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Chapter 636, All sides alarmed

For a while, the entire Snow capital was shaken by this incredibly strange scene. 

Whether it was martial artists, ordinary people, or the countless creatures in the Snow capital, all were astonished to see the strange scene in the west of the sky. Their heart was pulled by the invisible majestic power and suddenly tightened. 

“Oh my heavens, what’s going on!” 

“The aura of the golden lightning is so terrifying!” 

“Too terrifying, and the situation is so much like it was a year ago!”

“This is much more frightening than a year ago when the Lord of the Light Palace attracted the divine punishment from suppressing the FiendG.o.d of a foreign domain.” 

“What is this situation, is it the end of the world?” 

Numerous people were feeling uneasy.

The outer temple area of the Imperial ancestral land. 

Under the eighteen-storey paG.o.da tower. 

A white-browed and white-bearded old monk suddenly snapped awake from a meditative state, casting his eyes over to the west of the sky. 

“This… is the force of divine punishment? Someone is suffering a tribulation? Who could it be?” 

In a flash, he was already in the sky, overlooking the west.

He released his consciousness power only to feel a tearing force that he could not withstand speeding towards his consciousness power.

In astonishment, he hurriedly withdrew the consciousness power and dared not to investigate again, and had no choice but to watch from a distance. 

In the depths of the Imperial Palace. 

In a quiet room, a middle-aged man with ash-coloured hair and a serious face awakened from cultivation with a look of shock.

Feeling the astonis.h.i.+ng force in the distance, he thought of the news that he received today. He slightly closed his eyes again, as though he understood something, and the shock across his face slightly faded. He then chuckled and shook his head. 

“It should be him.”

In the Right Minister’s residence. 

The old man who was reading through and evaluating paperwork suddenly snapped the brush in his hand into two. Upon closer inspection, his arm was still slightly trembling.

“Is this power… him?”

Right Minister Lin Zheng slowly set the brush onto the desk, looking to the west.

A cheerful look lit up his eyes. 

The Imperial family’s offering temple.

Opposite a white-haired, very hale and hearty old man, the stone lion shattered into ashes.

As the first master of the Snow Empire, and revered by the Imperial family, Hu Yu had a look of shock across his face.

He had no time to cover up the fact that he again shattered another stone lion, transformed into a beam of white light, and darted into the sky, distantly surveying the scene in the west.

“Tut tut, this aura… When did an expert of such a level appear in Heaven Wasteland Domain? Such terrifying power, I don’t know if he can make it through… hey, I don’t know who is getting struck by lightning now!”

Hu Yu drew breath watching the strange scene in the distance, a fighting intent flas.h.i.+ng in his mind.

Youyan Pa.s.s. 

The study of the Pa.s.s Lord’s residence. 

Lu Zhaoge, who was currently discussing business with his successor Ye Congyun, suddenly raised his head with an abrupt change of expression on his face, gazing into the direction of Snow capital. He only felt his heart tightening like he was being pulled by a majestic force, and his fists were involuntarily clenched tight. 

There was a look of shock on his face, and his heart was also filled with shock.

The line of sight of the War G.o.d of Youyan Pa.s.s  was fixed in the direction of the Snow capital with infinite bewilderment. 

“Who is it?” In his eyes, flashed across a trace of worry.

In the northwest of the Snow Empire, the Desert Brute Race’s Royal Court. 

In the depths of the boundless and desolate desert, under a huge underground palace, faint blue flames were flickering and swaying restlessly.

Sat crossed-legged on a mysterious black platform, a tall and burly figure was suddenly startled.

He had a thick, curled beard on his face, his eyes were deep and an expression of terror was flas.h.i.+ng in his green eyes.

Two strange beams of green light shot from his eyes, penetrating the underground palace and desert in the direction of the west of the Snow Empire.  

“How could there be such a strong power in Heaven Wasteland Domain?”

In the North of Snow Empire, the Snow Ground Demon Court. 

An ice-sculpture-like giant palace was quietly floating over the thousand miles of snowy peaks.

An extreme cold was emitted from the snow-coloured gla.s.s palace.

A towering ice tower stood tall among the endless palace rooms like a crane in a flock of chickens. 

At the top of the tower. 

A white-haired old man dressed in a plain unadorned robe was trembling with his hands on the snow-carved railings.

The old man’s purple pupils were full of astonishment as he looked towardsthe western direction of the Snow Empire. 

“What kind of person could have caused such power, who is it!” 

The northeast of the Snow Empire, the White Mountains Black Waters Brute Race’s Royal Court.

On an altar that reached into the clouds.  

Around a black flame emitting sacred altar, there were skeletons of various beasts scattered around, and a pale black smoke was exuding from the hideous bones.

Burning and raging, black flames were suddenly flas.h.i.+ng with uncertainty, almost dying out, and the black flame suddenly burst out a silver dragon shaped flame. 

In front of the sacred altar, a lean old man of the Brute Race, dressed in a black robe and with disheveled grey hair, cast his gaze towards the west of the Snow Empire.

The eyes of the brute old man were filled with horror. 

The beast skull he used for divination was silently turned to smithereens!  

“The silver dragon is born, the danger of the sacred flame! Is the prophecy of my clan really going to come about as predicted?” 

The south of the Snow Empire, the Hurricane Demon Court.

The sky was covered with dense clouds, the waves were surging in the sea, and a mournful sounding hurricane was raging like a fierce beast.

Among the sea floor, in the depths of a tremendous colourful crystal-like beautiful palace hall.

A burly middle-aged man was sat on a glistening red throne.

At the back of the man’s neck were long golden fins, s.h.i.+ning with a faint gold sheen.

His face was as sharp as though carved by a knife, and his wide and expressive eyes had a faint golden colour flowing within.

A majestic aura flowed slowly through his body.


The man stood up with a slam on the armrest and stared fiercely in the western direction of the Snow Empire.

“Snow Empire!”

His pupils immediately grew smaller, the aura of his body uncontrollably broke out, his exposed skin glowed with a golden brilliance and fine gold scales instantly covered his whole body! At the back of his neck the long golden fins stood up, like a row of sharp steel needles.

After two seconds he took a deep breath and slowly allowed his aura to fad away. The fins on the back of his neck slowly shrank back into the skin, and the gold scales also vanished gradually. 

“Heaven Wasteland Domain is going change.” 

The long sigh of the man dissipated like misty clouds.


Snow Empire. 

In the western sky of the Snow Empire. 

Bolts of golden lightning were constantly falling from the tumbling ma.s.s of clouds, and the deafening clap of thunder spread across tens of thousands of miles. It was endless. It never stopped once. Countless martial arts experts rushed out upon hearing the news, but dared not to near the golden lightning area and only watched from a place of four hundred or five hundred miles away. Every face was twisted with an extremely shocked expression. 

In the past nearly one year, because of the changes in Heaven Wasteland Domain’s laws of heaven and earth and the power of the domain, increasingly more experts were starting to break through the restriction, and their strength climbed to a new boundary. There were many people stepping into the Heaven Ascension boundary; however, no matter what background an expert was from, the movement during the tribulation had never been as terrifying as it was now.  

The tens of thousands of meters of the golden divine lightning calamity area had occupied the entire vault of heaven. The flashes of golden lightning, like a golden sky river was hanging in the sky, makes one palpitate. The barrier walls of the void were all torn, like debris being entangled in a disorderly current! 

In the blink of an eye, an hour had past.

The number of experts that came upon receiving the news had reached over one thousand, and every one of them was hiding in the void, vigilantly looking at one another, but most of their attention was projected onto the terrifying golden lightning cloud.

Many of them were top experts that emerged in the last year. Not one of them was not the best in their respective field. Whether it was talent, strength, cultivation, or intelligence, they can be said to be amongst the top of the world. They had seen a myriad of things, but at this moment they still maintained a distance of hundreds of miles from the lightning cloud and dared not come any closer.

“Who is it?”

“How would there be such power in existence… Could it be the strongest expert Hu Yu pa.s.sing through a tribulation?”

“No, Hu Yu is also not as strong.”  

“Is it the old monsters of the ancient age waking up to tribulation?”

“In any case, it is too scary to be the enemy of this person in the future.” 

Thoughts flashed through the minds of countless people.

They could faintly see that within the lightning clouds there was a built figure, like that of a fiendG.o.d, effortlessly withstanding against the tribulation lightning. It seemed incomparably easy for him to tear the golden lightning tribulation like taking a shower in the spring rain. This figure was engraved in the mind of every expert, so much so that they will never forget this scene. 

Time went by. 

The golden lightning gradually subsided, and leaden clouds diffused in the horizon, lingering for a long time.

A few hours later. 

The air in the stone palace hall of the Light Palace was suddenly twisted.

With a flash of light, Ye Qingyu’s body appeared on the stone bed.

His breathing was steady, his face had a confident and energetic countenance, and his clothes were neat and tidy as before and without the slightest of crease.

“My guess is indeed correct. The capacity that Heaven Wasteland Domain can support has indeed increased, and the limit of power it can withstand is raised up till the Immortal Step boundary. In other words, the Immortal Step boundary experts are absolutely invincible existences in Heaven Wasteland Domain. While the strength of foreign domain experts that come into here will inevitably be suppressed to under the Immortal Step boundary, otherwise it will not be allowed by this expanse of sky and land… In that case, there are many things I can do within the bounds of Heaven Ascension boundary.” 

He was pleased with the result. 

Returning to the stone chair, Ye Qingyu slightly lifted his right palm, slowly clenched into a fist, feeling his physical strength, and gave a satisfied nod. “Now my strength is too strong, now even the divine punishment of Heaven Wasteland Domain is unable to break open my body defense… and although withstanding the lightning tribulation is dangerous, it is also a huge opportunity. When I was in Clear River Domain I had swallowed and fused with the chaotic thunder liquid, and after this tribulation lightning, it allowed the power of the chaotic thunder liquid to fuse thoroughly with my source energy, and my physical strength has risen another level.”

Slowly, he closed his eyes again, remembering the power of law that he had learnt while resisting the force of the divine punishment with physical strength, and fell into a meditative state again. 

Ye Qingyu again began to appreciate the harvest of this time.

Time went by. 


The next day. 

The blazing sun hung high in the clear sky.

In the stone room of the Light Palace. 

Ye Qingyu slowly opened his eyes and ended his meditation. 

“En? Gao Han?” 

The moment he ended his meditation, he sensed someone outside the stone hall.

Before the stone steps, Gao Han was standing in front of the stone monkey statue waiting.

With one thought, Ye Qingyu had already appeared on the suspending steps of the underground fire spring.

Gao Han respectfully bowed to Ye Qingyu.  

“Is there something important?” Ye Qingyu indifferently looked at Gao Han and asked.

“Reporting to Palace Lord, the Snow Emperor His Majesty has come out of training, and invited you into the palace to see him,” Gao Han replied.

When Ye Qinhyu heard this, pondered for a moment, and nodded, “En, I understand.” ——


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