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After she learned about my age, she turned around and put on her sweater, but she still remained on my bed.

“Mr. Ye, do… I really not need to give anything for that role?”

“It’s fine, don’t be overwhelmed by life.” I patiently encouraged her, “Get a good nights sleep and do a good job in tomorrow’s tryouts. You don’t owe me anything.”

Su Qiao smiled bitterly.

“Mr. Ye, you don’t sound like a middle school student when you speak…”

Really? It might be because I was influenced by my father? My dad always keeps talking about dreams and philosophies. He hasn’t actually grasped anything in life, but I guess a bit of it rubbed off on me.

After finally sending Su Qiao out with great difficulty, she bowed and apologized for disturbing me. Her long black pigtail slid down from her shoulder and fell to her knees, and it slightly wiggled along with her movements.

When Su Qiao headed towards the direction of the elevators, I was afraid of being caught by Xiao Qin or Auntie Ren, so I looked around to see if anyone was there. I did not find anyone other than the main male lead, Kyle. The one who invited four Chinese teachers and has the word ‘hemorrhoid’ tattooed on his arm. He was pacing back and forth down the hallway while reading the script.

When he saw Su Qiao leave my room with a flushed face, he immediately stopped full of interest. He stood from afar and watched us speak, and when Su Qiao left, he sent me a furtive smile and stuck his thumb up as if to symbolize ‘Nice’.

Nice my a.s.s! Did you think Su Qiao and I just finished wrestling on the bed? Also, don’t touch my sister so casually when you are filming!

I could not calm down after returning to my room, so I gave Ai Mi a call.

“h.e.l.lo?” It sounds like Ai Mi was stuffing snacks into her mouth.

“Peng TouSi had barely been gone for a week, and you’re already enjoying snacks every day? Are you not afraid of getting fat!”

“What did you say? A mere manservant dares to ask about his owner’s affairs?”

Ai Mi started to chew something that gave off a crisp sound (it might be chips), and said:

“When are you planning on breaking up with that violent woman?”

Huh? Is the violent woman referring to Xiao Qin? Weren’t you pretty happy playing with her today? Why do you suddenly want me to break up with her?

“I, I wasn’t happy! That was your misconception! A misperception! Why would I be happy playing such a r.e.t.a.r.ded game? Now that I think about it, it’s all her fault! I’m so smart, but she dragged me down to her intelligence level!”

“Ha, are you telling me to break up with Xiao Qin because you’re worried my intelligence would drop and I’ll turn into an idiot if I stay too long with her?”

Ai Mi was silent for 5 seconds as if to let me come to a realization on my own.

“Aren’t you already an idiot? Your intelligence was thrown down the Marianas Trench, so how could it get any lower?”

“Hey, we might be on good terms, but I’ll still sue you for slander if you call me an idiot!”

It was pretty fun bickering with my sister and it seems I was able to release a lot of stress I just acc.u.mulated.

“Feel free to sue. My mother has seven lawyers waiting for you, and by the end you will have to admit you’re an idiot in court!”

At this point, Ai Mi paused momentarily.

“Also, if you’re not an idiot, then who is? You actually selected such a violent girl as your girlfriend when you clearly have someone next to you who is extremely smart and beautiful…”

Huh? Are you referring to the cla.s.s leader, Shu Sha? But I don’t think you met the cla.s.s leader before?

“Hmph, anyway, you’re just a dumb manservant with no sense of beauty! Don’t even think about becoming a butler! You’ll be a manservant for life, and you can be a manservant in your next life too!”

How unreasonable, do you think you will meet me in your next life too? Also, I am your brother, not your manservant! You will find out eventually!

“…By the way, I’m so kind-hearted for accepting such a useless manservant, and I’m almost about to be moved by my own generosity. But this manservant doesn’t show any grat.i.tude, instead, he calls his owner this late at night, do you have anything important to say? If not, I have to retire for the night!”

“Uh, nothing really important. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me get a role.”

“Oh, that.” Ai Mi admitted it, “We couldn’t find a suitable actor for the deaf and mute evil monk for a while, so I recommended you to the director because he was getting anxious! Don’t misunderstand that it was specifically for you! I was only helping the director because I pitied him when I saw all his hairs turning white! Besides, the evil monk role will be kicked by the female protagonist at least twenty times, I really want someone I can kick every week!”

Ai Mi was not wrong. I realized after flipping through the script that although the evil monk acts awe-inspiring in front of commoners, he was basically a kicking bag for the female protagonist, Coc.o.o.n. It is not wrong to say that this role merely exists for the sake of being sent flying with a kick from the female protagonist.

Whatever, it’s not like I cannot accept being hit a few times by my sister. I can consider it as improving our relationship as siblings.

I also mentioned Su Qiao getting a role and I wanted to praise her, but I did not expect her to deny it.

“Who would ask for a role for her!” Ai Mi screamed in both astonishment and anger, “It was good enough that I didn’t chase her out, are you still expecting me to give her a permanent role?”

“Huh? But she indeed obtained a permanent role!”

“I don’t care, that has nothing to do with me!” Ai Mi denied flatly, “Doesn’t the violent woman’s mother, the martial arts director, have a good impression of her? I would say it was probably the martial arts director who recommended her!”

That is not right! Auntie Ren clearly said that she does not know how Su Qiao obtained the role! Is it really a gift from the heavens?

“I already said it has nothing to do with me, you’re so annoying! You’re only talking about others when you called me, I’m hanging up! You’re disturbing my rest!”

Then she hung up and I only heard the busy signal come from my phone.

If I think about it, Ai Mi was the only one who would help get Su Qiao’s role? There is no one else! Ai Mi and her d.a.m.n pride, is it that hard to admit it when you did something good!

I laid on my bed and read the script for two hours, then I had a good nights sleep.

While I was half asleep, I thought I had a pretty good harvest today. Not only did I teach Ai Mi some principles of being a human being, I even obtained a permanent role where I could get a salary (Although tomorrow’s screen test will decide if I get the role)

What a smooth trip! I originally thought Ai ShuQiao would relentlessly attack like a violent storm! In the end, she only hired a third-rate private detective who was scammed by gramps and me. That video was still on my phone, and whenever I was bored, I would watch it and laugh!

Ha, is it because she was too far and it was beyond her influence? Ai ShuQiao, didn’t you say you would be able to make us not want to live anymore by only saying one sentence? What did you say? No one came to me looking for trouble because of your words! You even said you never joke around. It seems like you do not joke around, you only talk big!

At the time, I believed Ai ShuQiao would only send someone big and strong like Peng TouSi to destroy my life. At least they would have to be like 004 or 005, or the local law enforcement officers, or a demolition crew, or basically at least a macho man.

Were my beliefs a mistake?


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