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Chapter 2137: Girlfriend

“He just went in.” Qiao Mianmian looked out of the window and saw that Qiao Chen had already entered the school gate.

“How is he?”

“He looks good.”

“With his usual results, you don’t have to worry too much.”


“Then, come over. We can have breakfast together.”

“You haven’t had breakfast?” Qiao Mianmian looked at the time on her cell phone and frowned.

“Mm, not yet. I was waiting for you.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there.”

“Do you need Wei Zheng to pick you up?”

“No need. Chen Chen’s school is only 10 minutes away from your company. I’ll take a taxi.”

“Alright, take care.”

After hanging up, Qiao Mianmian called a taxi.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Mianmian arrived at the Mo Corporation building.

She got out of the taxi and was about to enter the lobby when she saw a familiar figure walking out.

“Mo Yesi.”

She quickly walked over.

Mo Yesi pulled her into his arms the moment she reached him.

“Why are you here?” Qiao Mianmian asked.

“I came down to pick you up for breakfast.” Mo Yesi led her to a restaurant beside the building and introduced it as they walked. “This is a newly opened morning tea shop. I’ve had it a few times, and the tea tastes pretty good.”

Qiao Mianmian wasn’t hungry.

She was purely there to accompany Mo Yesi.

They entered the shop.

The waiter obviously knew Mo Yesi and immediately greeted him respectfully. “Good morning, Mr. Mo.”

Soon, the manager came out to entertain them.

“Good morning, Mr. Mo. Is Mr. Mo sitting in the same seat as before?” The manager greeted him respectfully. Seeing that Qiao Mianmian was being held by Mo Yesi, the manager was stunned and couldn’t help but look at her for a few more seconds.

Then, his eyes filled with amazement.

They had all heard about Mo Yesi having a girlfriend.

Although they were men, they still gossiped.

Moreover, there were many girls in the shop. Even if they didn’t pay attention to this, they would know from others.

After seeing Qiao Mianmian in person, the manager felt that it was no wonder that Mr. Mo, who never got close to women, would fall for her.

His girlfriend was too beautiful.

If he had a girlfriend who looked like a G.o.ddess…

Forget it, he didn’t want to think about it anymore. It was impossible for him to find such a girlfriend.

The manager was in a daze when he suddenly felt cold. It was so cold that he had gooseb.u.mps.

He looked up and saw Mo Yesi looking at him expressionlessly. He seemed a little unhappy.

The manager was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.

Was it because he looked at his girlfriend for too long?

The manager immediately looked away.

He bent down and said even more respectfully, “Mr. Mo, Miss, please come this way. The floor is a little slippery, please watch your steps.”

Oh my.

Mo Yesi cherished his girlfriend too much.

It seemed like the rumors were true. He really valued this girlfriend.


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