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Chapter 2627: A Liar!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As Song Fei’s fans had previously mocked Qiao Mianmian for wearing a high-end imitation and Taobao products, they’d even insulted many netizens. Now that the beauty blogger’s topic was out, the netizens who’d long disliked them naturally wouldn’t miss this good opportunity to retort.

The netizens didn’t hold back at all.

“Hahaha, Song Fei’s fans are really b.u.mpkins. No wonder their master could have an o.r.g.a.s.m for so long just by wearing a high-end dress. It’s as if she has never worn it in her entire life. It’s not easy to wear it once. A little artiste who made her debut through talent shows still has to compare herself to a real rich lady. Isn’t this embarra.s.sing? Now she’s been slapped in the face. Really delightful!”

“Song Fei is wearing a C brand dress and has a lot of publications. She’s always outs.h.i.+ning everyone. It’s so embarra.s.sing. Qiao Mianmian’s outfit tonight is really impressive. I’ve never seen her posting about it. In comparison, the daughter of a rich family is still the daughter of a rich family, while some people are just clowns.”

“Why aren’t Song Fei’s fans jumping around anymore? Weren’t they jumping around so fiercely just now? Continue jumping around and praising your master. Why are all of you silent?”

Song Fei’s fans were furious.

They were always the ones with the upper hand.

Not like this.

They were the ones being criticized now.

They’d fought so many artistes and won every time. They never knew what it felt like to lose.

They never knew what it felt like to be ripped apart.

How could someone who was used to being arrogant tolerate this?

Someone was indignant and retorted. “So what if Aaron Smith and that MR.S are very impressive? Who knows if Qiao Mianmian is wearing a high-quality imitation? Now that the imitation is done well, it can be taken for real. I’ve searched online and found out that Qiao Mianmian’s dress was once wanted by a princess, but Aaron Smith didn’t give it to her. Qiao Mianmian is even more impressive than a princess. Would anyone believe it?”

“Moreover, the set of jewelry she’s wearing. If it’s a blue diamond, just the set of jewelry would cost hundreds of millions. Not to mention that it was designed by MR.S. He has never designed jewelry for anyone, never! What right does Qiao Mianmian have to get a legendary jewelry designer to design jewelry for her? Anyway, I don’t believe that her set of jewelry was really designed by MR.S. Let’s not talk about anything else, who knows who MR.S is? Where did she find him?

“She’s just relying on the fact that no one knows who MR.S is, so of course, she can lie as she pleases. Anyway, MR.S won’t expose her.

“Aaron Smith is overseas now. He definitely doesn’t know about this. He can’t rush over just to expose her.

“Qiao Mianmian is a liar!”

The other fans agreed.

“That’s right, that’s right. Qiao Mianmian’s outfit is obviously an imitation.”

“What’s the point? She can’t compare to our Feibao. No one would say anything even if she admitted defeat. Wearing an imitation is too degrading.”

At the venue of the awards ceremony.

The reporters swarmed forward and surrounded Qiao Mianmian.


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