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Chapter 1187: Borrowing the Gift

Little Xiao’s fans were mocking Qiao Mianmian in the live-stream when they suddenly saw a “Heart Angel” gift notification appear.

Because this gift was the most expensive, when it was presented, the image was very large and very conspicuous.

Anyone watching the live broadcast could see it as long as they weren’t blind.

Typically, those who gave gifts like this were all rich fans.

The nickname “Qiao Mianmian’s die-hard fan” was also very eye-catching.

Before Little Xiao’s fans could react, one “Heart Angel” after another smashed down.

Hence, the people in the live broadcast saw the system notification: [Qiao Mianmian’s die-hard fans sent out 10 Heart Angels, Qiao Mianmian’s die-hard fan sent out 20 Heart Angels…]

The numbers kept rising.

30, 40, 50, 60…

The entire live broadcast room was flooded with these “Qiao Mianmian’s die-hard fan” gifts.

Pa.s.serby: “What the f*ck, who is this rich guy?! The Heart Angel is worth ten thousand yuan, right? He’s already given more than fifty!”

Little Xiao’s fans were even more dumbfounded.

Just a second ago, they were still mocking Qiao Mianmian for not having loyal fans.

The next second, a nouveau riche with the t.i.tle of her fan came to the live-stream room and crazily rewarded her.

Moreover, the amount of money that this fan gave out far exceeded the amount that they had given out previously.

Most importantly, it hadn’t stopped…

This was because, in just a few minutes, the big boss of this live-stream had given more than a million yuan.

The originally spa.r.s.ely populated live-stream room became active again.

Many pa.s.sersby who heard that a big shot had appeared in the live-stream returned to see which big shot was so domineering.

Then, they saw a person called “Qiao Mianmian’s die-hard fan” continuously sending gifts.

By the time the netizens squeezed in, there were already more than 300 Heart Angels.

But the other party had no intention of stopping.

The pa.s.sers-by sighed. “He’s already sent over three million yuan worth of gifts? He’s too rich. Does Qiao Mianmian have such a rich die-hard fan?”

“I heard that Little Xiao’s fans mocked Qiao Mianmian for not having any fans to reward her. That’s why this big boss appeared out of nowhere. Now that Little Xiao’s fans have been slapped in the face, they’re all silent.”

“Could this fan be her rich boyfriend?”

“I think it’s possible.”

“I think it’s possible, too.”

“Those who said that her boyfriend couldn’t bear to spend money on her must have been slapped in the face.”

As the pa.s.sersby discussed, they looked at the gifts still flooding the screen.

He only stopped after 520.

“He’s finally done? 520 Heart Angels, is he using the gifts to confess to Qiao Mianmian?”

“520 = I love you. This is a show of kindness. The person who did this must be her boyfriend.”

“Wow, why do I feel that it’s a little sweet? This nickname is too cute.”

On this side of the live-stream, they were still lamenting about the 5.2 million yuan gift.

On the other side, the event’s official Weibo account posted a Weibo message of thanks.

The content was: “Thank you @QiaoMianmianV for sending 55 ambulances.”

Before this, this official Weibo also posted a Weibo message thanking the others for sending the ambulances.

Thanks to Little Xiao’s Weibo post, the comments section was occupied by her fans. Many of them were mocking Qiao Mianmian.


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