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Chapter 548 Lover Boy Is Here

Landon smiled in satisfaction, as he looked at the vehicles before him.

With these trucks, he and the men would definitely be able to make it on time for the rescue mission.

As for his many trucks he was going to leave with, well… he had decided to take a total of 40.

Which would include 3 kitchen trucks, 5 clinical trucks, 5 guest carrying trucks, 24 trucks for transporting soldiers… and 3 more for transporting weapons, storing raw bags of grain or food, spare tires, blankets and any other items that might be of some use to the mission.

One should know that the trucks carrying the guests were made to be fancier, as it was more s.p.a.cious and gave room for privacy.

But the ones carrying the soldiers had smaller beds and no privacy.

The interior of these trucks looked like a dormitory… With several beds bunked onto of one another.

For sure, even though the guest capsules were also bunked… Because they were s.p.a.cious and had their own privacy, it actually gave off a very sophisticated look.

But these ones on the other hand, looked very crude in regards to those in the guest trucks.

And that was because the soldiers needed to stay alert at all times.


Unlike the guests, the soldiers had to be ready for action in a flash.

So capsules or poss would definitely be a hinder to them if they have to jump off their beds hurriedly.

And they also had to have their eyes visible to their entire surroundings at all times as well.

So privacy was definitely not an option for them.

There were beds spread all across the walls of these trucks… And each column had at least 3 rows of beds that were bunked on top of one another.

In short, every s.p.a.ce within the truck had been maximized to the fullest.

Because the beds here were all foldable.

Of course, Landon had taken this concept from earth.

It was the same concept used for foldable parlour or dining room chairs that were attached to the walls.

When they were not needed, they would fold up, creating for s.p.a.ce in the living to and vice versa.

Likewise, the beds for these soldiers could be hidden away in order to create more s.p.a.ce for any emergencies or inconveniences.

Also, there were several roll-up camping bags available just in case some people chose to sleep on the floors instead.

Anyway, Landon had no doubt that this number of trucks would be enough for the mission.

And even though he would’ve definitely loved to use the new military tanks for this mission….. travelling with it out of Baymard would make their journey relatively slow, so he couldn’t.

In addition to that, now wasn’t the right time to show off those tanks yet… As he still needed to use them to deal with that sc.u.m father of his.

From the tracker that he put on him, it showed that Alec was already on his way to Baymard…. and would only arrive sometime during Spring.

The funny thing was that Landon would leave Baymard, drive go the North and still come back way before Alec attacked.

Ahh. .. .. Modern cars were definitely faster than horses.

And taking into account that Alec would definitely use wagons to transport some of his weapons under this harsh climate… Landon already knew that Alec could only arrive here during late Spring.

With that in mind, since he knew what route Alec was taking….. He decided to use another route

when going to and from the North.


“Your majesty… You… You like them?”

“Hmhm…. they’re all what I expected.

Good job Reagan.”

“Thank you, your majesty!”

“Alright!…. since it’s now completed, send the trucks that I’ve selected to the barracks immediately,” Landon said while touching the st.u.r.dy exterior of one of the trucks.

As for the new weapons, like time bombs and smoke bombs… Those ones had already been created a while back.

So he had already sent out his request for what he needed for this mission.

And of course, his requests had already been approved by the military board.

Yes!…. Even he had to get approval for resources since everything needed to be properly doc.u.mented at all times.

“Alright Reagan, keep up the good work!”

“Yes, your majesty!” Reagan replied while adjusting his gla.s.ses again.

With that, Landon left Reagan and calmly made his way towards the food industry.

Everything concerning his mission was now set and ready to go… as even the doctors and soldiers that needed to accompany him on the trip had also been chosen and briefed on their mission too.

Of course budgeting for provisions, surgical tools, blankets and other items had also been approved as well.

So all that was left, was for him to wait for his departure day.

But while all that was going on, a certain lover-boy had finally arrived at the sh.o.r.es of Carona.


–The Sh.o.r.es of Loplin Coastal City, The Empire of Carona–


A young handsome man stood majestically on one of the balconies in his s.h.i.+p.

He listened to the sounds of the ocean, hitting against his s.h.i.+p… As well as the rowdy noises coming from the sh.o.r.es that could be heard from a mile away.

He squinted his eyes and gave off a confident smile.

“Men!…. Ready the sails and pull up our flag.

I want these lowlifes to know just how rich we are!”

“Yes, your highness!” His men tried proudly.


Now, also get all those gla.s.s pieces that had been created by heavenly lightning that stroke our city back in the empire.


I’m sure that these lowlives haven’t seen gla.s.s before.

So if we give some chards of gla.s.s out to them, then they would definitely wors.h.i.+p us all the more.”

“Your highness is wise!

These wild people would definitely fall in love with his highness even more.” Said a large burly man, with an evil grin on his face.

How hard was it to win over bushmen?

As for their leader, he just smiled proudly at them… Before looking at the sh.o.r.es of Loplin city again.

‘My dear sweet Penelope… the love of your life is finally here!’


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