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Chapter 393: Martial King Realm

When Xiao Bai saw that electric whirlpool that appeared from nowhere, her cute face revealed a graceful expression. She was no longer the little Spirit Fox that understood nothing.

After Xiao Bai succeed in changing forms, she had started cultivating as well. Great danger would accompany such a large mysterious phenomenon. She could not help but ask worriedly, “Elder Sister Yue, will Elder Brother Xiao Chen be fine? Should we go and take a look?”

Yue Chenxi looked at Xiao Bai’s worried expression. She thought to herself, This Xiao Chen is really lucky. He has such a weird temper, yet this pretty girl follows him unswervingly.

“Xiao Bai, don’t worry. He is at a crucial moment. If we go near, it might have a negative impact. I believe he will succeed,” Yue Chenxi said as she smiled gently.

When Xiao Bai heard this, she nodded her head vigorously, “Xiao Bai believes in Elder Brother Xiao Chen. He will definitely succeed.”

The external mysterious phenomenon did not affect Xiao Chen in the least. He currently focused on the Qi whirlpool inside him.

Originally, Xiao Chen’s Qi whirlpool was only slightly full with purple liquid. After a small cycle, it increased to half. With the a.s.sistance of those Spirit Herbs, Xiao Chen’s capacity for holding Essence had become very vast.

Now, after a small cycle, it felt like it could fill the Qi whirlpool by half. This excited Xiao Chen.

Merely the small cycle is so powerful already; I wonder how strong the great cycle is, Xiao Chen wondered to himself. After that, Xiao Chen controlled his Essence to prepare for the great cycle; this was the most crucial moment of this breakthrough.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

The Essence in the Qi whirlpool quickly emerged, following the circulation path of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. It was so fast that Xiao Chen almost could not react to it.

If the earlier small cycle was described as a wild, galloping horse, this was like a speeding race car. They were on completely different levels.

This is bad. If it continues like this, I will not be able to control the path the Essence takes. When that happens, the Essence with turn chaotic. Not only will I fail, but it will also cause severe internal injuries.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed as he thought in horror.

This was like giving a person who normally drove a horse carriage a racecar. This person was already used to the speed of a horse carriage. When he suddenly changed, it would be hard for him to control the race car’s speed.

Calm down! I have to calm down. Xiao Chen’s strong state of mind came into play once again. This horrified and restless heart calmed quickly.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind. After he calmed down, he finally thought of the method to deal with this.

Actually, Xiao Chen had taken the wrong approach from the start. It would be impossible to control this swift Essence in an instant.

Advancing to the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth layer was not simply a great hurdle. Xiao Chen believed that no one could control such a change in an instant.

Following this train of thought, did that mean that it was impossible to advance to the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth layer?

That obviously was not correct. Xiao Chen did not need control over this swift Essence’s speed but its direction.

He needed to successfully force the Essence to flow in the path for the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth layer, completing a great cycle.

Xiao Chen felt enlightened after he this realization. Every time this swift Essence was about to make a wrong turn, his will would become a gentle force, nudging the Essence to the right path.

Although it was simple to describe, it was difficult to accomplish. The speed of the Essence was just too fast. Xiao Chen had to catch the right moment every time. This exhausted his spirit. However, he could not be careless.


As the Essence moved in the Great Cycle, the huge electric whirlpool above Xiao Chen’s head started spinning rapidly as well. It pulled in all the lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy within a thousand meters.

Streaks of lightning crossed each other, clouds churned and filled a radius of a thousand meters, the flickering light illuminated the entire Qianren Island as if it were day.

Under Xiao Chen’s careful control, he was about to complete a great cycle. Before this, the Essence nearly sped the wrong direction a few times. Fortunately, Xiao Chen managed to pull the Essence back.

Xiao Chen felt that his heart was beating faster than normal by several times. The entire process was extremely dangerous.


When all the Essence finally gathered back in the dantian, the Qi whirlpool exploded. The surging Essence fluctuated for a long time before it came to a stop.

The Essence slowly gathered and formed another Qi whirlpool full with purple liquid. Xiao Chen felt bloated after this. After the Qi whirlpool filled, it enlarged again.

“Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth layer! Success!”

Xiao Chen shouted excitedly. His eyes opened suddenly, and two beams of purple light flashed across the sky.

Before Xiao Chen could react, the horrifying electric whirlpool in the sky unexpectedly entered his right eye.

This suddenly change stunned Xiao Chen slightly, but he did not panic. The Purple Thunder True Fire completely absorbed all of the energy in the whirlpool.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush to test the might of the Purple Thunder True Fire’s might. He closed his eyes again and continued to circulate the Qi whirlpool.

The golden Spirit Core in Xiao Chen’s palm started spinning. Xiao Chen frantically absorbed its vast and pure golden Spiritual Energy that was stronger than that of a Superior Grade Spirit Stone.

The golden Spirit Core visibly shrunk. Xiao Chen quickly absorbed all its Spiritual Energy.

Xiao Chen wanted to borrow this external energy to break through the restrictions of the Martial Saint realm and become a Martial King in one breath.

When Yue Chenxi, in the distance, saw the electric whirlpool vanish, she heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that Xiao Chen’s Cultivation Technique had successfully advanced. However, her expression became grave again.

A strong aura came from Xiao Chen. This energy was extremely huge. Furthermore, it continued to rise.

Yue Chenxi frowned tightly and said sullenly, “This fellow…could he be thinking of breaking through to Martial King? This is mad!”

As the golden energy poured in, the energy gathered in the dantain became stronger. Xiao Chen could also clearly feel a barrier before this energy.

This was the final hurdle to becoming a Martial King. I will break through it in one breath. Shatter it! I will advance to Martial King! No one can stop me!

Xiao Chen shouted fiercely in his heart. He increased his absorption speed of the Spirit Core’s energy.


When the golden Spirit Core completely drained, Xiao Chen shouted. Then, he used this strong energy and circulated his Essence to smash into the barrier.

“Ka ca!”

A crunching sound came from within Xiao Chen’s body. That barrier halting Martial Saints shattered without being able to resist.

A huge energy instantly filled Xiao Chen. He soared into the air.

Xiao Chen was truly flying and not using the Gravity Spell. He opened his eyes and his face filled with joy.

After two months of effort, suffering, and one final burst, Xiao Chen finally advanced to Martial King.


Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood surged. It felt like he had inexhaustible energy. Even his blood seemed like it was on fire. Is this the strength of a Martial King?

While Xiao Chen felt elated, he could not help but let out a long roar. His voice was like thunder, reverberating throughout the Qianren Island, not fading for a long time.

He really succeeded! Shock filled Yue Chenxi’s gaze. He advanced from Superior Grade Martial Saint to Martial King in two months.

This was the cultivation realm that many could not reach in their life. Yet, Xiao Chen only used two months to achieve it.

If word of this spreads, it will cause a huge uproar. It looks like I picked the right person. He is definitely what First Martial Uncle told me to find.

Xiao Chen calmed his emotions and looked around. He saw Yue Chenxi about a thousand meters away and smiled faintly.

A strong fighting spirit poured out from Xiao Chen’s eyes. His aura rushed into the sky with great momentum; then it pressed at Yue Chenxi violently.

Yue Chenxi smiled gently and said in a low voice, “Are you looking for a fight? Coincidentally, I have just made a breakthrough in my Morning Sun Incantation. I still have yet to find someone suitable to test it on.”


An aura even stronger than Xiao Chen’s rose into the air. Yue Chenxi’s figure flashed and quickly headed for Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen saw Yue Chenxi soar into the sky, the fierce purple flames in his right eye formed a huge whirlpool like it had absorbed the world.


Xiao Chen shouted, and a purple flame poured from his right eye. A purple light flickered and made the sky look indistinctly green.

Everywhere it pa.s.sed, the purple flame seemed to burn even the air, leaving a huge black void in its wake.

“What a strong flame.”

A look of shock flashed in Yue Chenxi’s eyes, but she did not panic. Her delicate fists clenched tightly as she gathered boundless energy. Her aura continuously rose.

When Yue Chenxi’s aura reached its peak, she shouted a warcry and punched.

A resplendent light exploded from her fist like the light of the rising sun. It eliminated the surrounding darkness.


The tyrannical fist wind struck the flames violently. When the two attacks clashed, they pushed against each other, not giving way. An intense shockwave radiated.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The shockwave struck a few of the taller mountains on the island. They shattered, and rocks fell from the sky like rain.

Unexpectedly, when the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation reached the sixth layer, a casual strike from the Purple Thunder True Fire can achieve such might. Even Yue Chenxi’s Morning Sun Fist could not shatter it, Xiao Chen thought joyfully.

The Morning Sun Fist was one of the few Fist Techniques famous for its tyranny. Even a regular Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique could not compare to it in pure strength.

The two attacks pushed against each other before they slowly scattered. Xiao Chen placed his right hand on his saber hilt and drew the Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed.

“Glittering Wukui!”

A dazzling purple saber Qi appeared from nowhere. A dense light appeared on the saber Qi. In the night sky, it looked as piercing as a laser.

This was one of the benefits of the Martial King realm; Xiao Chen’s Essence was denser. In both quality and quality, it was better than that of a Martial Saints.

It was only until now that Xiao Chen used the true might of this ancient Martial Technique. Previously, what he displayed had merely been the tip of the iceberg.

What a surging essence; the quant.i.ty of Xiao Chen’s Essence should be no weaker than a Superior Grade Martial King.

Yue Chenxi squinted. When the purple saber Qi was one meter away from her, she punched the top of the saber Qi.


It did not seem like Yue Chenxi’s delicate fist was made of human flesh. When it struck the saber Qi, it gave off a melodious metallic clang.


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