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Chapter 526 Message Delivered

All the way back in Baymard, Landon was busy looking over several doc.u.ments on his desk… when all of a sudden, the system’s notification bell rang out loudly in his ears.


‘The host’s letter is now in Nopline’s hands.’

Listening to the system, Landon’s eyes lit up instantly with a glimmer of delight… Before it finally changed to worry.

‘System…. are you sure that my disguise was flawless?’

‘Is host trying to insult this almighty system?

If this system can’t even do something as easy as that, then why would this system call itself almighty?

The host doesn’t need to worry, because this system had taken everything into account when disguising the host.

So the target will never know that the sender was a fraud.’

After hearing the system’s rea.s.suring words, Landon immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at his monitors instead.

For sure…. he had placed one of the system’s invisible tracking devices and cameras on the letter, so he could only watch the surrounding areas around the letter.

He quickly watched Nopline, as if he were watching some sort of TV show.

Zooming around the room, he saw several broken objects scattered around the floor as well as several people kneeling down too.

In addition to that, he also saw a pool of blood that probably came from the headless body lying on the floor.

This Nopline guy was really a childish tyrant.

It looked like someone in that group had angered

While watching everything unfold, it was clear to see that Nopline had taken the bait.

The man and his men looked so confident in the upcoming battle, that they even started feeling sorry for Baymard instead.

In their minds, there was no way that a newly established empire could beat one that had years of experience under their belt.

That was just ludicrous!

Landon looked at them through his monitors and smiled.

They were indeed very foolish and naive…. because no matter how one’s enemy looked, it was indeed a taboo to underestimate them.

And now that he had led Nopline by the nose, all that was left…. was for the battle to begin.


Now, on to better things…. a while back, the system had also notified him that s.h.i.+njep had been completed.

The issue had been contained, and the people had been cured.

Even though they left for the mission in August, they had only arrived at Ngum City sometime in September.

Of course, they only used 2 days on the Bay-Caronian s.h.i.+ps…. and an extra 3 weeks on horseback to get to the city.

Today was already the 29th of January…. so those who went out to help, had already been out for more than 3 months now.

Typically, if Landon didn’t know the cure and wasn’t here to point them in the right direction…. then they would’ve probably taken over a year to properly deal with the epidemic.

That was just how these things were.

During epidemics, doctors all wished to find cures, and sometimes worked 10 times more than they usually did.

Because at that point, every second lost could equal the death of thousands of people alone.

In addition to that, the more time they lost… the more room the virus or disease has in spreading to different carriers.

And by that time, containing the disease or virus can prove somewhat of a challenge to most.

Anyway, Landon was just glad that they had finally been able to cure and manage the situation quickly.

This of course also meant that a large population of people wouldn’t have to die again from the illness again now that there was a cure.


He quickly looked at his monitor and glanced through every part of Ngum city.

Sigh….. he was really impressed.

The city now looked very clean compared to its original appearance, and had even adopted some of his ideas that he had suggested for them to do.

Even the people now looked very healthy as well.

For most of them, with the help of anti-fungal rubs, other medicine and just good basic hygiene… their skin now had fewer pimples and rashes on them.

And in some cases, it even glowed and no longer looked rough and dull as it used to.

Their faces now looked healthy with a nice sun-kissed glow to it.

In short, it was clear to see that apart from the disease being… the people also cited many of their other concerns as well.

Well now that the disease had been dealt with, he wanted to personally send a letter to Penelope…. to personally give her a full report about the matter, as well as talk about removing the quarantine ban on Ngum city that had been placed there for decades now.

Now that the people were getting their lives back on track, it wasn’t fair to keep them there permanently again.

Instead, it would do them a lot of good if these people could visit sone other places and even do trade too.

Well apart from informing the Caronian government about the matter, Landon also had to publicize the news as well… and most of all, he had to welcome, reward and congratulate the brave doctors, nurses, and soldiers who went out to protect those in need even though their lives were also at risk too.

A ceremony would definitely be held in their honour, and their names would also go down in history.

Because just like back on earth, all personnel who helped overcome the Spanish flu….. were also doc.u.mented and properly tankard as well.

Their names went down in museums and were even told in history cla.s.ses as well.

This was history, so it would only be right for him to properly doc.u.ment it.

If he didn’t, then wouldn’t all those future history fanatics curse him even in his grave?

All in all, he was really happy with how things turned out.

And looking at his rewards for the mission, Landon was pretty happy.

Soon, he would be able to upgrade the system again.


Landon was about to turn off his monitor….. when he heard someone call Nopline.

The person’s voice was so soft-spoken, that it seemed like it belonged to a siren.

Landon looked on and decided to continue watching.

“Brother Nopline….. am I interrupting something?”


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