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(TN: FFF probably a reference to Baka to Test)

After dinner, I decided to go outside and continue my training.

In the morning, I ran 3 laps around DongShan Lake. At night, I ran back and forth along DaNing River.

For the locals, the scenic spots of XiCheng District is this river and lake, so sometimes people here jokingly call themselves “JiangHu People”. (TN: Jiang is River and Hu is Lake, if you read Wuxia you probably know what Jianghu is. If not, it’s kind of like the range of activity of hero’s/martial artists in wuxia operates in, a virtual construct)

Since this is a place near water, it’s pretty cold in the mornings and evenings, so there aren’t many tourists.

I like places where there are few people and my training is not something I do to show others.

If I can’t be a martial artist who’s stronger than Ren XiaoQin, I might die in her hands one day!

Tonight, I’ll run from the tollbooth of the highway bridge until I’m under the pier of the old steel bridge!

A round trip is about 8 kilometers, if I control my speed, I should be able to finish in 40 minutes.

After finishing the warmup, I’ll go home and punch sandbags.

If I said I’m doing it, I’m doing it.

I didn’t change clothes and was still wearing the school’s sports uniform.

I will definitely sweat when running, so when I get home, I will take it off and won’t wear the uniform to school tomorrow.

Anyway, I don’t have physical education cla.s.s tomorrow. Even if I had to do radio exercises, I won’t be noticeable if I stand in the last row.

I like the city’s scenery at night.

The cold wind blew across the willow branches by the river and created a rustling sound.

The lights on the other side of the river were multicolored and garish, but because it was separated by the rushing sounds of the river, that noisy world had nothing to do with me.

The dark clouds covered the moon, some of the streetlights near the river embankment were broken and the flickering lights. .h.i.t me from time to time.

My heart is at ease.

It feels like I’m meditating.

In this state of mind, I immediately felt that I was really a fool for being regularly worried about those trifling matters!

The earth is so small and the universe is so big, even if I make a choice among some difficult situations, what meaning is it to the universe?

Isn’t it completely meaningless?

Ah, the humans who constantly quibble and love on what is but a tiny speck of dust, how foolish!

This humble monk has already seen through the world of mortals.

Suddenly, near the pier of the steel bridge, I saw a couple sitting on the river bank.

The two were sitting shoulder to shoulder and facing the river, snuggling against each other to warm themselves and seemingly whispering words of love.

He was also wearing a uniform from 28 Middle.

I was still some distance away from them. The reason why I I knew they were a d.a.m.n couple was because the shoulders of their school uniform had stripes of different colors.

Both of them are very young and should be first-year students in our school.

You guys are only first years, yet you guys are already whispering sweet words! You even dare block the jogging route of your senior and disturb your senior’s meditative thoughts on the supreme truth of the universe! Your actions have ruined the social atmosphere, lowered the national output value, hindered world peace and interfered with the perfection of the universe. Do you guys understand! Believe it or not, I’ll report you to the headteacher!

The boy seemed to say something funny and made the girl laugh

Due to the lighting, only the boy’s two bright eyes were visible. The girl did not have long hair and had a gentle and quiet manner.

I’ve heard that there was a “Couples go die go die group” on the market, they specifically took it upon themselves to break up all couples. There is also an organization called FFF inquisition group, I don’t know if it is the abbreviation of “couples go die go die group”, but they both virtually do the same things.

Their purpose is to oppose all heteros.e.xuality and to break up all the couples worldwide. (ED: what about h.o.m.os.e.xuality)

I suddenly thought, should I become a representative of the FFF inquisition?

As long as I stand in front of them and adopt the dignity of a senior. I’ll first ask them which cla.s.s are they from, then I’ll ask them how dare they go against the majority and violate the “100 rules that prohibit intimate contact between boys and girls”. I don’t believe that they dare not grovel and beg for forgiveness. If they don’t want their parents to be notified, getting extorted by me is already going soft on them.

However, since I have already achieved enlightenment, all living things are mere bugs in my eyes. You two insects, even if I reported you, what is the significance to the universe?

I decided to allow these two bugs to live.

I am compa.s.sionate, even if these two bugs are really obsessed and come to fruition, they’ll do nothing more than give birth to a few insects.

With this in mind, I slowed down to not startle them.

I turned around and ran back.

Although I didn’t run under the pier as I planned, I was only around 50 meters away.

The sound of the girl crying for help suddenly sounded behind me.

“Don’t! Help, help me ——!!”

Huh? I just glanced away for a second, and you’re already going to force yourself on your girlfriend? Even though there aren’t many people on the riverside, you shouldn’t be doing something that’ll ruin the school’s reputation. If you do this, are you still worthy of my compa.s.sion as a representative of the FFF inquisition?

I turned around to look but found out that it wasn’t what I had thought.

When I wasn’t paying attention, there were four more people on the river dike. When I looked at it carefully, it was a group of ruffians that wore messy clothes and slanted hats. My useless junior was surrounded by three of them and was being kicked back and forth.

The male student was kicked to the ground, covering his head while kneeling and was completely afraid of resisting. The ruffians were still not satisfied. Someone threw a cigarette b.u.t.t on his hair and someone else spit on him.

I was barely able to hear them.

“Heh heh heh heh, trying to pick up girls at such a young age! You’re quite promising!”

“Kneel! If you dare look up, your Grandpa, me, will kill you!”

There was someone wearing a peaked cap self-proclaiming himself as a grandfather. He looks around my age and is at most in his third year of middle school.

“Apologize to us! Say Grandpa, I am wrong!”

“I’m wrong……”

The voice of the male student is inaudible.

“f.u.c.k, how dare you not call me grandpa! Continue kicking! We’ll throw you into the river if you don’t call us grandpa!” (TN: Lol, seems like they have fetishes for being called grandpa)

“He he he he, your girlfriend’s not bad looking? How about you lend her to us!”

One of the ugliest, cunning, and vulgar looking guy held the girl up by her chin and laughed.

Over the course of events, the female student was separated by the ruffians on the outside of the encirclement and was prevented from going to help her boyfriend.

It seems that they were focused on humiliating the male student. Seeing the female student’s impatient face of wanting to help, they were enjoying the pleasure of playing with the weak.

The things that they’re doing is quite similar to the objectives of the FFF inquisition.

However, I heard that the FFF inquisition are a group of lamentable otaku without any actual capability. It’s a group of people who scream “Burn all heteros.e.xual love” on the Internet all day long. They’re losers who end up hiding and crying when they end up seeing someone become a couple.

However, despite the fact that the FFF inquisition is all words and no bite, their behaviors are still n.o.bler than these ruffians.

Being humiliated in front of a girl you like, that should be a big blow to men, right?

Is it that interesting to trample on the self-esteem of others?

I originally planned to run 8 kilometers as a warmup, then return home to punch sandbags.

Although I only ran for 4 kilometers now and the warmup was still a little inadequate, but for you sandbags, you guys are probably not as durable as the ones at home that I’ve been using for three years.

I saw two ruffians lift up the male student and were really planning on dipping him into the cold river. I yelled out:

“Stop f.u.c.king around! Is it that interesting to bully two kids!”

The four ruffians looked back at me with a puzzled face.

Having said that, I should talk about the difference between ruffians and hoodlums.

In fact, there’s really no difference.

The average person thinks that hoodlums tend to not engage in one’s proper duties and ruffians like to stir up trouble, but the difference between the two is not absolute.

They’re both a bunch of sc.u.m that annoys people.

I’ll call them whatever I want.

There is no difference between s.h.i.t and p.o.o.p.

They saw that I was wearing the same school uniform as the couple, so the ruffian with a cap smiled and squinted:

“Eh? Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are? Whats wrong, are you coming to stick up for your school’s juniors? Aren’t you quite gutsy?”

I ignored him and continued to walk along the slope towards the walkway on the riverbank.

The slope beneath me is actually a part of the river embankment. There are various flowers planted here and the traction with sneakers is not that bad.

I decided, I’m going to use this place as the fighting spot.

Seeing that I dared go up alone. The four ruffians were rolling up their sleeves for battle and the couple was released.

I gave the boy who was kneeling on the ground a look. His reactions were quite fast, he immediately stood up, took the girl’s hand and ran away.

No one stopped them, the ruffian’s were getting closer and closer and they could probably tell that I wasn’t there with good intentions.

Only in these scenarios, do I feel that my vicious eyes aren’t all that bad.

Although it’s not as black and doesn’t have as good eyesight as ShuSha’s eyes, my eyes are also unique.

The narrow shape of my eyes was like surgical blades and the small pupils are like black and red cold diamonds.

In short, it’s not very human-like.

It’s wolf-like.

If I was born as a wolf, my goal would be to become the Arctic Wolf King.

Not to lead the wolves, but just to stand alone in the highest summit in the Arctic, listening to the sound of snow blowing past my ears.

There was a joy in my heart as if I realized the truth.

In fact, the bulls.h.i.t truth has not been realized, I just simply like to fight.

After I chose the location, I stood still and sneered as they encircled me.

Oh, I miscalculated, there was a ruffian smoking behind the bridge pier. He looks quite st.u.r.dy and based on his att.i.tude, he should be their boss.

There are a total of five people on the opposite side.

It’s really funny, even the five tigers punishing squad too. Are you too scared to go out if you can’t make a group of 5?

Captain Guo Songtao of the basketball team can easily 1V5, but his physical fitness is definitely levels beyond his peers. He may even play in the NBA in the future. I can’t imitate his fighting style.

And within these five ruffians, the boss with the cigarette b.u.t.t and the guy with the cap don’t seem to be weak.

The stronger the better!

It just so happens that I wanted to test whether I improved or not!

The outcome for fighting can’t be determined by just relying on a good body or the number of people.

What’s most important is how imposing you are!

From the age of 6, I was brutally violated by Little Tyrant. In order to be able to overcome him one day, I’ve already figured out that even if the body and the skills are both inferior, I can still rely on my vigor!

That is to turn yourself into a non-human existence.

Berserker mode!


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