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Chapter 2101 Raw 2206 : Making a Decision

Chapter 2101 (Raw 2206): Making a Decision

“What do you think?” the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor asked while looking at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen remained silent. This development was different from what he expected.

He had come here to ask the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor about some doubts he had about the Martial Dao. Who could have imagined that the other party would recommend he join a super faction?

Naturally, the super factions held incredibly great attraction for Xiao Chen.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s words opened a whole new world for Xiao Chen. Previously, he would never have dreamed that there were such strong super factions in the world.

When Xiao Chen remained silent, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor added, “You will see the Martial Epoch’s true charm only after joining a super faction. Everything you experienced in the past is just minor matters before the true experts. If you cannot join a super faction, you will never step on this stage. For a genius like you, that would be very unfortunate.

“If the Divine Dragon Empire had not chased you out, you would probably have joined the Martial G.o.d Palace through Ancestor Dragon City. However, now, no super faction would be willing to take you aside from the Heavenly Alliance.”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s words dispelled Xiao Chen’s final hesitation. Xiao Chen said seriously, “I’m willing.”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor smiled when he heard Xiao Chen agree. “Good. Come with me to Desolate City as a member of my group seven days later,” he said while putting down the wine cup.

“Desolate City?”

“Right, you probably still do not know about it. The faction behind Desolate City is the Heavenly Alliance. Many Rank 6 factions—even Rank 7 factions—will send their disciples to take the test. Many loose cultivators will not miss out on this chance, either,” the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor explained softly, surprising Xiao Chen once more. It turned out that the Heavenly Alliance backed Desolate City.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. No wonder the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor said that he might not pa.s.s the test.

There were so many people challenging the test in Desolate City. Moreover, there were still the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions of the Central Great Realm and the three dynasties. There would definitely be gathering points like Desolate City that would take people in for the test.

“Not everyone can partic.i.p.ate in the test, right?”

There should be some kind of threshold. Otherwise, there would be too many people, which would simply be unimaginable.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor nodded and said, “Sovereign Personages under five hundred years old can partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Alliance’s test. Even if they do not pa.s.s, they will receive a reward from the Heavenly Alliance as long as they show a certain level. At that time, there would probably be hundreds of thousands of cultivators partic.i.p.ating in the test.”

“Hundreds of thousands?”

Xiao Chen felt startled on hearing that. This number sounded quite shocking; it was too large.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor said calmly, “Are you very shocked? Actually, there is nothing to be shocked about. Among the eight super factions, the Heavenly Alliance has the least acc.u.mulations. However, its reach spans the entire Great Thousand Realms. The super factions have strongholds in every cl.u.s.ter, including the Grave Sea Cl.u.s.ter. At that place, the Profound Light Temple is the Hidden Spirit Temple’s stronghold, while the Purple Flame Sect is the stronghold of the Tianwu Dynasty’s Universe Origin Sect.

“There are about three thousand high-ranked cl.u.s.ters like the Grave Sea Cl.u.s.ter in the entire Great Thousand Realms. This still does not include some rather chaotic astral regions. There would be even more if you add them. Do you still think hundreds of thousands is a lot?”

“It’s not a lot. However, the threshold seems somewhat low. Any Sovereign Personage under five hundred years old can partic.i.p.ate?”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor said, “Normally, people who break through to Sovereign Personage after five hundred years old in the Martial Epoch have practically no chance of advancing to the Divine Vein Realm, while those who advance to Sovereign Personage under five hundred years old do. As long as one has the potential to become a Sovereign Emperor, the Heavenly Alliance will not let go of them. Sovereign Emperors make up the core fighting power of the various super factions. One Sovereign Emperor is worth more than one hundred thousand Sovereign Personages.”

Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor…Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor again!

Xiao Chen clenched his right fist tightly. His blood rushed as he recalled what the Third Palace Master said; it happened to match what the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor said.

As long as Xiao Chen advanced to the Divine Vein Realm, even the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor would not be able to pursue him in the Divine Dragon Empire. Ancestor Dragon City would even personally show up to apologize.

“Furthermore, the Great Thousand Realms has never lacked talent. However, facts have proven that those who can become Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperors are often people who were n.o.bodies before. Many of these people advanced to Sovereign Personage only at the age of two hundred or three hundred, some even four hundred. These people continuously stabilized their strength, worked on comprehending the Great Dao, and tempered their mental states before eventually easily advancing to Sovereign Emperor. Many of the outstanding talents who reached Sovereign Personage before the age of one hundred end up falling due to another’s envy. Another problem is that they placed too much burden on themselves. With insufficient mental state cultivation, they could not overcome their mental blocks.”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor looked sternly at Xiao Chen. “So, don’t ever look down on those who developed late, able to endure and keep a low profile as Sovereign Personages. This is why I said that you might not pa.s.s the test. You might not be a match for the people who have been Sovereign Personages for more than a hundred years already.”

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate his understanding. However, he still felt doubtful and found it slightly strange. He asked, “So, this means that it is not that the super factions do not pay attention to outstanding talents, but instead, it is that most people who become Sovereign Emperors were outsiders without any reputation?”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor could not help laughing. “You can say that. However, if you display the potential to become a Sovereign Emperor, the effect is different. Only outstanding talents with startling talent and comprehension abilities can become Faux G.o.ds after advancing to the Divine Vein Realm.

“However, this is a little far for you at the moment. Just treat all this as expanding your ken; don’t overthink. Make your preparations to go with me to Desolate City seven days hence. Remember to adjust your mental state before that.”


After Xiao Chen left the pavilion, he looked up at the blazing sun above. This conversation nearly flipped his worldview.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor said not to overthink, but Xiao Chen still felt somewhat hot-blooded and excited.

“Xiao Chen, how did it go?” Senior Cui asked in a neutral tone as he came to Xiao Chen’s side.

Xiao Chen recovered his wits. He replied softly, “I have agreed to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Alliance test, seven days later, as the City Lord’s follower.”

Senior Cui smiled and said, “I knew that you would agree. Come, let me bring you to a residence for lodging.”

Many residences were prepared for guests in Peach Blossom City, very similar to a sect’s residences for their disciples.

After Xiao Chen entered the residence, he started meditating to adjust his emotions and mental state.

After one night pa.s.sed and the sun rose, he was much calmer. He no longer felt agitated and excited, feeling absolute calm instead.

Xiao Chen started thinking about his strengths and how to improve them, to guarantee pa.s.sing the Heavenly Alliance’s test.

He was already deeply familiar with the first three moves of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique—Breaking the Mundane, Resolving the Mundane, and Entering h.e.l.l. It looked like he would have to start on the next three moves—In the Mortal Realm, Three Life Flower, and Merciless Killing—earlier than he initially planned.

The Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and the Universe Origin True Flame just reached Rank 5. Finding sufficient flame shards to nourish them within this short period would be impossible.

Xiao Chen would have to see if he could trade for flame-type resources with the Heavenly Alliance after entering.

His Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was at the eleventh layer. The last layer was more difficult than the preceding ones. For now, there did not seem to be any hope of a breakthrough.

The Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art had already reached the second layer. Unfortunately, there had not been much opportunity to use it.

Xiao Chen had just regained the use of his state of cycle and needed to continue familiarizing himself with it. This was his greatest killing move, and he could not ease up on his training in it.

After he thought about it, he concluded that the only things that could increase his strength quickly were the Ten Thousand Dragons Art and the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture in his mind.

Since obtaining the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, Xiao Chen had not truly studied it. However, the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture significantly strengthened the might of his Supreme Dragon Fist.

“Is Brother Xiao free? The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s disciples Yun Fei and Lei Hao seek an audience.” Two voices requesting an audience rang out from outside the residence at this moment.

Since they were the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s disciples, Xiao Chen had to meet them. He might be traveling to Desolate City with them.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. Then, he immediately opened the door to welcome the guests.

He saw two people standing outside. One looked ordinary and wore white clothes; this person looked honest. The other person was tall and stocky, showing no expression and exuding intense pressure.

The plainly dressed white-clad youth performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “I am Yun Fei, and this is Lei Hao. Master told us to come over and familiarize ourselves with Brother Xiao.”

“Please, come in!”

From the conversation, it was indeed as Xiao Chen expected. The two would be going to Desolate City with him to partic.i.p.ate in the test.

Besides the two, dozens of the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s followers would be going as well.

However, those people were there to make up the numbers. They did not have much of a chance of pa.s.sing the test and were there mostly to increase their knowledge of outside experts.

The only ones that the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor had hope for were Yun Fei and Lei Hao. Of course, now, there was Xiao Chen.


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