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Chapter 631 – The Future King

“Oh brother, did I forget to tell you?

This is William, my son.

He is going to be Arcadina’s future king.”


Alec almost choked.

“You… You… You have a son?!!!”

He felt like his whole worldview had come cras.h.i.+ng down before him.

Why… Why was this happening to him?

“h.e.l.lo uncle.

I’ve heard so much about you.

I’m William, the next king of Arcadina.”

“Shut up!

Who’s your uncle?

You, a street rat who had been raised outside the palace walls wants to rule over Arcadina?


Don’t make me laugh!

Your presence will only crumble this empire even further.

So just give it up, because there’s no way that you will be king.”

Alec looked at William and felt his blood boil.

Just from looking at William’s smile, he knew that they had been planning it all along.

“Brother, there’s no use denying it.

By next month, our William here will be crowned.”

“You lie, Oden!

The only future king will be my son, Prince Eli!”


His son Eli was so brilliant that no one would be able to outs.h.i.+ne him.

What was this pleasant prince when compared to a n.o.ble one?

And besides, even if Eli couldn’t deal with them all on his own, Connor would always be there to a.s.sist Eli as well.

Plus their mothers also came from wealthy families with strong forces within Arcadina.

So he knew that they wouldn’t just sit back and watch some pauper stroll in and take the crown from them.

Additionally, he knew that when they finally got word that he was being held captive, they would definitely send people to save him.


Alec looked at Oden and sneered the more he thought about it.

What was there to be worried about?

“Eli is the future king of Arcadina, and not your lousy son Billy or whatever his name is.”


Brother, it seems that you don’t know everything about your sons.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that for the past few years, your Son Eli had known of my son’s existence.

And for the few months, your second son also knew about outer existence as well.

To put it simply, they tried to ambush us.

But with the help of little Nephew here, we were able to capture them in one swoop.”

The information hit Alec hard.

“No! No! No!

You’re lying!” Alec said in denial.

“Am I lying?

I’ve never been a liar, and I think you know that better than anyone else!”

Alec dropped to the floor dejectedly in panic, before turning all his hatred towards Landon.


It’s all your fault!

How could you help others take down your own brothers?

Haven’t you heard that blood is thicker than water?”

“Right back at you old man!

When they poisoned me and planned to kill me over and over again, why didn’t they remember that we were siblings?

And who are you to talk when you killed grandfather and attempted to kill uncle as well?

A kettle calling a pot black, how original!”

“You! You! You!” Alec exclaimed while running towards Landon with bloodthirsty eyes.

He looked mental!


Micheal quickly made his move and kicked Alec down.

“At ease boy!” He said while holding Alec down with his right leg that was currently on the back of Alec’s head.

Alec, who was slightly kissing the ground, turned his face to the side and shot numerous glares at Landon.

This boy was the biggest mistake of his life!!

Landon looked at Alec and shook his head helplessly.

“Relax old man, I’m not like you.

My brothers are still alive, and will remain alive until they complete their sentences.

And after that, they’ll be free to go.

But as for you, you will follow uncle and be executed before all.”

“You little imp!

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

You good-for-nothing!

You son of a b*…”


Landon kicked Alec in the stomach hard.

“My dearest father, like I’ve before.

You can insult me, but you can never insult my mother!”


‘Pah! Pah! Pah!’


Did you think that I was a statue?” Mina said angrily.

“You burnt down my home and killed my parents for a crime that they didn’t commit.

You then made us live in hiding for so many years, making my little William not grow like an ordinary boy.

You beast!!!!!”

‘Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!’



“Mona, that’s enough!” Oden said.

Honestly, he too wanted to kill this brother of his here and now.

But there were so many people who wanted to do the same with their bare hands in the Capital… especially his wives.

He had killed his own son, James.

So did he think that the boy’s mother would let him get away with it?

And even his first wife hated him for how he treated their daughter when she lost her limbs.

Whether husbands admitted it or not, most times, their wives would love theit children more than them.

So if you intentionally hurt their children, they would begin hating you slowly while keeping it deep inside.

And without knowing it, one might end up creating a monster rather than a loving wife.

For sure, this brother of his was a dead man who was surrounded by the enemies that he had created for himself.

“Elder brother, we will be leaving for the Capital in two days.

But before that, we will allow you to see your sons once last time before we depart.

Consider this your last and gift from me.” Oden said coldly before closing his eyes silently.

A single teardrop slid down his face as he stood there as silent as a rock.

‘Father, I’ve finally avenged you.

Please, rest well.’


After Oden and his family had finished venting off their rage, Alec was soon escorted to one of the S-cla.s.s cells within the Prison.

Even if he would only be staying there for 2 days, they decided to keep him there, so that he could see his sons as promised.

Of course while Landon and his team were handling Alec’s matters, the battlefield was already filled with ‘cleaners’, as well several construction workers who hurriedly filled and levelled the holes on the field.

As a matter of fact, there were more than 50 construction machines on site.

They had promised their visitors that tomorrow, Baymard would be opened up again.

So they had to work their a.s.ses off to fulfill that promise.

As for Landon, he hurriedly made his way towards the barracks.

William and his family would be leaving in two days.

So he had to precheck everything just to be sure.

And while he went about as busy as a bee, someone else far away, also went over his plans again.

“Your royal highness Prince Skye, we’ve arrived at the Capital.”


It’s finally time to woe my wife.”


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