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–Royal Palace, Capital of Arcadina–


Jenette Barn walked around the royal garden with her maids, while waiting for her father to summon her.

She had been waiting for the past 1 hour now, and her father was still in a meeting with the ministers.

As she walked further into the garden, she immediately spotted her dear little sister.

Cary Barn was walking towards a large fish pond, a few feet away from her…. There were also several knights, and even some Barons in the gardens.

People usually stayed in the royal garden when they were waiting for their turn to see King Barn.

“Little sister, your here too?… let’s walk along together okay?”

Speak of the devil.

Cary Barn turned around and saw Jenette running towards her… Her face immediately scrunched up, and she looked like someone who just ate dog p.o.o.p.

Jenette sneered, as she hurriedly made her way towards Cary.

This little sister of hers already had a bad reputation in the Capital, thanks to her.

Her white lotus act had always made everyone side with her, while they in turn despised Cary.

“What do you want?” Cary asked with a frown on her face.

Jenette stopped in her tracks and immediately started acting as if she was sobbing, while choking on her fake tears.

She really looked pitiful.

What man wouldn’t feel touched while seeing a gentle angel crying?

All the knights around the area, immediately felt pain seeing her like this.

“Little sister, how.. how can you talk to me like that?.. If I did something to anger you please forgive me…. I…..I…..I just want wanted to spend more time with you little sis..”

The scene was really heartbreaking.

The moronic knights who had seen this, immediately looked at Cary with disapproving gazes, while rus.h.i.+ng over to Jenette’s side.

“Princess Cary, must you be so heartless?”

“Yeah, why must you make her cry?”


The knights spoke out as they saw their G.o.ddess, Princess Jenette in tears.

They even forgot that they were reprimanding another princess who could order for their deaths.

‘Come on little sister, your almost making it too easy for me now… heheheh..’, Jenette thought.

As the men comforted her, Janette continued to sob even more loudly.

“Please.. please everyone.. don’t misunderstand my little sister… she was just having a bad day, that’s why she talked to me in that manner… she… she’s really a good person and not arrogant and rude like what you all think.”

All the men looked at princess Jenette as if she were some divine being…..They all thought that the princess had a heart of gold… To them Princess Jenette was pure, saintly, kind and innocent. She looked like someone whom anyone could easily bully.

“Little sister please!! don’t punish or kill the knights for talking back at you… if.. If you want to hurt someone, hurt me instead…. I will willingly offer up my life for any of them.” Jenette said, as she fell to her knees.

The knights felt touched, and started defending the princess even more.

Cary was almost at her boiling point.

When did she say that she would kill them?

What bullsh**!!! ..Jenette? offer her life for them?.. What a joke!

She knew that if she made a move against these knights, the entire empire would go in an uproar. She would become the most viscious woman of all time.

It’s not liked she cared or anything, but before her and Eli’s plans went through, she couldn’t afford to affect his position as the crown prince.

For now, most of the citizens wanted Eli to step down from his position as the crown prince… But they were scared to take action.

If a large scale revolt really happened, the citizens would carry fire torches and march up to the palace, demanding for Eli’s removal.

The Capital alone had 37 million people living in it….. Sure, there were knights, gangs and a.s.sa.s.sins mixed in the group. But the peasants were still quite large in number.

No matter what, all the n.o.bles and knights under her and Eli, couldn’t possibly protect themselves if a large scale revolt actually happened.

Imagine millions of people standing outside the palace walls with torches and other weapons.

Even if their father a.s.sisted, if still wouldn’t count as much.

Fortunately for Cary and Eli, the citizens had not realized the power that they held.

What would happen if they decided to team up against them? No one would stand a chance then.

For now, they only did small protests in the market areas, but who could really predict the future?

These people still feared the n.o.bles, especially King Barn.

Their king had killed people when he was displeased, as well as when anyone wanted to go against him. Their king ruled like a tyrant… He was a dictator.

They reason why they even had the courage to protest in the market places was because, prince Connor and James promised that they would protect them from King Barn’s wrath.

King Barn could easily send out his men to make things difficult for them, or murder their families.

Most of them were just ordinary peasants who had never fought a day in their lives. But since Connor and James were their king’s sons, the gullible citizens easily believed them.

They wholeheartedly entrusted their safeties to them, and started protesting against Eli’s position.

Because of Connor and James’ heroic acts, the people were even more convinced with their choice and actions.

Previously they liked Eli, as he always seemed sweet and kind. And he also looked somewhat innocent.

But lately, they had been hearing all sorts of rumours about him.

It was said that he enjoyed killing and raping women during his free time.

Apparently, Eli had murdered multiple women after he was done sleeping with them.

It was also said that he had always been jealous of his brothers, and had tried to a.s.sa.s.sinate them several times.

Obviously, these rumours were spread by Connor and James, but the people were like sheep.. They just followed a Shepard.

Once something had circulated for a while, it would become a fact in their hearts.

They truly believed these rumors because Eli had never bothered to prove his innocence.. So it must definitely be true.

And to top it all off, Cary as the most viscious woman in the empire, was Eli’s sister.

The people now believed that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

How could such a cruel man be their king?

Cary looked at her white lotus sister coldly… What a b**ch!!

And just before she was about to defend herself, a guard came over informing Jenette that their father wanted to see her.

Jenette hurriedly left, giving Cary no time to make an explanation.

As Cary watched her white lotus sister leave, she knew that what had happened here would definitely spread throughout the entire Capital.

‘I’ll get you back for this s.l.u.t!!… Just you wait!!’


Jenette walked into the large throne room and immediately spotted Captain Anthony Martinez, standing in front of her father.

As she looked at him, her heart couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver.

8 months ago, she had come across Anthony’s stunning sword skills in the annual knightly tournament.

He was so handsome, strong and had a heroic charm about him.

What a dangerous man.

Just looking at him, she was sure that he had successfully impregnated her eyes.

wasn’t it a crime for someone to look that good?

Anthony was the son of Minister Golem Martinez, so she knew that marrying him wouldn’t be a problem.. since he was a n.o.ble… Hence she schemed her way into his life and into his heart.

4 months ago, they had officially started dating. And today, her father had called them over to announce that they would be officially engaged, and their wedding would take place before the end of the year.

Although she hadn’t known him for a long time, Jennette was sure that he was the one.

Thats why she had begged and pleaded with her father to rush along the marriage.

She was 19 years old, and in this era, people married about this age.

They would get engaged at 10 or 11 and get married at 17 or maximum 23…. Above 23, you were considered as a problematic woman who no one wanted… men would be very wary of you, and might use you as a side chick…

Most women above 23 became desperate and ended up marrying as second wives to elderly rich men.

For some reason, her mother had been against all the suitors that previously wanted to be engaged with her.

Her mother had said that she would only accept the best of the best for Jenette… That’s why Anthony was the only one that got an approval.

He was a n.o.ble, young, had outstanding achievements in the army, and was soughted after by almost all girls in the Capital.

After their father had dismissed both of them, she decided to see him off, as they walked hand in hand with each other.

“Are you happy?”


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