried but she could not think of the best way to proceed.

Although a “hotshot” like Ye Qingyu was part of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, they were still low on resources and would never be able to go up against a megaforce in the Vast Thousand Domains.

“Don’t worry. I have my own methods to deal with this. If they want to attack us, let them come. We might as well use this as an opportunity to settle everything,” Ye Qingyu said, a picture of calm.

When the others noticed his expression, they knew that Lord Ye Qingyu had already formulated a plan, and so, they started to relax as well.

“Hehe, good! I like how arrogant and confident you are, it reminds me of how I used to be. Hahaha. It is no wonder why I admire you so much; you are even more courageous than I was back in those days!” Old Fish’s eyes flashed slightly and he laughed while clapping his hands, as though he was a teacher who had produced a brilliant student. He looked like someone who was just waiting to watch the action, as if the matter did not concern him at all.

“Woof… I knew that I selected the right master. He takes after me! Hahaha…” Little Nine added, wanting to join the fun. It waved its paws about, looking extremely proud of itself.

Oh my G.o.d.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt like strangling that stupid dog.

Who takes after you?

You’re not my father.

“Although it’s good that you’re so confident, do take heed that a starving camel is still bigger than a horse. The Dragon-Human race is still one of the most ancient and respected mixed races across the myriad domains, and they are extremely powerful and rich in resources. You mustn’t underestimate them.” Yan Wushuang looked at Ye Qingyu, a cheerful smile on his face, completely hiding his true emotions.

Grateful, Ye Qingyu nodded seriously and said, “Elder Yan, many thanks for your advice. This matter can be easily resolved and I will make the necessary preparations.”

After they exchanged a few more words, Ximen Yeshui, Wen Wan, Old Fish, silly dog Little Nine, and the others could not wait to head out with Yan Wushuang to explore and enjoy the pleasures of life.

They had suffered a lot during the Battle of Chaotic Storm, so this trip to Heaven Connect City was also a time for them to relax and unwind. Ye Qingyu knew that despite their unreliable appearance, they were all highly intelligent, so he knew he could count on them to suss out the situation in Heaven Connect City.

Silly dog Little Nine had whined and insisted on tagging along but Ye Qingyu was not too comfortable with that arrangement. This stupid dog was not very bright and it relied on its innate ability to phase through anything without being restricted by formations to create trouble everywhere it went. Ye Qingyu and his companions were used to its antics.

However, Heaven Connect City was not like the other cities, and with the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps’ current predicament, Ye Qingyu was concerned that malicious people might take advantage of the situation if Little Nine really caused trouble.

On second thought, he figured that if he prevented Little Nine from leaving, it might sneak out on its own in a petulant fit. Then, without Old Fish and Wen Wan to keep an eye on it, it might cause even more trouble. Furthermore, Little Nine had sustained serious injuries after the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had been ambushed and it could be said that he had rendered outstanding service to the diplomatic corps. It would be cruel of him to stop it from having fun.

Fortunately, they were accompanied by Yan Wushuang. His tactfulness and diplomacy should ensure that Little Nine stayed out of trouble.

Upon further contemplation, Ye Qingyu ultimately did not stop Little Nine from leaving.

After the group departed, the Green Xuan Hall descended into complete silence.

A faint floral fragrance wafted throughout the great hall and the sound of the murmuring stream was extremely soothing to the senses.

Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing strolled down the corridors of the waterside pavilion and headed toward the western annex.

They did not exchange a word throughout, but the camaraderie they shared was worth more than a thousand words.

They spent an entire afternoon visiting the injured, and after they were informed that the injured were at various stages of recovery, Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing finally felt completely rea.s.sured.

All of that visiting and enquiring had left Yu Xiaoxing completely exhausted, for she had not completely recovered either.

Ye Qingyu hurriedly summoned two men to escort her back to her quarters. She had to make use of this time to rest and recuperate. Most importantly, she had to regain her strength.

As he gazed at her departing figure, slim and frail but with a hint of resoluteness, Ye Qingyu could not help sighing inwardly.

He did not know whether it was right or wrong for such a young girl, a fresh-faced beauty, to bear the weight of a kingdom and take on the responsibility of an entire domain.

After Yu Xiaoxing left, Ye Qingyu returned to the quiet room and continued to make use of the time he had to regain his strength.

Although Ye Qingyu did not feel pressurized nor threatened by Yan Wushuang’s news, he was worried that fights or skirmishes detrimental to the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps might break out.

Only by regaining his peak condition could he stand a better chance of protecting the soldiers who had given their all to the Heaven Wasteland Domain and who trusted him unconditionally, as well as the heroes who had laid down their lives for the domain.

Time flew by and soon afterward, it was the afternoon of the second day.

There was a commotion in the square outside the Green Xuan Hall.

Old Fish and Little Nine each held one end of a rare toy in their hands and glared at each other, both refusing to let go. Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui stood beside them and watched gleefully. These idiots had returned noisily.

A moment later, in the meeting hall of Green Xuan Hall—

“Hehe… Heaven Connect City truly lives up to its name.” Old Fish was still yearning for more.

Similarly, Ximen Yeshui looked as though he could not get enough of Heaven Connect City as he exclaimed, “This trip to Heaven Connect City has been a real eye-opener. I would have never imagined that such a lively and exotic city could exist in the myriad domains… It was said that that woman was a female martial G.o.ddess of the various large sects. Haha, they were all even prettier than the fairies of the Jade Pool…”

“Indeed. Heaven Connect City also has all kinds of rare noodles with many strange and exotic varieties. Haha. I didn’t get to try them all…” Wen Wan said with a look of regret.

“Woof… One more gla.s.s…” Silly dog Little Nine was surprisingly tipsy.

It was a battle pet blessed with heaven-defying innate talents who had tried all sorts of good wine across the Heaven Wasteland Domain, so it was surprising that it would get slightly tipsy.

No one knew what kind of divine wine he had tasted this time.

Ye Qingyu looked at their expressions and did not know whether to laugh or cry. He realized something and asked, “Has Elder Yan Wushuang left?”

Wen Wan finally recalled something and dug out a red jade pendant with the mark of fire and handed it to Ye Qingyu. “The Alliance of Domains summoned him to attend to an urgent matter. That old fatty left this for you before he departed and said it contained new information about Heaven Connect City.”

Ye Qingyu took the jade pendant and gave it a gentle rub. Then, a blood-colored light curtain appeared out of the jade pendant.

“The information contained within largely corresponds to what we were told yesterday. In recent days, all sorts of slanderous rumors about the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps have been making their way through town,” Wen Wan said seriously, a rare occurrence for him.

“Yes, as we made our way about town, we realized that it was not only the Dragon-Human clan who claimed that their ancestral weapon was stolen by you, but several foreign race forces also claimed that the treasures their ancestors had left behind in the 18th district were stolen by you. These sects and forces are jointly putting pressure on you to hand over the items or they will come after you!”

Ximen Yeshui glanced at Ye Qingyu curiously as he reported what he had heard. He looked at Ye Qingyu with a conflicted expression and hesitated for a moment before he asked, “Brother, did you by chance… take their treasures?”

“I’ve only obtained two treasures left behind by their ancestors—one from the Dragon-Human clanand the other from the Seven Fingers race. As for the others, they are just making things up. The 18th district of Black Demon Abyss is extremely vast, so how could I have possibly taken all of their ancestral treasures? I was not the only person who entered that district, and besides, the murderous spirit of heaven and earth exists within that district. Thus, ordinary treasures would have been smashed to pieces long ago,” Ye Qingyu said truthfully.

He glanced at the words on the red light curtain and asked with some confusion, “Who are the ‘Green Mysterious Abyss Sect’ and ‘Firecloud Dragon Temple’? Why are they targeting us?”

“They are large forces and I heard that one is a dominant force amongst the evil sects while the other is the descendant of the bloodline of a mythical beast. They are both rich in resources and thus, they are able to have their voices heard in Heaven Connect City…” Wen Wan reported in detail.

“Humph, I heard that these two forces like to stand up for their own while bullying other races. How dare they release such statements to further their own selfish desires now that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps has come under fire? They are so despicable,” Ximen Yeshui said with some contempt. 


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