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Chapter 633 The Speed of Zhang Ye’s Writeup of the Program Proposal!

A cla.s.sic singing program?

Must have a good reputation?

Must have a ridiculous viewer rating?

The host must not act as just a supporting role?

There was only one answer and it was probably the only program that could meet the criteria. If this was the past, Zhang Ye would seriously not dare to use this program because he was afraid that he would do it badly since he did not think he could do justice to the details in the program. To destroy such a cla.s.sic program from his previous world which was so popular across the country…. No, it should be said that it was so popular around the world instead. So if it were destroyed in the hands of Zhang Ye, then he would surely have become a sinner by spoiling something so great. But now, Zhang Ye dared to do it, not because of anything except the reason of having eaten those hundred-plus Fruits of Agility he had gotten from the lottery draw.

When he received the Fruit of Agility prize from the lottery draw the first time, he felt that this item was useless to him. When he won it again in the latest lottery draw, Zhang Ye still did not make much of it until today, when he realized that it had another effect—the Fruit of Agility could affect his talking and reaction speed. As Zhang Ye had majored in broadcasting, his talking speed was not slow to begin with. At the very least, he was still a bit faster than the average person, but that was not good enough. Compared to his previous world’s host of The Voice of China, Hua Shao1, he was still way behind him. It wasn’t even unfair to say that he was not comparable to some of those crosstalk actors who could do speed recital well. Because talking speed was more dependent on talent and genes than on training, there was nothing anyone could really do about it. If your reaction speed was already slow to start with, even if your brain fired countless of signals at once, your body would still be restricted to its reaction speed. If you wanted to increase your speed by one percent more, it was already very difficult, not to mention if you wanted to suddenly increase it by 50 to 70%! This was not something that could be trained!

But now?

Zhang Ye could do it!

His reaction speed had already increased multiple times and his talking speed was no longer the same as before,so why would he still have any doubts about it now? For him, The Voice was definitely the best option! There were no other programs which were suitable for the current situation and condition!

It’s settled!

He proceeded to write the program proposal quickly. Even without the help of the Memory Search Capsules, Zhang Ye could write the proposal in detail. He couldn’t help it; this program was way too popular. Zhang Ye had even watched it many times over.

Chenchen asked, “Zhang Ye, do you need to use the computer?”

“No, no need.” Zhang Ye was busily writing something.

Hearing that, Chenchen continued holding the mouse and said, “Then I will continue playing.”

Zhang Ye did not forget to remind her, “Don’t place your head too close to the monitor screen, and try to protect your eyesight. If in the future you become nearsighted, you will suffer.”

Chenchen said, “Zhang Ye, you nag so much.”

Zhang Ye grunted, “Then why are you always making people worry? I’m almost your dad at this point.”

One page!

Two pages!

Three pages!

The more he wrote, the more excited he became!

He was not getting excited over the writing of the proposal, rather because of the antic.i.p.ation that this extremely reputable program would soon be produced by his hands. He could not wait any longer. In the past, whether it was for Lecture Room or any inspired talk show like Tonight 80’s Talk Show and Mr. Zhou Live Show, compared to the viewers.h.i.+p ratings of The Voice, they were leagues apart. That was why Zhang Ye’s expectations and drive were also very different!

Later that afternoon.

1:30 PM.

Director Jiang Yuan of Central TV Department 1 came over to inspect the progress. Actually, it couldn’t be considered as inspecting the progress as the new program team had just been established, so he only came to have a look around. This program team was under Director Jiang Yuan’s charge and he was very concerned about the team’s transition and whether the viewers.h.i.+p ratings of new program could achieve the desired results.

“Director Jiang.”


“Director Jiang.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

Fu Sihong also came out of his office.

Jiang Yuan smiled and said, “Everyone’s busy? Getting used to the new environment yet?”

Ha Qiqi said, “Yes, we’re getting used to it. This new office is much better than the variety channel’s office. It’s definitely much better to work with Director Jiang.” She hadn’t been working at Central TV Department 1 but with Central TV’s variety channel before being transferred over here.

Jiang Yuan shook his head and said, “You have such a glib tongue.” Then he looked around and asked, “Where’s Little Zhang?”

Zhang Zuo answered, “Teacher Zhang is in his office studying and researching the singing programs of other satellite channels.”

Jiang Yuan asked with interest, “Oh? Singing programs?”

Fu Sihong said, “We still don’t know what the final concept will be. Should I call him over?”

“There’s no need to.” Jiang Yuan stopped him and said, “Let Little Zhang continue with his studying. When he gets a good grasp of the other similar programs, he will be able to draw up a better program, so there’s no need to rush him.” Additionally, he also reminded them, “These next few days, I hope everyone will put in more effort to help Little Zhang finalize the program proposal. Once we have the proposal and after I approve it, the funding will be released to the team. Since this program will be made in-house and not bought from a production company, the funding will be relatively better too, so don’t have any worries in that regard.”

Zhang Zuo said immediately, “You can rest a.s.sured too, Director Jiang. We will definitely cooperate well to get things done.”

Fu Sihong also said, “We already have some general direction and will try our best to quickly finish the first draft of the proposal.” Normally, there would be several drafts for a television program proposal. If the first one did not work, they would do it a second time, and if that also could not work out, then they would do it a third time. The possibility in getting an approval after the first attempt was close to zero as it needed to be altered several times according to new inputs and restrictions before the final proposal would be completed. It was sometimes possible that a proposal which started as a singing program would end up becoming an interview program. Fu Sihong added, “Give us three days, We will submit it to you in three days at the latest.”

Jiang Yuan nodded and said, “Alright, work hard on it, all of you.”

As they were talking, the executive director’s office door opened and Zhang Ye came out holding some handwritten papers. He said, “Eh, Director Jiang? Did you come to inspect our work?”

Jiang Yuan nodded, “I came to take a look.”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Then your timing is perfect.” Waving the papers in his hands, he continued, “I’ve already written the new program’s proposal.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Sihong was stunned.

Jiang Yuan was also stunned.

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the rest were also quite dumbfounded at this.

What did you say? It’s already completed? You took such a short time to write it all down? Just a while ago, Executive Producer Fu was still a.s.suring Director Jiang that the program proposal would be completed within three days but you only took less than an hour to do it? That’s even faster than a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p! Regardless of whether it was other television stations or Central TV, a proposal for such a major variety program would surely have needed a minimum of three to five days to complete, right? That was already accounting for the best case scenario. For those with a much more detailed program proposal, it would be common to take up to half a month to write out. But you? You completed it in less than an hour? How could you come up with a good program proposal if you did it so hastily?

Everyone was at a loss for words.

Jiang Yuan remained silent for a very long time before he was finally unable to hold back and said, “Aren’t you being too efficient?”

Zhang Ye took it as a praise and said, “That’s right, I’ve always done my program proposals quickly since I’m never indecisive about my ideas. I will just write when I’ve given it enough thought, so that doesn’t take too much time to do.”

Fu Sihong said in disbelief, “You have really finished it?”

“I can’t possibly be lying, right?” Zhang Ye called for an administrative staff member and pa.s.sed the papers to her. He said to her, “Little w.a.n.g, go make some copies of this and distribute them to everyone.”

Little w.a.n.g replied clearly, “OK.”

The copier sounded noisily as the copies were made.

A short while later, the copies were completed. Little w.a.n.g pa.s.sed a copy to Jiang Yuan first, then to Fu Sihong, and finally to the rest of the colleagues.

Everyone quickly took it and had a look. Their first reaction was…how stunning! It was not the content that was stunning—they did not have enough time to read through it yet—but on first glance, they saw neatly lined up words written with fountain pen ink on paper. That harmonious feeling even seemingly gave “life” to the paper. Looking at the program proposal was literally an enjoyment as the words were too beautiful. There was no one else at Central TV who could write with such beautiful handwriting!

Ha Qiqi could not help complimenting him, “What nice handwriting!”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Zhang Zuo, Wu Yi, and the others all looked in the direction of Zhang Ye in surprise. They could not understand how such a careless person—who always went around scolding and fighting with others, creating fear in others of the entertainment industry—could have such a beautiful handwriting. It was rumored before that Zhang Ye had a high level of accomplishment in calligraphy? Now, it looked like those rumors were not fake! They could tell that just from the handwriting!

Chapter 633 The Speed of Zhang Ye’s Writeup of the Program Proposal!

Hu Qiaohua, also known as Hua Shao (Young Master Hua) or “The Tongue of China”. He is known by Chinese as the fastest-speaking host in China. ↩


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