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Chapter 321: Lunar True Flame

Xiao Chen casually flipped through the book. Suddenly, a map fell out. Xiao Chen felt it was strange as he picked it up. He discovered that it was a map of the Fire Li Sect branch.

Xiao Chen’s depressed expression immediately vanished. He smiled and said, “There was actually a map hidden inside. I should find the refinery. The refinery is where the true treasures are.”

After Xiao Chen figured out where he was, his eyes moved over the map quickly, searching for the location of the refinery.

Xiao Chen discovered the refinery was about a thousand kilometers to the northeast. However, that was the straight distance. If he followed the map and moved along the winding corridors, he had to walk another five kilometers.

Xiao Chen carefully tucked away the map. Then, he threw the introductory book into the Universe Ring. After all, this book was still quite useful. He should keep it in case he needed it in the future.

After Xiao Chen verified his direction, he punched the wall in front of him. When 15,000 kilograms of force struck the thick wall, a human-sized hole appeared.

Xiao Chen did not have the patience to walk another five kilometers. Furthermore, time waited for no one. If someone arrived ahead of him, it would be possible for him to gain nothing.

Since Xiao Chen was only one kilometer away as the crow flies; he would use his fists to create a path.

As Xiao Chen used his fists to create a path, Wen Yanbin followed the same path Xiao Chen took earlier. When he saw the large number of dismembered iron-armored warriors, he wore an incredibly astonished expression.

“This is clearly not the work of the silver-armored warrior but the true strength of this person. Should I have followed him?” This was the first time Wen Yanbin hesitated over his actions.

“However, he destroyed so many iron-armored warriors. He must have already exhausted a lot of his strength. I have not exhausted any of mine. If I can attack him while at my peak state, I still have a chance of victory.”

Wen Yanbin sought another excuse in his heart. Killing intent appeared in his eyes, and he continued down the path.

Xiao Chen, doing his best to open a pathway, did not know a group of people followed him. However, even if he knew, he would not care. As long as he remained cautious, it would be fine.

The two silver-armored warriors covered Xiao Chen’s back. He only needed to care about the dangers in front of him.


With the final bits blown through, Xiao Chen had finally reached the refinery. The ma.s.sive refinery appeared before him, and Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave.

There were all sorts of Secret Weapons covered in dust lying on the floor of the refinery. However, with one glance, Xiao Chen could tell most of them were either damaged or incomplete; they were useless.

A three-legged cauldron sat in the middle of the refinery. Carvings of dragons and phoenixes decorated its body. It had the same appearance of the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron on the big bronze doors. Was this the legendary Dragon Phoenix Cauldron?

There were four clumps of white fire in the cauldron. They floated within and chilled one to the bone. They did not radiate any light. Were these the legendary Lunar True Flames?

However, these were not the reason Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave. Instead, it was because a person had rushed in from the front.

The other party had discovered Xiao Chen’s presence. His expression was equally grave.

“Du Hao!” After Xiao Chen saw the other party’s appearance, he exclaimed in surprise. He had chased after Chu Chaoyun; why was he here?

The techniques this person had executed in the fight against the Scarlet Flame Chief left a deep impression on Xiao Chen.

Although Du Hao’s cultivation was only Superior Grade Marital Saint and had not reached the peak yet, Xiao Chen did not dare underestimate him.

Compared to a high-profiled and flashy person, this person’s personality and Martial Techniques belonged to the silent type with sudden outbursts. His strength could not be underestimated. Otherwise, Duanmu Qing would not have chosen this person to help kill the Scarlet Flame Chief.

Du Hao raised his head and looked at Xiao Chen. His sullen face revealed a grave expression. He asked, “Are you here for the Lunar True Flames and Dragon Phoenix Cauldron?”

Could these Lunar True Flames and Dragon Phoenix Cauldron be real? From this person’s words, he seems to understand them well. There is no harm in hearing him out.

Xiao Chen slowly walked forward and smiled, “Are the Lunar True Flames and Dragon Phoenix Cauldron real?”

Du Hao instantly knew that Xiao Chen did not understand the origins of these Lunar True Flames. However, there was no trouble in telling him; perhaps he could avoid an unnecessary fight.

“Naturally, they cannot be real. The Dragon Phoenix Cauldrons in the Fire Li Sect branches are fake. However, they were necessary for refining Secret Treasures. The Lunar True Flames are just four strands extracted from the Lunar Origin Flame.

“Your purple flames are of the Yang attribute. The Lunar True Flames are extreme Yin flames; they would be useless to you. The Dragon Phoenix Cauldron is a fake; I imagine you would not need it either. You can have all the Secret Treasures laying on the ground. I only want the cauldron and the flames. What do you think?”

Du hao looked at Xiao Chen as he suggested in a soft voice.

Although many of the Secret Treasures filling the ground were damaged, there were a large number of them. It would not be difficult to find a few complete Secret Treasures.

To a regular person, choosing the Secret Treasures would be more worth it. After all, as long as the Secret Treasures were not severely damaged, they could be sold for Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “What if I made the same choice as you?”

Du hao laughed softly and said in a sullen voice, “Since I can guess your choice already, we can only fight.”

After Du Hao spoke, he pushed off the ground and soared through the air. He leaped over the tall Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and twisted his body mid-air, sending a sweeping kick at Xiao Chen.

When Du Hao kicked, a strong wind blew. A loud clap of thunder rang through the air.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He was not afraid. Regarding physical strength, he had never been afraid to compete.

Xiao Chen stepped forward with his right foot and circulated the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art. The illusion of a tiger and dragon circled his body. Then, there was a roar as he punched toward the sweeping kick with his right fist.


When the fist and leg met, it generated an intense explosion. A horrifying shockwave spread from the two, blowing away all the damaged Secret Treasures on the ground.

Du Hao’s body quickly spun in the air. Without landing, he sent out another kick. He moved through the air and shouted.

Interesting; my Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains can now achieve a force of twenty thousand kilograms. The other party’s physical body is stronger than Wen Yanbin’s.

He is not far from me. Logically, my fist could knock him down.

However, the other party seems to have grasped an exquisite Defensive Technique. Not only did he neutralize my force, but he also turned it around and added his own strength.

When he combined in his strength, the kick grew even more ferocious.

Then, we shall see how long your technique can last. Xiao Chen shouted and took a step, moving to the side.

Xiao Chen moved in a semi-circle, avoiding this sharp kick. He moved the Du Hao’s side and punched at his waist.

Du Hao’s expression was calm. When he saw the position Xiao Chen moved to in an instant, he quickly withdrew his move and spun another round in the air. The force of the earlier kick increased again.

Du Hao’s right leg was hook-like as he brought it down toward Xiao Chen’s head. Xiao Chen ended up punching the air, causing the air to tremble and ripple.

At this moment, it was too late to dodge; Xiao Chen could only block. He pulled back his right leg and moved his arms into a crossguard above his head.


The huge force was like a small mountain crus.h.i.+ng down. Xiao Chen did not move at all, but the stone floor on which he stood could not withstand this horrifying pressure.

The ground cracked and burst. Pieces of the broken floor flew into the air, heading for the ceiling of the refinery.

Du hao quickly withdrew his leg while mid-air and spun back. Xiao Chen shouted, and his aura exploded, shattering the flying pieces of the floor.

“Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars!”

A tiger and dragon flew out from behind Xiao Chen. The dragon hissed, and the tiger roared. When accompanied, their auras rose.

Du Hao had just landed, but Xiao Chen’s fist was already at his face. There was simply no time to dodge.

“Hu chi!”

Du Hao quickly stepped back and extended his five fingers. Then, he slapped Xiao Chen’s wrist.

Xiao Chen’s peak punch carried 25,000 kilograms of force. It moved with astonis.h.i.+ng speed. Like a high-speed cargo train, its speed and strength were at its peak.

However, when Du Hao slapped Xiao Chen’s wrist, he easily pushed away Xiao Chen’s howling fist. This changed the direction of his fist’s wind.

Two Hundred Grams Moving Five Hundred Kilograms, this was the was the move Du Hao used against the Scarlet Flame Chief. When he used it against Xiao Chen, it had a similar effect.

Xiao Chen instantly felt a force pulling him forward. Because his momentum was too strong, he could not stop.

After slapping away Xiao Chen’s attack, Du Hao’s smoothly slid over and arrived behind Xiao Chen.

As Du Hao looked at Xiao Chen, who would not pull back, he clenched his fist and exploded with a horrifying force. This force scattered in all direction as the fist headed for Xiao Chen’s back without hesitation.

If this fist struck Xiao Chen, he would probably end up like the Scarlet Flame Chief.

This was a critical moment. Xiao Chen maintained his calm and thought very quickly, thinking of a way to deal with this.

Xiao Chen’s forward momentum was too strong. It was too problematic to turn around or move to the side. It was likely that, before he could adjust his position the opponent’s fist would land the hit.

Xiao Chen was still not sure exactly how strong Du Hao’s fist was. However, he was sure that it was no less than 15,000 kilograms of force.


At the critical moment, Xiao Chen punched the ground violently. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” A total of 25,000 kilograms of force crashed into the ground.

It was as if a mountain had landed on the ground. The entire refinery shook. The floor around Xiao Chen broke, and countless rocks flew into the air.

It, fortunately, blocked Du Hao. “Bang!” His fist’s wind broke all the rocks into dust and scattered them everywhere.

The rocks had successfully helped Xiao Chen to delay Du Hao by a breath. Although the time was short, to Xiao Chen, who had neutralized his momentum, it was sufficient to avoid Du Hao’s attack.

“Windwalk Shoes, activate! Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

The Windwalk Shoes instantly activated, and Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He was like a flood dragon moving in a purple arc. He appeared two hundred meters away in an instant.


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