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041 – Defeat of Wushuang


The ordinary martial level that Ye Qingyu was in, was enough to face the Qin Wushuang who had one Spirit spring. Then what about after he had broken through?

It was very like that Qin Wushuang would not be his opponent by far?

But this time Ye Qingyu had caused chaos in the challenging matches, destroying the arena, and breaking the rules of the academy, this surely cannot be allowed to stand? Even if Ye Qingyu was a greater genius, the disciplines and regulations of White Deer academy could not be so blatantly ignored?

Furthermore, this time, the group that Ye Qingyu offended, was the entire n.o.ble organisation of White Deer academy.

Many people had the feeling, that White Deer academy was about to enter an eventful period.



The ruins of the battle.

Hon Kong, Wen Wan and w.a.n.g Yan stood in the air. Their gaze, when they looked downward was filled with a strange light.

“This little brat, has caused such a commotion!”

“The previous month he had always been quiet and discreet. How come he has changed his personality, and become so wild…”

“Haha, I think this way is very good. The killing Asura way means that you cannot restrict yourself, and must act according to your wishes. Only by doing this, can you hope to breakthrough!”

The three people talked with a faint laughter.

The excitement in their eyes was evidently higher than the blame within.

“No wonder he is of that bloodline. The cultivation speed is really too quick.” w.a.n.g Yan sighed, saying: “But I fear after this battle, the entire Deer city will have noticed this little kid!”

“This is easy to handle.” Wen Wan laughed. “Today is not the same as four years ago. I want to see, within Deer city, who dares to touch little Ye.”

“Haha, I agree.” Hon Kong began laughing loudly.

Wan Yang gave the two men a look of disdain. “You two uncivilised men, you only know how to use force. We must be careful in handling this and consider the long term implications, accidents cannot happen anymore.”

During the time they were speaking—-


A terrifying yuan qi energy rose from the Southern direction of the city, heading towards the White Deer academy.  Everywhere it pa.s.sed was like dark clouds covering a city, involuntary causing a suffocating sensation to be born.

This energy was like light, quickly closing the distance to White Deer academy.

And nearly at the same time, from within Deer city, more terrifying yuan qi energies appeared. As if sensing the same thing, they all gathered, their destination the White Deer academy.

Or more accurately, their destination was the practice grounds.

“Who has broken through in White Deer academy?” From the south-east, came a sharp voice.

The facial expression of w.a.n.g Yan, slightly changed.

Hon Kong’s eyebrows convulsed. In his gaze, was a trace of killing intent. He coldly snorted, “Hmph, after so many years, these people are still so overbearing. They really think my name, [Blood killer], is a sham?”

Before he had finished his sentence.

His figure moved, shooting towards the sky. He headed towards the area that the terrifying energies were gathering.

“It’s the little trash of the Ye family that has broken through? Hmph, since he has this kind of strength, it must be him who murdered my son Liu Lei! Quickly hand him over!” Another voice sounded, rapidly rus.h.i.+ng towards them.

Wen Wan stretched his neck, the joints popping and cracking. He smiled and said: “I’ll also go and do a little exercise.”

Before he had finished, his figure had already disappeared.


It was another shocking clash of yuan qi.

Wen Wan had found his opponent.

Different yuan qi clashed together, striking then immediately withdrawing. The fallout from this was as if entire sea of clouds was surging and exploding, with indistinct bolts of lightning appearing. The entire Deer city could clearly hear these clashes, countless low level martial artists s.h.i.+vering in fear from sensing these energies.

The horrifying sound between the fights of high cla.s.s martial artists was like Heaven’s wrath.

“After so many years have pa.s.sed, these two fellows…Haha, they are still so violent.” Wan Yan shook her head helplessly. Her gaze returned to the pillar of wind, becoming gentle once again. Her lips curled in a faint smile, and she muttered to herself: “Little child, allow me to protect you. You have to hurry and quickly grow up!”

With a wave of her hands, four small almond yellow coloured flags appeared in her hands.

With a gesture, the four little flags landed around the four corners of the wind pillar. It guarded the Ye Qingyu who was in the pillar of wind, not allowing anyone to get near or observe him.



Ye Qingyu was sitting in a meditative stance on the ground.

The centre of the wind pillar was unnaturally calm, as if it was a room that was entirely separated from the outside world.

The surging winds was like a white wall, blocking everything outside.

Endless yuan qi from heaven and earth gathered into the centre of the wind pillar. Gradually, even the air became more and more pure, turning into a liquid like substance. Ye Qingyu was ‘submerged’ in this type of pure yuan qi.

It was the dream environment for countless of martial artists striving to breakthrough.

Ordinary martial level martial artists after reaching the peak of this stage, in a flash of fortune would be able to sense the yuan qi within heaven and earth. This was their opportunity to breakthrough. Only by planting a yuan qi kindling within their endless dantian could they break through.

According to martial theory, the dantian of Houtian martial artists was an endless world but it was a world filled with a dry desert. Only by attracting yuan qi of Heaven and Earth into the body and planting a yuan qi kindling, could a Spirit spring be excavated in this desert. Only through using the waters of the Sprit spring, could it begin to nourish the desert, activating life within this wasteland. By doing this, one could one shed their mortal body and achieve Xiantian power, extending their own life and strengthening the functions of their body.

And when breaking through, an apparition of Heaven and Earth would appear.

These apparitions, would differ according to the techniques used to control yuan qi. Some people, when they broke past the ordinary martial level, would only cause yuan qi from around tens of metres to gather. While other people, could cause yuan qi from within thousands of metres of form a turbulent vortex, creating a yuan qi wind pillar.

This type of environment where yuan qi was highly concentrated, had very obvious benefits for martial artists looking to break through.

At this time, the location Ye Qingyu was in could be said to be completely saturated in yuan qi. This was evidently the best environment for those seeking to break through.

Countless strands of yuan qi as if they were a liquid, unceasingly flowed into his mouth, nose, eyes, ears and into every pore in his body. Without slowing, it poured within his body.

It was as if his entire body was submerged into liquid.

The body at the peak of the Houtian stage, was currently undergoing a mysterious transformation. Every bone, every muscle, every cell in his body was crazily absorbing yuan qi from Heaven and Earth.

Endless yuan qi continuously entered into his body.

Ye Qingyu’s tongue was touching the top of his mouth, his eyes observing his nose, his nose observing his heart. His mind was completely empty, unconsciously entering into a rare state of cultivation.

In the previous battle between Qin Wushuang, the mantra of the little loli, Song Xiaojun appeared in Ye Qingyu’s mind. The mantra that she had forced Ye Qingyu to remember, once it was activated could not be controlled. It caused the ma.s.s convergence of yuan qi from Heaven and Earth into his body.

The Qin Wushuang who had already exhausted the majority of yuan qi within his body, was struck until he vomited blood by Ye Qingyu, who had entered into a frightening battle state. Qin Wushuang could not resist anymore, and seeing this, Hon Kong plucked him from the battle.

The Ye Qingyu who had lost his opponent, regained his senses and naturally understood what had happened. This battle had became an opportunity for him to complete the final step of the ordinary martial level.

Knowing that his opportunity to breakthrough had arrived, Ye Qingyu began the process of [Forming Yuan].

The so called [Forming Yuan], was to form a yuan qi kindling.

Only by gathering yuan qi to form a kindling, and planting it within the desert in your dantian could you enter the Spirit spring stage. The kindling would, drop by drop, cause a spring to be excavated and slowly transform into a Spirit spring.

This was the most important start of the yuan qi martial path.

The process and theory behind this was already extensively read about by Ye Qingyu in the scrolls of the public library. He was extremely familiar with this process and did not need the guidance of the academy teachers, as if everything was a matter of course.

Time pa.s.sed.

Ye Qingyu could sense, that the yuan qi within his body was gradually reaching a saturated stage.

Once his body was saturated, it was the opportune moment form to undergo the process of [forming yuan].

And without him realising, the rhythm of his breathing once again returned to the state at which he trained in the nameless breathing technique.

Under this state, the process of [forming yuan] evidently became easier.

This nameless breathing technique that his father had taught him was as if it was an all purpose tool. It seemed like it could be used in every situation.

Ye Qingyu controlled the yuan qi within his body, slowly gathering it in his dantian.

Although he could not see inside his body, but he still could sense that the yuan qi, as if it was a stream of warmth, moving throughout his four limbs. In the end, under Ye Qingyu’s direction, it gradually converged towards his dantian.

More and more yuan qi, gathered in the position of his abdomen.

With the techniques that Ye Qingyu learned from reading, and combining it with his nameless breathing technique, he started compressing the yuan qi within his body. More and more heat streams began gathering and his abdomen gradually became burning hot.

It was an extremely strange sensation.

It was as if there was a small fire burning from within his abdomen. This type of heat, felt as if it could burn everything into ashes but the body of Ye Qingyu was perfectly unharmed.

As the endless yuan from Heaven and Earth gathered, and constantly compressed, a yuan qi kindling would be formed within his dantian.

This process, would be painful.

As if your body was being burned by fire.

Cultivating was originally a process that goes against Heaven.

Time pa.s.sed second by second.

Smalls beads of sweat appeared in Ye Qingyu’s forehead.

“Something’s not right. In the scrolls, it says that the process of [forming yuan], only need about thirty minutes to complete…” Ye Qingyu was slightly befuddled. His process of [forming yuan] had already gone past a hour and thirty minutes, but he had still not succeeded. If he could not clearly feel that yuan qi was still constantly being gathered in his dantian, he would have thought that he had failed!

But why was it so much slower than what it would normally take?

Ye Qingyu was suspicious but at this time, he could not divert too much attention to this peculiarity.

Unknowingly, his meditating figure began to silently float. As if his gravity did not exist, he hung from the middle of the air like a Buddha.

And around him, the yuan qi of heaven and earth was so thick that it was like a bubbling spring!

The yuan qi wind pillar continued to have strong winds circling around.

The silver white wind wall continued to rotate with Ye Qingyu at the centre. It separated the outside world entirely, not allowing anything to affect Ye Qingyu’s breakthrough.

Gradually, Ye Qingyu became completely immersed into this state.

The burning sensation within his dantian, became more and more intense. In the end, this type of burning feeling extended to every inch of his body, as if he was completely covered in burning magma.

Time pa.s.sed so slowly it was as if it had stopped.

He did not know how much time had pa.s.sed.

Ye Qingyu gradually awoke from his blank state of mind that was like a old monk’s. His thoughts gradually returned to a concious state, slowly opening his eyes. He carefully examined the yuan qi wind pillar. As if it was a thin layer of snow under a glaring sun, it slowly faded…

The burning sensation in his dantian, gradually disappeared like the tide.

“The [forming yuan] was successful? Or did it fail?”

His heart jumped. The next instant, incredible things suddenly occurred without any warning.

All that Ye Qingyu could see, suddenly changed —

An illusory world of vast desert, appeared in his eyes.

This was a barren world to the extreme. Sand covered every inch of the landscape. The occasional gusts of wind would appear, sweeping up the yellow sand and exposing a black rocky ground that was as hard as steel.

Not even an inch of gra.s.s grew!



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