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Chapter 641: Leng Tianhe’s Request

“In a few more days, you will be going to the Kunlun Realm. I have a request to make of you.”

Xiao Chen said, “Senior, just tell me. I will definitely do everything within my means.”

Leng Tianhe revealed a hint of worry in his gaze. He muttered, “When an era of geniuses comes, a great calamity will follow. The previous era, five thousand years ago, ended peacefully.

“However, the laws of nature will not change. The coming calamity will probably be the greatest calamity in the past ten thousand years. In the future, if you manage to climb to the peak of the Dao, please take care of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. “It is hard to reach the peak of the Dao. Senior, this matter is probably too far away in the future. You are overthinking this.”

Leng Tianhe sighed softly and said, “I’m not overthinking this. Ten thousand years ago, the glorious Tianwu Dynasty vanished like smoke. The nine Dragon Veins of the Tianwu Continent escaped, and the Spiritual Energy of the world turned chaotic. Even until today, it has not recovered yet.”

Xiao Chen still felt that Leng Tianhe was being too alarmist. However, after thinking about it, he agreed, “One day, if I manage to reach the peak of the Dao, I will definitely not sit by and ignore the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

After leaving Leng Tianhe’s room, Xiao Chen spent another half day refining the Countenance Halting Pill. Then, he pa.s.sed it to Liu Ruyue.

Leng Tianhe’s advice had significantly broadened Xiao Chen’s line of thought. He intended to spend his final days in the Sky Dome Realm at the Thunder Emperor Valley. He wanted to see if he could find his opportunity to advance his state into a will from the immortal will the Thunder Emperor left behind.

Liu Ruyue’s eyes misted up as she hugged Xiao Chen. She refused to let go of Xiao Chen for a long time. “Xiao Chen, is this goodbye forever?”

Xiao Chen felt a slight grief in his heart. He wiped away Liu Ruyue’s tears and smiled. “It is definitely not. Just wait for me to come back.”

After the two spent a long night together in affection, Xiao Chen gave Liu Ruyue a gentle kiss on the forehead when she fell fast asleep. Then, he put on his clothes and left silently.

At this moment, the sky was not bright yet. Xiao Chen gave the beautiful Qingyun Peak one last glance. He had too many memories of this mountain.

He did not know when he could come back again after leaving this time. However, he had to go to the Kunlun Realm. No matter how much he could not bear to leave, he had to suppress that feeling deep in the bottom of his heart.

“It’s time to go. Since ancient times, the strong are destined to be lonely. From the very moment you decided to climb to the peak of cultivation, you were already destined to be lonely,” Ao Jiao said softly.

Back in the past, Ao Jiao had seen a similar scene during the rise of the Thunder Emperor. She felt a deep sense of regret as well.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and stopped reminiscing about this mountain, steeling himself to leave.

When Xiao Chen flew above Saber City, he discovered a familiar girl standing above the city. When he looked more closely, he found that it was the cross-dressed Feng Feixue. She currently had a faint smile on her face as she flew towards him.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he flew over instantly to stand across from her.

Feng Feixue took out a spatial ring and handed it to Xiao Chen. “The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron that you left with me is in there. Also, all the materials that the Feng Clan has grasped on refining Secret Treasures have been placed in there. Finally, there are a hundred thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones. I hope they will be of help to you.”

A hundred thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones was a hefty sum. Currently, Xiao Chen only had a total of eighty thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones.

He urgently needed Superior Grade Spirit Stones. They would be very handy for cultivation or for purchasing things in the Kunlun Realm.

“Many thanks!”

Feng Feixue smiled gently and suddenly kissed Xiao Chen on the lips. She said, “This kiss is my thanks to you. Now, I have complete control of the Feng Clan. I will help you to take care of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion and the Xiao Clan.”

Xiao Chen touched his fingers to his lips and could not help smiling. He said, “I just found out today how valuable my kiss is. Do you want to give me a few more kisses?”

Feng Feixue blushed red as she burst out in laughter. “I don’t dare to be that brazen. That girl of yours will kill me. Let’s go. Stop dawdling.”

By sunset, Xiao Chen reached Thunder Emperor Valley. When the many old men seated above the valley saw Xiao Chen, they took fright.

Several of these people were part of the group that Xiao Chen knocked down the last time. Without saying anything, they immediately scattered and fled.

“These fellows are really gutless. They behave like you will eat them up. With such courage, how can they gain any opportunity at Thunder Emperor Valley?” Ao Jiao said indifferently.

Xiao Chen found a good spot and sat down cross-legged. He said calmly, “It’s good that they left. It will be quieter.”

Thunder rumbled in Xiao Chen’s ears. As the will of thunder swam in the clouds, it exuded a horrifying pressure. Even after several thousand years, it showed no signs of dissipating, as if it would exist forever.

Suddenly, a thought came to Xiao Chen. He asked, “Ao Jiao, do you think I will be able to immediately comprehend the will of thunder if I directly swallow this will up?”

Ao Jiao snorted coldly. “That is easy to say. Since this is the immortal will of thunder, how can others subdue it? You can only do so if you are stronger than the Thunder Emperor of that time.”

Xiao Chen smiled and did not say anything. He closed his eyes and started sensing the will of thunder quietly.

The half-step Martial Monarchs that Xiao Chen chased away had not gone far. They all hovered in a place one kilometer away from the Thunder Emperor Valley, smiling coldly as they watched Xiao Chen.

“This fellow is really reckless. The Thunder Emperor Valley has never allowed a Martial Monarch and above to stay there before.”

“We will just wait for a while and see how he gets smitten by lightning!”

“That is the immortal divine lightning. Even a peak Martial Monarch would not be able to endure it. When he is dead, we will split the treasures on him equally.”

Although Xiao Chen did not open his eyes, the Spiritual Sense that he extended managed to pick up all the words and expressions of this group of people.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly to himself and ignored them. He was the successor of the Thunder Emperor and had the Lunar Shadow Saber as proof of that. Why would the immortal divine lightning strike him? These people would end up being disappointed.


Ancient Desolate Land, Heavenly Extermination Lake:

A man carrying a long sword on his back walked calmly on the greenish surface. As he traveled on top of the water, ripples spread out.

White clouds drifted in the sky above, spanning thousands of kilometers. However, there was a black mark in this white sky; something was clearly strange.

When one walked nearer, one would discover that the black mark was a ma.s.s of thick black clouds. An island filled with Yin energy sat beneath the dark clouds.

The youth carrying the sword on his back looked at the scene in front and said, “The Dark Church’s headquarters looks pretty much as expected.”

This person was precisely the Chu Chaoyun who had not been seen since the Five Nation Youth Compet.i.tion. Unexpectedly, for some unknown reason, he appeared here.

Several strong cultivators stood behind Chu Chaoyun, their auras unfathomable. Among them were the Sacred Heavenly Church’s Church Master, the master of the Devil Savanna’s mysterious black knights, and the Black Dragon Group’s leader.

Various important characters currently stood behind Chu Chaoyun with strangely respectful expressions.

In a secret room within a palace on the island, a man with black Qi surrounding him sat cross-legged. If one looked carefully, they would discover that this black-clad man appeared somewhat similar to Xiao Chen.


An image of the black-clad man seated cross-legged stood up and slowly turned solid. Soon, it was almost identical to the original person.

The clone pushed open the doors to the secret room. The guard standing at the side exclaimed in shock, “Church Master, you have ended your closed-door cultivation! I will go and inform the Acting Church Master.”

“I am only a clone. There is no need to make a big fuss of this!” The black-clad man smiled faintly and walked on.

Soon, the Acting Church Master rushed over with a group of disciples. When he saw this person, he immediately knelt down and said, “Church Master, why are you out of your closed-door cultivation?”

The black-clad man waved his hand, and a formless force instantly pulled this group of people back to their feet. He said, “Come with me to meet our guest.”

“Hu Chi!”

The mysterious black-clad man of the Dark Church waved his hand and led the group into the air. In a few breaths, they arrived before Chu Chaoyun.

When the mysterious black-clad man saw Chu Chaoyun, he smiled faintly. “Interesting. Ten thousand years ago, I destroyed the Tianwu Dynasty. Today, a group of the Tianwu Dynasty’s descendants is here to work together with me.”

Chu Chaoyun smiled carefreely and said, “As long as our goals align, it does not matter whom we work with. However, your strength disappoints me somewhat.”

“Zi! Zi!”

Right after Chu Chaoyun spoke, a golden flame suddenly burned in his eyes. The Heavenly Flame, which looked like molten gold, poured out and instantly lit up the black-clad man.

“The might is pretty good. Unfortunately, it is too slow. My insignificant clone can dodge it easily!”

The mysterious black-clad man reappeared in front of Chu Chaoyun and smiled. Then, he used his hand as a saber and thrust towards Chu Chaoyun’s chest.


A golden beam of light fell from the skies above and turned solid. When the black-clad man’s hand struck Chu Chaoyun’s chest, it gave off a metallic sound, causing the air to quake.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The solid light shattered like pieces of gla.s.s and fell into the calm lake below. Then, they exploded and sent pillars of water soaring into the air.

When the light dispersed, the mysterious black-clad man smiled faintly and said, “Not bad. Your comprehension of your ancestors’ skills is pa.s.sable.”

“Same for you. Back then, the Azure Emperor’s sword had not crippled you,” Chu Chaoyun retorted, showing no fear of this person. He continued, “Let’s cut to the chase. Open the door to the Demonic World for me.”

The mysterious black-clad man said unhurriedly, “There is no rush. We still have to wait for one person. Without her, even if you go to the Demonic World, you will not be able to learn any high-ranked techniques of the Demon Races.”


Just at this moment, a girl wearing a veil and a purple dress came from the horizon. This girl had a purple mark on her forehead and bewitching eyes.

One glance from this girl would make people yield to their l.u.s.t, falling forever into depravity.

Chu Chaoyun’s complexion betrayed his alarm. He felt a formless danger from this girl. He asked, “Who is she?”

“She is Leng Yue, one of the old eighteen Demon Monarchs of the Deep Abyss Demonic World.”


The sun rose and set. In the past few days, the peals of thunder from Thunder Emperor Valley never stopped.

“It has been five days already. Why has the lightning not smitten this fellow to death yet? This does not make sense!”

“This is really strange. In the past five days, we did not even take more than a step. However, that immortal divine lightning seems to recognize this brat, not doing anything to him.”

“I’m starting to feel a little dizzy. My Essence is almost exhausted. If we keep waiting like this, we will end up falling into the water first before he gets smitten by lightning.”

“Let’s just keep waiting. This fellow is the King Grade True Dragon genius. There must be plenty of Spirit Stones, Medicinal Pills, and all sorts of treasure on him.”

“Indeed, this is a rare opportunity. It’s a chance to obtain something without putting in any effort!”

All those half-step Martial Monarchs waiting for Xiao Chen to be struck by lightning ran out of Essence one by one. However, they still waited with intense antic.i.p.ation, clenching their teeth as they fought to hang on.


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