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Chapter 2173 Raw 2280 : Meeting Wu Meng

The three people from the Hound Lion Empire saw that the situation was bad. Xiao Chen actually managed to suppress their auras by just taking up a stance.

This was too horrifying. Although the three were not half-step Sovereign Emperors, they were at least heaven-defying Sovereign Personages. Even if they could not defeat Xiao Chen by working together, leaving should not be a problem. However, they now seemed wholly inadequate before Xiao Chen.

This immediately frightened the three out of their wits, prompting them to turn and leave. However, since Xiao Chen already decided to attack, how could he give the three a chance to escape?

“Stay here!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly as he soared into the air. Then, he casually swung the “long spear” in his hand. A vast saber light encased the three, preventing them from leaving.

Flawless Saber Dao Domain!

This was the first time Xiao Chen used it in actual combat since his Saber Great Dao advanced to the Dao Domain.

Xiao Chen had faced a lot of difficulty in reaching the Flawless Saber Dao Domain. However, once he managed to unleash it, it displayed a powerful might.

“Crack! Crack!”

Xiao Chen’s Flawless Saber Dao Domain actually cracked the three’s Dao Domains.

If they insisted on fleeing, their Dao Domains would crumble, and they would have to fight. Otherwise, they would definitely die.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Forced to turn around, they each made a move to clash with Xiao Chen, who was pressing down.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

While Xiao Chen gathered the bedsheet into what looked like a spear, it was actually a saber. The instant the three turned around, a flas.h.i.+ng saber light flew over.

The three could not react at all, unable to deal with the strike calmly. They could only swing their swords and block Xiao Chen’s attack.

They exchanged one hundred moves in the blink of an eye as Xiao Chen pressed over. Despite the three from the Hound Lion Empire fighting Xiao Chen together, they appeared fl.u.s.tered, without any composure.


Thunder roared endlessly in the sky, and snowflakes drifted down. Initially, Xiao Chen already suppressed the three with his Flawless Saber Dao Domain.

Now, his three Dao Domains mixed perfectly, pressing down on the three and not leaving them any breathing room.

These three people each grasped a Dao Domain. However, they could not blend them together perfectly as Xiao Chen did. Now, they could not spare any effort for anything but themselves. This not only prevented the three from bringing out the advantages of a coordinated attack but also caused the three’s Dao Domains to interfere with each other. They could not bring out even fifty percent of their strength.

In merely one hundred moves, wounds crisscrossed the three’s bodies. It looked like they would fall soon.

The three roared, and their eyes instantly shone with a golden light. They had activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines.

“Boom!” The instant the three activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines, they regained their momentum.

When one activated one’s Great Desolate Eon bloodline, one should launch a counterattack with a flouris.h.i.+ng aura and momentum.

However, these three did not even think before turning tail when they gained some breathing room.

When the Martial G.o.d Palace powerhouse saw this scene from outside the Trial Tower, he immediately felt incredibly embarra.s.sed.

The looks that the other Faux G.o.ds shot over were full of doubt and confusion, putting him in a bad position.

“To think that after a strange person forced them to activate their bloodlines, they thought of running. Truly suicidal.”

Naturally, as a Faux G.o.d, he knew that if the three activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines and fought to the death, one or two of them might survive.

However, by choosing to run, all that awaited them was death.

When the bloodline power faded, these three would not be able to defend themselves, opening themselves up to humiliation.

However, this Faux G.o.d thought wrong. Xiao Chen did not wait for these three’s bloodline power to peter out; he chose to attack directly.

He roared and activated the golden Divine Seal in his Soul Pool. Then, before his roar stopped ringing out, the three that just soared into the air vomited a mouthful of blood each. With pained expressions, they fell to their knees, dropping their weapons at their side.

“A perfect Divine Seal!” someone exclaimed softly. Earlier, when Xiao Chen showed the might of his Divine Seal, the Faux G.o.ds could tell that it was a perfect Divine Seal.

Divine Seals differed in quality. They could be categorized into four grades: flawed, ordinary, flawless, and perfect.

Flawed meant that the soul’s merger with the Dao Domain was not good.

Most cultivators that entered the Faux G.o.d World would not form a flawed Divine Seal; at worst, it would be ordinary.

However, it was quite challenging to form a flawless Divine Seal. As for the perfect Divine Seal that surpa.s.sed flawless, this was extremely rare.

Practically no one could merge three Dao Domains and still form a perfect Divine Seal as Xiao Chen had.

“Who is this person?”

The various super faction powerhouses’ eyes lit up, and they quickly got their subordinates to ask around. Previously, they had asked around because they feared that this strange person came from their super faction. Now, they all wished that this strange person was from their faction.

The other super factions all held some antic.i.p.ation in their hearts. Only the Martial G.o.d Palace powerhouse showed an unsightly expression.

Given the three tortured people kneeling on the ground, this strange person draped in a bedsheet was definitely not from the Martial G.o.d Palace.

As Xiao Chen walked over, he knew that these three were in the same position as he had been when he faced Mu Yunzhu in the past.

Just a sentence from the other party had rendered Xiao Chen helpless, putting him in a dangerous situation.

Now, Xiao Chen gained the same ability; in fact, his was even stronger.

“We will leave!” the three said with much difficulty. Then, a strong force appeared before Xiao Chen, preventing him from pressing his offense.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He knew that this was the Trial Tower’s protection. Everyone in Paradise had the same opportunity.

If one ran into a situation where they could not guarantee their lives, they could opt to leave.

With this, Xiao Chen accomplished his aim. As long as these three could not expose his secrets, it did not matter whether he killed them or not.

“My wounds are still obstructing me. My meridians have not recovered completely. Otherwise, I would not have needed one hundred moves for these three people who are not even half-step Sovereign Emperors,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. Then, he waved his hand, and there was a ‘whoos.h.i.+ng’ sound.

The bedsheet that formed a long spear unfurled, and he draped it over his body once more. Then, his figure flashed, disappearing from where he was.

When Xiao Chen grabbed this bedsheet, he had been in a rush, afraid that there were places the bandages did not cover.

After he came out, he realized that he had worried too much.

Even without draping this bedsheet over him, the bandages covered him well.

However, using the bedsheet as a weapon now was not too bad. If he accidentally ripped the bandages, he could also use it to cover himself.

Hence, Xiao Chen continued carrying it.

“Could this person be Xiao Chen?” Mu Zifeng whispered, musing as a bright light flickered in his eyes.

Xiao Chen also used the saber. These saber skills suggested that it was him.

However, after thinking about it, Mu Zifeng dismissed that possibility. Xiao Chen was just injured, and his survival was uncertain. How could Xiao Chen burst out with such strength?

Most importantly, Mu Zifeng recalled that Xiao Chen wore white and showed a grave and stern air with hidden sharpness. He did not seem like a person who would appear wearing just a bedsheet.

In Paradise:

Following his memory, Xiao Chen roamed the boundless herb field. When he stopped to make a move, he always gained something. The ability that the Fiend blood gave him was even more reliable than the Universe Origin Sect’s flame or the Martial G.o.d Palace’s Spirit Devouring Mouse.

Time pa.s.sed. When Xiao Chen obtained his tenth ten-thousand-year-old Herb King, startled cries rang out outside the Trial Tower.

Right now, Xiao Chen’s harvest alone already equaled that of a group of super faction disciples.

Furthermore, this harvest was already the result of Xiao Chen purposely holding back.

Knowing that the Faux G.o.ds outside could see the scene inside, Xiao Chen did not dare go overboard.

He harvested only the ten-thousand-year-old Herb Kings that he could consume and refine, not asking for more.

“Haha! Saber Demon Wu Meng? With your saber skills, you are not even qualified to carry my shoes!”

As Xiao Chen traveled, he suddenly heard a familiar voice. He quickly withdrew to the top of a tall tree.

After that, he slowly spread out his Spiritual Sense. He saw the Heavenly Alliance’s Saber Demon pressing a hand to the chest and vomiting a mouthful of blood fifty kilometers away.

Someone beside Wu Meng supported him. That person showed incredible rage on his face.

The saber intent in the surroundings had yet to scatter, still buzzing in the air. Clearly, there had been an intense battle here earlier.

Zhang Yushan looked at Wu Meng coldly and said, “If not for your tortoisesh.e.l.l, I would have defeated you in ten moves. To think you are not embarra.s.sed to be called Saber Demon despite being trash.”

“d.a.m.n it! If not for you performing a sneak attack, Big Brother Wu would not have lost to you,” the Heavenly Alliance member at the side said in anger, his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with dissatisfaction.

Wu Meng remained calm as he waved his hand. “Stop speaking. He is Fiendish Saber Xi Mu’s disciple. Even if we faced each other in open battle, I would not be a match for him. If you want this Herb King, then take it. Let’s go.”

Zhang Yushan reached out and caught the ten-thousand-year-old Herb King that Wu Meng tossed out. He continued to show disdain on his face as he remained silent.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+”

The figures of Zhang Yushan’s two junior brothers flashed, blocking Wu Meng and the other Heavenly Alliance member.

Wu Meng asked sullenly, “What do you want? I already gave you the Herb King that I subdued after much difficulty. What else do you want?”

“How can things be that easy? If the two of you want to continue searching for fortuitous encounters in Paradise, then hand over ten thousand Faux G.o.d Coins each!”


Wu Meng felt enraged. The hand that held the saber trembled. Going by his usual temper, he would have attacked long ago.

However, now… How hateful!


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