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–The Lower Region, Baymard–


“Night night bro!”

“Aye… see you tomorrow Terry!”


“Night night!”

“Nyty NYT!”



It was already past 10 P.M in Baymard, and right now…. and within the lower region, several people had just closed from work and were currently leaving via their one of their company’s buses or via car.

Some ended their s.h.i.+fts at 9 P.M, while others closed at 10 P.M and so on.

With multiple industries within the region, of course… not everyone could close up at the same time.

And for some of the industries here…. running 24/7 was a must, since the citizens depended on their services all day and night.

Companies like the power plant and heating company that needed to be constantly monitored, had their workers come in for overnight s.h.i.+fts.


So while others were going out…. several companies were just bringing in their overnight workers using their company buses.

This was a policy that had been implemented by Landon.

The night was never safe…. especially with visitors coming into Baymard.

So all workers that did overnight jobs…. whether they had a car or not still had to get on the company buses for access into the lower region at night time.

And unlike other work regions that had cab pickup locations, the lower region was somewhat isolated and kept away from the public’s eyes….. hence there was none.


On the bright side, the workers all had the option of using the free bus services that their companies all provided.

In addition to how far and isolated the lower region was from their homes…. his majesty had previously educated them on how dangerous walking in deserted regions during night time was… especially with visitors who could be enemy spies moving around.

So of course they chose to go by bus, or drive their cars out together in packs.

And even if they were driving alone, they wouldn’t stop for n.o.body!!


As for the buses, each company had at least 15 Eighty-seater buses… that would also do 2 night time pick ups before the overnight s.h.i.+ft began at 10 or 11 P.M, depending on the company.

And since the workers within the lower region, both original residents and refugees all lived within District E and District F….. the lower region had made its own bus station within those 2 regions.


For safety issues, it wasn’t right for them to just pick up anyone on route….. as enemy a.s.sa.s.sins, imposters or other hidden dangers from visitors might take advantage of this situation just to get into the lower region.

Hence all companies within the lower region contributed and built their own 2-storey bus stations within these regions… that also had its own fence, and security buildings as well.


So the workers just had to go to the ‘L.R Bus Station’ within the residential Districts, before the scheduled pickup time.

There, they were required to show their Company I.Ds, Baymardian I.Ds, sign off their names from the list of overnight workers under their company… and wait for the buses.

In addition to that, as they presented their company I.D cards….. those checking them would ask them for any 2 out of the 3 pins secretly hidden within their card.


Each card had 3 different pin codes hidden on it… so when they gave out 2 of the pins, those checking would use their ultraviolet light torches and check if they were right or wrong.

Also on the back of both the Baymardian and Company I.Ds….. specific physical details about the owner were also secretly hidden behind the cards as well.


Things like: blue eyes, grey hair, height, right birthmark below left eyebrow…. and so on, were also hidden there for those doing the checks to take note of.

That way, even if an imposter came in… they would immediately know if he was a fraud or not.

How come both I.D cards say that they have green eyes and black hair….. but in person, they have brown eyes and red hair instead?


Of course this would be the norm until picture I.Ds actually got invented in the future.


Again in addition to all of this, before getting into these company bus stations… the workers would also go through a security check with metal detectors as well.

They were to take off their watches and other harmless metal objects that they had and pa.s.s through the detectors there.

No kitchen knives, no daggers, no hidden weapons, no swords….. in short, no weapons were allowed to get in!!


All these checkups seemed like a lot, but if one was going to the F.B.i headquarters, C.I.A or other National security work stations back on earth….. these security checkups were seen as child’s play compared to how much those workers there had to do daily.

And in a way, the lower region was just like Baymard’s national treasure…..especially with the weapon manufacturing industry there.

In short… he couldn’t wait for picture I.Ds, Computers, and even high tech lasers to be made…. so that he could revamp the place even more.

But for now, these checkup procedures and security measures would have to do.



The night was filled with sounds of cars and buses leaving or coming into the lower region.

Lying flat on the ground, were 7 masked men all dressed in black.

They truly felt like crying, as they had been crawling, rolling and striking all sorts of poses on their bellies for the past 45 minutes now.


One should know that even though the summer was nearing its end… places still turned dark around 9 P.M, so they had to wait until then before finding a spot to hide in.

And with the ma.s.sive open field before the lower regions fence, they couldn’t help but curse their luck.


The lower region was also designed like the empire’s front walls.

There was a ma.s.sive open field with no trees before it, so they had no choice but to crawl within the darkness just like lizards.

As they crawled, they tried to avoid the ma.s.sive flas.h.i.+ng lights that seem to come from tall guard post towers located on the integer side of the fence.

Heck!….. even the palace in Arcadina wasn’t this deserted and hard to break in.


As they tried their best to avoid the ma.s.sive light beams circling around the field, they couldn’t help but want to beat up the person who came up with it all.

Yes…. that’s why they had been striking different poses for the past 45 minutes non-stop now.

It was all because of those fast paced moving light beams.

For F*** sake!!… who the h.e.l.l designed this place?


[Landon: ‘Achooo!!!’… who’s thinking about me again?’]


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