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Chapter 1099 – Man vs Nature; A Deadly Battle!

–Ingot Coastal City, Zalipnia, Romain–


It was just 10 A.M, and the day should’ve been bright.

However, the thick, c.u.mbersome clouds hovering above had blocked the sun’s rays from descending below.

And now, the morning that should’ve been bright looked like the early hours of night instead.


The harsh winter snow fell tirelessly for hours upon hours, causing its victims to shudder and take cover.

Some headed back into the buildings, while others had no choice but to stay put where they were and keep a lookout on things.

But it was just that the thick falling snow, coupled with the dense dark sky, made it hard for them to see anything from afar?

Moreover, just opening their eyes in this weather could blind one silly.


Some held onto several posts, holding on for their poor lives as the raging winter winds almost carried them away.

Several men in armour gritted their teeth and held on for their dear lives pitifully.

“Quickly! Hold on to the sidebars again and protect yourselves! No matter what, don’t let go! Another big one is heading this way.”

“What? Another one? Dammit!!”

Everyone’s faces turned grim as they flung their heads over their shoulders, looking at the monstrous wind violently heading their way.

Wait… Did they just see a pig and a few 2-headed goats flying their way?


Everyone quickly grabbed onto the bars and curved themselves like b.a.l.l.s.

Luckily, all stones should’ve been buried deep in the heaps of snow.

If not, they would also get stones flung onto them.


In a flash, the wind engulfed them, forcefully trying to yank them away from the bars while making them with the livestock as well.

But they held on tight for their dear lives as hard as they could.

“Ahhhhh!!!….. ”

Those who got carried exclaimed helplessly as they spun alongside their new friends, Mr. Goat, Mr. Pig, Mrs. Horse and the rest.

The livestock who saw them almost rolled their eyes as If saying: Newcomer, can you shut up?

[Those carried]: “_”

The livestock weren’t making any noises and even looked chill and playback while spinning as if they were pros at this.

If they were human, they might even be crossing their eyes while leaning back and enjoying the ride.

Meanwhile, the men carried away that spotted these creatures while spinning, couldn’t help feeling that they were being looked down on by them.

Their only hope now was that this carry wind threw them away towards its next stop.

But that could be for miles and miles away.

Of course, the more they advanced, the more people the wind picked up.

Things would’ve been easier if they were spinning close to the ground.

No! Every time the wind picked someone or something up, it would be sent straight up far into the air, several feet above the ground.


What was this fairy operation?




The heavy winds strongly blew past several others as they held on with all their strength.

And once the ordeal was over, those who did survive couldn’t help signing from relief.

Some even began cursing out loud too.

“Dammit! This b.l.o.o.d.y weather is a nightmare!”

“Tch! Are we even sure that Adonis would take such a place?”

“AUGH!~ What was that? Something just entered my mouth!”

“I’ll go! I heard the stories about how bad winter was here, but I thought it was just a joke. Now, I know better. This isn’t winter. It’s clearly a h.e.l.lish snow plague!”

“F***! How can the winds be this strong? We’re wearing heavy armour for crying out loud! So if it can yank people way up high, then how the h.e.l.l are we supposed to guard against it?”

“Forget about protecting and guarding ourselves against the winds. How are we supposed to guard or keep a watch against any outsiders? The furthest I can see is that tree just a few steps away from us. So how can we see any intruders?”

“Lying trough! I heard that 3 days ago, during the last storm, some of the scouts high up on the trees were still yanked away with the branches.”

“~Pfff! Hahahhaha! Aiyoo~~ This is the best news you’ve said all day. Those arrogant scouts have always been too proud, thinking that because they had higher positions, Adonis favoured them more. But now, who’s laughing?”

“Heh. They thought that they would be safe high up in the sky while holding onto the trees. But not only were they yanked away, but I heard that the treetops were snapped, broken by the wind and carried away as well.”

“Bahahahahaha! Served them right! Do you know that up till now, their scout group still can’t find the missing Zalipnias? They still haven’t found any of the royal families or even many of the elders and ministers. So aren’t they useless?”

“Tsk! Word is that they’re getting real close to finding them. It’s believed that these people are hiding in some hidden place right under our bosses. But soon, they might find them… Or not! With how useless those b.a.s.t.a.r.d scouts are? I wouldn’t be surprised if we kept searching for longer.”

“Yeah. We… Ah?… F***! Hold on tight. Here comes another one!”


All over the city, countless Adonis wors.h.i.+ppers were either holding on for their dear lives, being yanked away or hiding within the buildings instead.

Even though they had been here for so long, they had only experienced one winter here and had never gotten used to the weather.

Indeed, it wasn’t a myth when people said the winters here were terrible.

When snow fell hard, it was always accompanied by strong tornado-like winds that could carry livestock at will too.

The people here had learned to strap on for their seat lives… That’s why on the roads, one would find countless metal railings meant for holding on during times like this.

If it should occur every day, then wouldn’t they be flying about nonstop, as if they were in a Mary Poppins movie?

The winter here didn’t play games at all, and neither did Landon.

Because just now, the Baymardian sh.i.p.s were about to dock.

Man vs. nature.

How would they battle in this weather?

How would they take the enemies head-on?

Will they be yanked about like the enemy?

Will Landon accidentally smash his head on a tree?

Well, all these questions would be answered soon enough.


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